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Feds: Doc Overprescribed Benoit

10/8/2007 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BenoitTMZ has learned that federal prosecutors say doctors overprescribed testosterone to wrestler Chris Benoit in order to combat a hormone condition.

The revelation comes to light as new court papers have been filed in the criminal case against Benoit's personal physician, Dr. Phil Astin. The Feds have charged Astin with overprescribing medication to two other patients, and are expected to file more charges against him.

The AP reports Benoit had roughly ten times the normal level of testosterone in his system when he died.

Cops say Benoit strangled his wife Nancy and 7-year-old son, then hanged himself last June in their Atlanta home. One theory suspects so-called "roid rage" as a reason for the killings.


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Well, first of all for all the PHD geniuses out there, Testosterone is prescribed to older men that have a hormone condition because as a man gets older his body slowly stops producing testosterone. This is a nautural defeciency in men. Secound of all I think everyone is overlooking the fact that he had taken a large amount of LORITAB and XANEX, which with the two mixed together will cause serious delisional effects on ones brain. And thirdly a World renoun Neuroseurgon showed that the number of concusions that benoit suffered damaged very vital decision making parts of his brain. And lastly if it had been "Roid Rage" why would he have killed his wife, then waited til the next day to kill his son, and then wait almost 12 hours before taking his own life. Thats not rage thats premeditated murder.

2543 days ago


As a huge fan of Chris Benoit - I can tell you this, I will never believe that Benoit was a steroid abuser as he had way too much respect and love for the business he was in and second of all as the old Bible says: 'Let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone.' It's easily possible for the Dr to have overprescribed medication for Benoit and as no-one has the full details of his medical history, none can judge him and rush to say it was steroids. My heart goes out to Benoit and his family and I hope they rest peacefully in Heaven as we speak.

2543 days ago


If this doctor is guilty in overprescribing drugs to Chris then he should have his dr's license removed and he should be in jail. By doing what he did, he screwed up not only Chris, but he killed his family as well. How can I blame the dr and not Chris? Easy, Chris wasn't thinking straight from all of the overprescribed drugs in his system. Drugs that can cause one to have hallucinations and think things that aren't happening or going to happen.
I'm tired of hearing people say that he killed his son because he was embarrassed to have a son who was mentally handicapped, that's a bunch of bull. His family was his life, he said so in numerous interviews in magazines, and if you think that he, as a sane person would kill them, then you seriously need to rethink things.
Ivana and Stephanie.. have some respect for the dead. Think of it this way.. what would you do if it happened to your family, do you want some sick girlie girl saying that about someone you love? Grow up little girls and take a look at life before it's too late. Now do your homework!

2543 days ago

Not a surprise. Half of our country is over medicated.

2543 days ago


Here's the deal with this mess. Chris Benoit planned this. No drugs caused him to snap. You don't all of a sudden snap kill your wife, put a bible next to her and then carry on with your day. It was said that he & his son went swimming the day after he killed his wife. The day after he killed his son, then watches the WWE PPV thats on? Know anyone that snaps with patience? No one but serial killers who have every clue what they are doing. In my opinoon Benoit must have been a closet Schizophrenic. Stop blaming it on the steroids...if thats the cause how come Mark McGuire hasn't gone a killing spree?

2543 days ago


To the person who reminded us of the brain damage caused by multiple concussions, thank you I had forgotten about that. Either way this was a horrible tragedy and I think it's important that the doctor is investigated. As to the childish post by the person with the screenname "by me" oh for goodness sake of course there's a difference.

2543 days ago


I think Chavo did it!!!

2543 days ago


There is no normal level to which testostrone is measured. There is a range of 240 low to 3300 high. Everything depends on your body.....

2543 days ago

"d-bol"breakfast of champions    

Oh, Lord, here we go again. The great TMZ discussing a topic they know nothing about.
And the peanut gallery of 15-22 year olds saying "roid rage, we knew it." Benoit was demented from multiple concusions to the brain, but that doesn't sell newspapers or get people to log into TMZ. How many women are beatin and or killed due to domestic violenceon a daily basis from alcohol, you know, that stuff you can buy at any gas station or grocery store in all 50 states. Now, how many deaths are directly attributed to "roids", not a single one. This is the land of hypocrites. You can stuff plastic in your chest, inject poison in your face or even have your penis removed, all in the sake of vanity. But God forbid if a 30-50 year old man wants to take steroids, a substance that has been around and researched since the 1940's, to build some muscle. So go eat your donuts(and get diabetes), smoke your cigarettes(and get cancer) or get drunk every weekend(and plow into someone on the freeway). But don't take the juice, TMZ and Nancy Grace say its bad, and they are never wrong, right?

2543 days ago

The Monkey King    

This makes you wonder... how many more wrestlers if not athletes all together will snap before the end of the 00s? Here is hoping for Hulk Hogan!

2543 days ago


To the person on page 1-- perhaps it's just a California thing (I'm from here too, CA girl!)...or we're so overly exposed to death, violence, injury that I don't quite care about this dude and what happened to him. Reading about the poor pupping that DMX abused makes me more upset. Now, what does *that* say about our country.

2543 days ago

slowhand 350    

Well said post #15. Well said.

2543 days ago


I wonder if the fact that he had no lips had anything to do with it?

2543 days ago


I am sorry if you guys actually believe Benoit could have done this. I know him personally I have been around most of his family since I was in the 11th grade. In fact I graduated with his neice. I don't believe he did any of this. that was not who he is. all of this is utter B.S. so believe what you want Benoit was a big part of my family. May he and his family rest in peace.

2542 days ago


To Captain D-Bol and Leela, Thank you! Very intelligent posts. Even #16 was more mature than most of the posts on this subject!

Nothing excuses Chris Benoit for what he did but anyone that still thinks it was 'roids needs to do their homework! The man obviously had mental problems. I mean, how many wrestlers and other athletes have done these same drugs and haven't done this?

To #26, I say when a dog has more rights than a human, there is something wrong! Don't get me wrong, guys like DMX and Michael Vick ought to be taken to task for animal abuse but I am not going to feel as sorry for animal as I am another human (especially children).

2542 days ago
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