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Brit to Judge: I Want My Mommy!

10/11/2007 2:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for K-Fed and Britney are in the hallway outside the courtroom right now, discussing whether Lynne Spears, Britney's mother, can be appointed by the court as a monitor -- and spend the night with Brit and her children.

We're told Brit has trust issues, and now that she has reconciled with mommy, she wants Lynne to be the one to stay overnight when her sons visit. We hear K-Fed's attorneys are opposed to this.

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soCal...well said
I agree I know she misses her kids and deep in her mind loves them much.
but, seriously thats retarted.I cant believe Brits lawyer went to the table with something so stupid, If i were britney spears id fire his ass, for listening to me,and hire a better lawyer who doesnt have britartbrainfart which is a very serious a condition.

2533 days ago

For the sake of kids    

I would like everybody to stop and listen to scientific evidence. Britney as any pregnant woman possibly had postpartum depression. There are 3 stages of depression: before, during pregnancy and after child birth. She did not have a good support system at home, the people who don't judge, but help without being judgemental. She also used substance abuse and it didn't help her either. It takes a life time to be able to evolve from destruction like that. What she needs to do now is to fake and I didn't misspoke, fake a good behavior every sigle day until that good behavior becomes her own self. There is no other way, but this scrupulously hard way to coming back to be yourself. I had great success with my patients for years. Can quote one of them:..... "wanted to slap my 8-yo for breaking my favorite plate, but remembered your words about faking good behavior and stopped right there, looked at my child who was expecting my anger and suggested that we would glue that plate together. It actually worked and looked really good. My son was very proud that he could fix the problem and I was happy that I could fix mine..."

2533 days ago

Michigan Mom    

I will admit i was wrong about her being there.......

2533 days ago


I think she mended things with her mom just for this reason but no way can Lynn be a good monitor of her own daughters activities around the children. It will end the relationship again if nothing else. The judge I hope says no overnight for 6 months min.

2533 days ago


This whole thing is out of control. I wish they never got married and had kids.

2533 days ago


neither one was in court! Just attorneys....let someone in her family try to help the boys

2533 days ago


I don't know what this man is about. It muct be that he wants to spend the rest of the money Ms. Spears has made in her life. He has already done away with half of her fortune trying to be a rapper or maybe he just put it in his own account. When a person has shared custody, that is as good as it should get. Children need to be with both parents.

2533 days ago


#69 Susan: She passed, what? Two drug tests in only a couple of days? This is after she failed others. Even a crack-whore can stay clean long enough for two drug tests in a week. She's demonstrated that she needs to be monitored over a longer period of time before anyone can even think about giving her those kids back. I have no doubt that she will soon be back to her old habits. After all, remember how nothing changed after she left rehab?

You say those kids will be fine with her? Let's look at a few things:

There are pictures showing Piggy nearly dropping her kids on a couple of occasions while out and about.

There are pictures of her kids not properly restrained in her vehicle.

She has been cited twice in the last couple of weeks for irresponsible driving.

She tried to convince a dentist to whiten her children's teeth after her poor habits have turned them yellow. These are one and two year old children with yellow teeth because her mother feeds them Twizlers and Pepsi instead of good, nutritional food.

They were not fine before, and they will not be fine if she's allowed overnight visits!

Susan, do you have evidence that she's a better parent than Kevin? If so, then present it to us. From where I'm standing, all the evidence points to the contrary.

2533 days ago


Ok, she did not even show up this morning, why would the court even consider it now, it is obvious that she has little respect for the court system, so why should they help her?

2533 days ago


Brit did not even show up for court this morning! Why should she even be allowed to have overnight visitation with her kids? I hope that she gets her life together!

2533 days ago


#75 MD

Scientific Evidence??? PULLEEZE!! Get a grip. Let the pros sort it out. We're just here to find out what the courts say. You're a real doctor, huh? Sitting around during the day posting on TMZ? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ROTF & LMFAO!!!! :-)

2533 days ago


Also, I find it telling that Gloria Allred, a VERY prominent women's rights attorney, is siding working for Federline rather that Spears. When you're a young woman and Gloria Allred won't take your side, maybe you're doing something wrong. Think about it.

2533 days ago


Lynn is an appropriate monitor. She was not able to controlof evenguide her daughter to appropriate behavior. She will not be able to take a firm neutral stand with her now. Further more Britney should not even be considered for overnight visits until she has been clean for at least a year and has successfully completed Court ordered counseling and drug treatment.

2533 days ago


She an pass drug tests all day long - doesn't mean she isn't washing down prescription meds with booze. I vote for a psych evaluation. And before you Internet Doctors (lol) get all excited & raise your hands, I mean a REAL psychiatrist. :-)

2533 days ago

Michigan Mom    

Those kids don't have enough teeth to worry about...being whitened.Who said it was her neglect...Remember Kevins nasty teeth until Brit had them fixed, some people have a yellow tint to there teeth doesn't mean she did not take care of them.
Never was it said she didn't pass "tests" There was one that TMZ said she didn't show up for. And Bam are you the judge...asking Susan for evidence. geeeezzzzzz Look at the other stars who have fallen or almost fallen with there kids in tow....Call DSS on them .
I'm not a Brit fan, But in no way do I believe all the garbage

2533 days ago
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