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Village People and Sen. Craig: A Real Toe-Tapper!

10/8/2007 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Note to scandal-plagued politicians everywhere: Deny, deny, deny! If that doesn't work, try a duet with the Village People!

The folks at posted this musical send-up of Republican Senator Larry Craig of Idaho (you know, the guy caught in that bathroom sex sting) having a run-in with the Village People.

Remember Senator, there's no need to feel down!


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craig is such a hypocrite... there was no way he was picking anything up off the floor of a public bathroom! and while i'm totally cool with folks being gay, sex in public restrooms probably should be illegal, gay or straight.

2540 days ago


Please guys. I'm 19 and gay and I DON'T tap my foot in the bathroom looking for a hookup. Please do NOT lump all gays together especially with this closeted self hating loser.

2540 days ago

Amy Silverman    

That was a scream! He is gay,I don't care but all his anti gay talk makes me want to puke. Funny video !

2540 days ago


I am from Idaho and I have meet Sen. Craig many times.. Get off his back.. He's always been a nice guy and I really don't believe all the aligations anyways... And if it's true people need to get off of his back and get over it..

2540 days ago


He is a total closet case, I feel sorry for his wife and family.... he should just go away quietly.. but WONT.....He should remember this.. a hard head carries a sore ass.....just resign larry....what an embarrassment to the senate, the country , and Idaho...

2540 days ago


That's screamingly funny! But where's the construction worker?

2540 days ago


I love it!! Why doesn't the senator, just shut up and do his thing. As Shelley said, but not in public bathrooms.

2539 days ago


He says he wants to clear his name in the Senate. Clear his name of what? That he's not gay? How is that "clearing" his name?

What he should try to clear his name about (if he can) is his integrity. He has proven over and over again in the last few months that HE IS NOT A MAN OF HIS WORD.

Why would anyone in Idaho want to be represented by a man who would lie in court, under oath, that he was guilty of a crime, if he wasn't?

He did not live up to his word when he said he was going to resign and then didn't right when the story broke...

He did not live up to his word when he said he was going to resign if he couldn't withdraw his guilty plea by the end of September... and then he didn't...

And he refuses to admit that he's gay even though he was filmed doing a music video with the village people!

2539 days ago

Brittlicker, NOT!    

If the Larry Craig is in the Idaho Hall of Fame, then for goodness sakes, Pete Rose should be in the baseball Hall of Fame!

2539 days ago


J. Edger Hoover Hated Gays with a Passion... Yet He was Gay Himself, and Everyone knew it! The people who make the biggest stink about Gays are the one's that have a problem with their own sexuality. Anyone who is Truly confident about who they are, gay or straight, really doesn't care what other people do. It's the ones who can't deal with their own Gayness who don't want to be reminded of it by seeing others live the life that they really want to live, but are too afraid or ashamed to.

2539 days ago

Brittlicker, NOT!    

Yo #15 - i was with ya right up until the sofa cushion part...dude, stick to things that breathe,or have batteries, or are somewhat carbon based, or make sounds of farm animals, or are inflatable, flammable, or whatever, but please don't try and talk Senator Craig noise with sofa cushion chatter...

2539 days ago


I guess if he was tapping his foot next to my stall I would do him.....why not...give the old man a whirl.

2539 days ago

Mary Worth    

Actually, there was no crime! Unless, of course, tapping one's toes in a bathroom is a crime.

Aside from that, anyone who sits for a long time on the toilet, and that includes those who entrap people, is doing something unnatural. The body is not built for long straining sessions!
So, straining is not good for what's down there.

And if someone prepares their body for sex, then withholds release, will put themselves in line for prostrate problems, as well. Remember, the old saying:


2539 days ago

BOEING 787    

I don't think it takes a liberal like me to say he set this up on his own and he is in
his own hell. The reason the "liberal" media is after him is because he has a reacord
on voting against gay rights and taking the persona of being a morals leader and his
act in the mens room exposed him as someone else other than the "morals" lawmwker
that he claims to be.

The only thing that Sen. Larry "Naughty Boy" Craig is a victom of is his own ideology
homophobia, and self denial and now he says he won't resign, even after he says he will, and now he is conflicted and his tough man reputation is down the tubes.

2539 days ago


you people wanyour kids safe from this sort of thing, yet when a sting cop catches one , you yell at the top of your lungs he is spending your tax payers money. We need sting cops at every public bathroom. How would you like it if you let your son go in there wiht he best of intentions and found out he was molested when he came out ?? Mask up your minds what you want. Safe kids or sick tap dancers running loose in every public bathroom ?Senator Craig, I can hadly wait for you to resign. You will, when you realize people are not going to believe you. I think your tap dancing days are done. Go home and stay there. You are not needed as a Senator any more Believe me you are not. .

2539 days ago
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