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Brit to Judge: I Want My Mommy!

10/11/2007 2:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for K-Fed and Britney are in the hallway outside the courtroom right now, discussing whether Lynne Spears, Britney's mother, can be appointed by the court as a monitor -- and spend the night with Brit and her children.

We're told Brit has trust issues, and now that she has reconciled with mommy, she wants Lynne to be the one to stay overnight when her sons visit. We hear K-Fed's attorneys are opposed to this.

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I support you Brit!! Your boys need you as much as you need them!

2535 days ago


I agree it should be a court ordered professional impartial MEDIATOR that can't be manipulated by Britney but do you really think she'll be around while Mama Lynn is taking care of the babes? If what x17 is reporting is true Britney will be sound asleep with her new bottle of sleeping a matter of fact she's catching her some ZZZZZZZ's right now

2535 days ago


She's trying to manipulate the court and she's using her mother to do it.

She doesn't want a shrink to be around her. She has questionable parenting skills. Her mother probably knows it, but she doesn't want a shrink to see it for fear that she will lose those boys forever.

She should be trying to find solutions to her personal and mental problems rather than working so hard to hide them. Here's a clue, Britney....Unless you are running around your house completely stark naked, weilding needles and razors, you've pretty much shown the press and the public just how unstable you are. It's time to seek help.

2535 days ago


Britney's mother is in a HARD POSITION right now. She really loves her daughter, but I have the strange feeling that Britney is using her mom to get her sons. I was just waiting for this news story to come out. I'm sure Britney's mother is aware and will do the right thing. I feel bad for Britney's mother right now.

This kind of confirms my theory.

2535 days ago

Michigan Mom    

wow guess she did show up.......Ima Bitch thank god I'm not Michigan Mom's kid.....Guess when you 2 talked to her and her lawyer last they lied to you!

2535 days ago


Brit loves those kids. You people are the stupidest that come on this site. She is just having a bad time, and the judge has been really unfair to her. Her lawyer needs to put in for a different judge. This one is obviously influenced by the media reports, which are one-sided, and biased. Why can't you leave her alone and go get a life, losers!

2535 days ago


I think Britney should focus on getting her kids back and then leave the public eye all some point in everyone's lives we need to realize family is the most important...and remember everyday that goes by is a memory instilled in those childrens' minds...let's give them wonderful memories to look back on when their older not all of this!

2535 days ago


And Lynn is a fine outstanding excuse for a mother.... just look at what a good job she did!

2535 days ago


I think all the people that think Britney should have her kids are just as nuts as she is. She has trust issues...She has mental issues. What happens when she gets mad at her mom again. Its not her mothers responsibility to raise those kids and take care of them. She needs to grow up and be a mother. She got herself pregnant..she needs to deal with it. Its a shame to say but unfortunately those adorable little boys were mistakes to her.

2535 days ago


How can the lawyer oppose this? Didn't both her parent's babysit for him? Doesn't the longer this plays out the more money the lawyer makes? I do know lawyers even charge you to talk to them on the phone so every time K-fed calls him for advice can you say K-ching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think her mom should be there she should have been there along see this is getting uglier by the minute when she was mad at her mom K-fed used that and pulled her to his side which was so wrong now that they made up he doesn't want the kid's to spend a night you know grandparents don't have rights so if he decides not to share with her parent's they would have to go to court and hope the judge let's them visit I see this coming..

2535 days ago


by Michigan Mom -

she's not there... her lawyer is talking, not her.

2535 days ago

calling it like i see it    

Okay, first of all, she has passed all the drug test, so obviously she isn't doing drugs. She has shaved her head, not a crime, just a crime of fashion. She doesn't wear underwear, okay, tasteless but not a crime either. She really hasn't done anything that would be considered placing her children in danger. Except the no car seat ordeal a while back, but of course she was married to k fed at the time and he stated it was no big deal. Crazy by our standards yes, a bad mother???? None of what she has done makes her a bad mother. This isn't an issue of whether you like Britney or not, it's an issue of her children. All of this stems from kevins money ending at the end of this month and hopefully a judge can see past all the media crap and realize this.....

2535 days ago


To #20. Uhm. Unless you have just beamed down from another planet, Britney is the one who has been taking her traveling circus on the road and making sure to keep it in the public eye. She works hard to keep herself and her antics on the front pages.

And whining, "leave her alone" isn't an answer to her problems. She needs professional help. Period. Suddenly hiding behind her mother's skirts isn't going to fix what ails her. Facing it might be the place to start.

2535 days ago


by the way tmz there's video footage of her going to a hotel to be with her mom in Malibu you didn't report that part only that she was out until 2am sometimes I think you guy's want to be her parent's commenting on the time she arrived home if you had acess I bet you peek thru the window's too.

2535 days ago

Miss Manners    

Let's not forget that this is the mother that raised Britney. I vote for an outsider.

2535 days ago
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