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AG on Anna Nicole -- "Serious Crime Has Been Committed"

10/12/2007 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

California Attorney General Jerry Brown says that he requested the search warrants executed earlier today in connection with the death of Anna Nicole Smith because, he believes, "a serious crime has been committed."

In a press conference just concluded, Brown didn't divulge specific details of what he was looking for, and what crimes might have been committed, but told reporters that "playing with dangerous drugs" can result in death and "prescribing drugs illegally is a crime," and he suggested people should "put it together."

As TMZ first reported earlier Friday, eight warrants were served today, including one at the home of Smith's former psychiatrist, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, where Howard K. Stern happened to be time at the search. The Medical Board of California is investigating Eroshevich, who ordered a virtual pharmacy of drugs for Anna, five days after her son Daniel died.

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The only crime is that Stern has not been arrested!

2535 days ago

kim suck    

why isn't Stern in JAIL!!!?!??!??????????????????????????????????

2535 days ago

Baby Lover    


Oh my I am as stupid as the rest of the people on this website.

2535 days ago

kim suck    

ARREST HOWARD STERN~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILLER! PRICK-FA*

2535 days ago


Well, there you go.

1. People who prescribed the drugs are in trouble..
2. Person who had the drugs in his name is in trouble....

Maybe Vergie will be proven correct in the end.
(Just cause your paranoid...doesn't mean you aren't correct).

The whole thing is just crummy.

2535 days ago

kim suck    

your next STERN!!!! you thought is was over??? ha!

2535 days ago


#4 silly me that was cute too.

2535 days ago


Why would Howard go to jail, do you think that he forced the drugs down her throat? Taking drugs is stupid, blaming someone else for a stupid person choices is even dumber! Anna was an adult, who mad a bad choice to mix medications, she is the only person to blame!

2535 days ago


California Attorney General, Jerry Brown's father named Pat Brown was California's Governor many years ago. He was a very decent human being. No Governor since has been as good. Jerry Brown was California's Governor too. This is good news that somebody at last has the balls to stand up to HK$ and his band of unethical thieves.

2535 days ago

kim suck    

STERN!!!! LOOK OUT~~~!!!

2535 days ago

these people are a joke    

Got TMZ, you have to outline that HKS was THERE!. Why don't you put on your website why - his attorney explained it all, he was just picking up his dogs. Boy, you should change your name to Rita Cosby the second!

2535 days ago

Alex Rogers    

Forget this story. Im Fat Britney and my cooch smells funny.

Ima drunk. and skrew all yall. i'll do what i want. there my babies. anyone wanna watch fat mommy dance. oh thats so sexy. yea, u like it when brit dances. im hungry. i need a taco. did i just fart. look at me in the biggest dumbest american in the whole country. my cooch is itchy, lets pullover at that high school. brit brit is horny.

2535 days ago


gotta agree with #1 why arent you (TMZ) telling more about the real story now. maybe its caz your all to busy fallowing brits kids around.

RITA CROSBY is a fraud. just check out larry kings interview w/ howerd and greta vans interview with the nannies rep.

2535 days ago


Jerry Brown saying telling people to think about drugs being a crime?

Then for goddsakes...someone arrest the pothead. He's as burned out at a three year old lightbulb.

He also doesn't have too much common sense what with sleeping with Linda Ronstadt and all.

2535 days ago

Twelve Days in Houston    

You do not abuse prescription drugs is the moral of this story.

2535 days ago
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