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Kiefer Sutherland Pleads Out

10/9/2007 7:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kiefer sutherlandKiefer Sutherland has just copped a plea in his DUI case.

Sutherland did not appear, however -- his high-powered lawyer, Blair Berk, showed up in downtown L.A. and entered a no contest plea to one count of DUI -- driving with a .08 or higher.

This is Kiefer's second DUI conviction. Back in 2004, he pled no contest to driving with a .22 blood alcohol level and was sentenced to five years probation. Today's plea means Kiefer violated probation and could be sentenced to a year-and-a-half in the slammer.

Get this -- the judge who was supposed to hear the case was Michael Sauer, the same judge who nailed Paris Hilton. Sauer was on vacation today and the ever-wise Berk was able to get the case transferred to Judge Stuart Rice.

Judge Rice will sentence Kiefer on December 21. Kiefer's probation is revoked pending the future hearing.

Kiefer has been ordered not to drive between November 9 and the December hearing.


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The last time I checked, alcholism was a disease! These people need help. When you drink, you have no clue or judgement. And anyone who lets someone drink and drive, should also be held responsible, like the bar owners, bartenders, friends and anyone else in a bar watching someone drink and letting them drive away. Keifer wasn't rip-roaring drunk, weaving down the street. I'm so happy all you people are so perfect and never made mistakes. Perhaps, if Donald ever gave him the time of day, he wouldn't have a drinking problem! He's a wonderful actor and ask anyone, he's a nice, generous, [polite] [canadian word-look it up] guy.Look what all you fine people did to dixie chicks....and they were right. Where's your compasion for a guy with a disease or do you think badly of all people with diseases! Drinking and driving is wrong but I'll still watch 24 and Keifer!

2526 days ago


do you have any idea how hard addictions are or how they work? Apparently not. Keifer is hounded all the time. Deport yourselves. You have no clue how many actors are canadian down there. If the canadian actors all left, you guys would be left with brittney and paris!

2526 days ago



2573 days ago

B. Rule    

1st !!!!!

2573 days ago


This is just disgusting! Do the people is Hollywood really think people are impressed by this??? Are the judges being bought off??? He needs to be deported, he needs to serve 2 years in prison and then be deported. Would people be typing "i love you keifer" if he had killed someone???? Thank god he didn' he just needs to be boycotted by networks and shown to the boarder!

2573 days ago


They can so afford to hire a car or cab - NO though - they want to maim us on the road!

2573 days ago

I am poster 58    

Jail is a place to dry out in California. It's a joke. I know someone who has 4 Felonies, various probation violations, 2 DUI's and 6 misdemeanors + 4 warrants and served only 30 days in jail when he should be in for 3 plus years. This career criminal even laughs at the system and tells people he is going to do it again because California jails are FULL with illegal immigrants so the career criminals get tossed out in 30 days or less (just enough time to get fed, dried out and to plan their next plot).

CALIFORNIA SUCKS in all areas.

2573 days ago


Kiefer, good actor. Don't blow it, friend.

2573 days ago

I am poster 58    

Everyone needs to stop watching his show and boycotting his network if they allow this loser on it still. Is it ok to drink and drive then promote him on their network? Everyone start writing letters to his show's producers and get him replaced.

He thinks his daddy can get him off. I am not impressed with this family and drinking and driving has to be stopped.

2573 days ago

Jon Bodack    

I hope Keifer Sutherland learned his lesson & whatever happens with him going to jail, he better learn his lesson when he gets out! Wow, Brit Brit passed a few drug tests, she still has lots more to do & she's going to be charged with the hit & run by October 25th, when she has to get fingerprinted into the system, etc. I'm glad to hear that George Clooney and his girlfriend, Sarah Larson, are ok after their motorcycle accident! Sean Diddy Combs is not racist, I hope? Maybe Shaq & his wife Shaunie can work out their marriage? We'll see what happens!

2573 days ago

Say what??    

If probation is revoked, doesn't that mean he goes to jail? Isn't probation an alternative to jail? Can someone explain this?

2573 days ago


Oh, and he pleaded out, not "pled". The past tense of plead is pleaded. I will continue to repeat this until your writers get a clue.

2573 days ago


Donald Sutherland has nothing to do with Kiefer's behavior - Kiefer became an adult responsible for his own behavior long ago. Donald has never had any DUIs and is a gracious and classy person to boot. He has no control over his hell-bent son.

2573 days ago


I love him and I love his show, but I sure hope he gets his act together!!

2573 days ago


i love kiefer and his show. god some of you people get on these sights just to down on people so what does that say for yourself. people make mistakes. and they get crap for is so do ordinary people we just dont hear about if. so you all just need to get a life!!!!! ya losers!!!!!

2573 days ago
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