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"Housewives 3" No Jo and Slade?!

10/11/2007 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ just received promo materials for the new season of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County," and we were shocked -- shocked! -- to see that Jo De La Rosa and Slade Smiley, the spiciest couple in the O.C. since L.C. and Jason Wahler, were nowhere to be found! Where'd they go?!
Real Housewives
Sources tell TMZ that the pair -- no longer an item -- declined Bravo's request for them to star on season three. We're told Jo had a commitment to her record label, and, more importantly, was over the show. Fear not, though, we've learned Jo (and Slade -- if you can stand it) could be getting their own "Hills"-esque spin-off, which will chronicle Jo's climb to musical stardom. Paging Heidi Montag! In fact, we're told Jo's label has hired one of Britney's songwriters to pen her stuff. Wait- is that a good idea right now?

Although they're no longer on the show, sources tell us that Bravo still used Jo to hype the new season, promoting a premiere party using Jo's picture. The nerve!

A Bravo spokesperson says that the decision to chop Jo and Slade had to do with the fact that, technically, she isn't a housewife anymore -- although, really, she never was. And the network has since added another housewife, Tamra Barney.

We talked to Slade, and though he wouldn't spill the beans on if a new show is in the works (so cagey that guy), he did tell us that Jo's music is "amazingly good," that the album is slated for a 2008 release and that he and his ex are building an "entertainment and production company" together. BTW, he stills sells insurance.


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Jo is not old, she is no more than 25. I didn't believe it at first but she is not old at all!!

2533 days ago


Then it will be a big SNORE!!!!

2533 days ago


I thought the show was kind of cute the first season, but then by season 2 someone made these ladies think that they are celebrities. they were repulsing in season 2. Especially that Laurie. She came back on season 2 and she thought she was celebrity of the year. I would fast forward when she was on, she is overbearing. The only one I thought came out in a positive light was the lady who is a realtor and has the smart a$$ son. She appeared to me to be somewhat humbler the 2nd season. But her son, what a doushbag!!!!! There is no doubt that he is a flaming gay. he has such horrific manners and I was really turned off by the way he spoke to that friend if his mothers. Also, it would not surprise me if Slade fesses up to being gay.

2533 days ago

fashion disaster    

c'mon TMZ, that is SO old news....You can do better than that!

2533 days ago


That is the most ridiculously over-Photoshopped picture ever.

2533 days ago

mary sp    

Good! Jo was nothing but a spoiled, annoying, untalented little bitch and Slade was so whipped I was embarrassed for him. They were painful to watch!

2533 days ago


OMG!!! I was getting worried that this show wasnt going to air again...I heard Bravo's doing was doing a spin off on Manhattan housewives so I thought my OCHV were outta there!!
I'm sad to see JO and Slade not around, but, oh well, the producers know what theyre doing.

2533 days ago

English Charlie    

Very glad that sloppy Slade won't be in the show any more. The only way he could get any woman to even look at him once, never mind twice, is to let it be known he has money. When I look at him I can only think of three little words ..... Let Me Vomit!

2533 days ago

Bash a Pap    

This is what happens when you have WAAAY to many TV networks to choose from.

2533 days ago


You know I really liked the first season of this show, but the more I thought about it the less I liked. I was idolizing these women because they were rich and though two of these woman actually were successful in their careers it made me feel worse about myself. It's great to have nice things, but to for the average American we can never live up to these people's standards. The reason for people being in such bad shape financially is because we idolize the rich. If they have a $1000, we have to have one too and if we don't have the money, charge it, while spending years to ever pay it off. I am so tired of these shows, showing that a life of indulgence is the way to go. I'd like to see The Hills, Real Housewives, and whatever other O.C show(Laguna/Newport Harbor) show is out there. For being one little county we are way to obsessed with it.

2533 days ago


Okay, I saw Jo in Ralph's shopping in Beverly Hills. Her cart was FULL of vegetables, and cooking good's. I was laughing to myself because she was supposed to not be capable of cooking. She also was so tacky looking, and obnoxious. Can I just say that Lori Waring is so damn ugly, she look's like Donatella Versace. These women are pathetic, and I watched the show because I was shocked at what these women were like....And I live in Beverly Hills!!!! The rating's must be doing well to bring these ladies back!

2533 days ago


hey jg...."seal" is to fasten or close tightly by or as if by a seal

learn the different uses of a word before you accuse someone from getting their journalism degree online. maybe you should add to your favorites for quick access? i think that sounds like a good idea!

2533 days ago

mrs dana point    

I agree with yuppers.....This person knows what is going on.....

2533 days ago


By the way George Peterson need's to hit the gym. He look's like a pale flabbey, bad breath, stinky pervert!!!!

2533 days ago


I so hate that Jo what a gold digger she ended up to be who the hell would sign her she is horrible.

2533 days ago
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