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Britney Bails on Dancer Auditions -- Again!

10/12/2007 4:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was a no-show for the second day in a row, canceling dancer auditions for her upcoming tour and new video.
Britney Spears
TMZ was on scene at Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood today, where Britney had scheduled auditions of male and female dancers to take place between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Brit canceled -- via text message at 11:00 AM -- leaving dancers saying "Merde!" -- but in English. Some of the dancers, while disappointed, would have waited even longer for her.

Several dancers told TMZ that Britney rescheduled for a third attempt on Monday. Luckily for us, several of the terpsichoreans decided to show us a few of their moves, and reminded us to "Leave Britney alone!"


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I think we're only a few screw-ups away from Britney becoming a lounge club act. Or did she already try that?

And what the hell is she gonna call the tour? Outta (lip) Sync? Electronic Wheelbarrow? Weave & Zits? Crash & Burn? Drivin' In The Car With Pink Eye? Fugly Brown Boots Are Made For Walkin'? Coochie Flashin' With Lil Dogs?

I'm just askin'..... Okay - I'm bein' a smart-ass. Still....I'm LMFAO

2568 days ago


#72 Gigi

LIAR! You're hear to read the dirt - just like everybody else. That's the ONLY reason people come to these sites. At least we're honest.

2568 days ago


Okay, so the first time she had a so-called "excuse", as in going to court 5 hours late. This time she was just out all night like usual, probably getting laid by that JR guy she was with who she's hooked up with again. So who's stupider here, Brit or anyone who would show up for these auditions again? Obvious to anyone who's watched this story that she doesn't care any more about this "tour" than she does about her kids. She was probably told by someone that she has to do this "tour". And we know what she does when ANYONE tells her what she should do. Anyone who thinks this "tour" will ever happen is living in a bigger Lala Land than Britney! And why would anyone think she'd give a second thought to blowing off these dancers? It's ALL about herself, nobody else, including her kids.

2568 days ago

Cooter Flasher    


You need to put away the holy spirit for a second and use the brain God supposedly made for you.

There is nothing uplifting about the idea of a supernatural being ignoring all the ills of our world in favor of "blessing" a spoiled little rich bitch who was never taught grace or decorum.

It says a lot about a religious person that so many would put her in their prayers as opposed to those actually referenced in the bible (remember all the parts about helping the poor and feeding the hungry?). I don't remember Jesus saying that little girls who sell their image as a slutty catholic schoolgirl to horny older men at age 16 are to be given hundreds of chances to keep doing the same thing.

2568 days ago

5 cent    

Hey Britney! I know how to get out of your "spousal" problem and get your kids back. Give me a call the next time you're in Vegas, Baby!

2568 days ago


Hey Brittany, Stop the drama. Take your butt home, to LA. Get help. Let Kevin keep the kids, while you get your act together. Be the adult you are suppose to be. Parting and doing whatever else, is not the role model for children. What, do you think they wont find out what MAMA did while they were younger? WRONG... You're keeping it out there for them.

2568 days ago

on second thought    

duh, i can imagine she is blowing it off because she is gettn fed up with the paps..she prolly doesnt want to deal with the crowd, so she doesnt go there. i would be fed up too. she is waiting for a time they wont be prowling around to capture her every move.

2568 days ago


Britney...hey girl I'm the one in the white sweat pants. This is the way to really show the photographers your shave crotch. Let them know for sure it's not an accident.

2568 days ago


can she please just go away, give up "show biz" have the papparazzi not photog her every waking moment (who wants to live in that world). She can't sing or dance anymore and has a difficult time lip synching - just go away

2568 days ago

John Doe    

There's more pics of Brit at just click the links

2568 days ago


Here's the guy she needs to hire. But, he's FRENCH! Fricken awesome!

2568 days ago


hey sweet boy brown sugar great crotch shot EEEWWWWWWWWWWWW

2568 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Miss Queen Britney can NOT be bother with the little piss ants,it is her right to keep people waiting 2 hours. Time is up for her has been tail though LOL :)~

2568 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

First, it would seem obvious that any of the 'poor' dancers upset by this are just pissed because their ticket to board the Trainwreak weren't validated. I would suspect that these are simply more people trying to cash in on her publicity. No sympathy there. As far as the pap smearing going on here, yes, there are some slimy people standing on trash cans to get any shot of her doing anything out of the ordinary- and I mean ANYTHING. The photo of her driving with her 'infant air/safety bag' in the front seat netted those guys $300,000 BIG ONES! That one big photo op can set someone up for a long time. Sharks smelling blood, sure, but with such any easy worthwhile target, it's of little surprise. I still do think that the 'Princess Diana Effect' is still looming large though. And those same paps are being dragged into the European court system for their efforts, which is not the same system as what we laughingly have here called the the 'Justice System'. Unfortunately, the Right to One's Privacy was long ago thrown out and is probably irretrievably gone for now. All I can say is that anyone sticking their head over my fence would be starring down the barrel of a fast cycling shotgun-or worse! But then again, my desire for privacy hedges any desire for ever become a public figure. As far as Britney goes, she has built a monster that is now unleashed and simply will not go away. I do believe that her frequent cries of 'I'm scared!' are legitimate, but it still is a direct result of her own foolish, materialistic desires. The whole not wearing panties thing would tend to prove this this out. Really, who would (not) dress like that for a serious, life changing court date, except someone who who has seriously lost their tenuous grip on reality. I also believe that if she wanted to, she could mitigate this whole love/hate relationship she has with the press. I think she is using her 'exposure' to the press as an opportunity to keep herself in the spotlight until the voices in her head quit screaming incoherently and she can make her 'next big comeback'. Like that's going to happen. Her credibility as an artist has been seriously blown out of the water by all of her antics. As for her kids, they will suffer the most out of anyone here. They already have and probably always will be held under the intense scrutiny of the press and public for the rest of their lives. I hate to be so brutal, but if the do manage to survive into their years, the press will hound them just waiting for them to follow in the stumbling footsteps of their infamous parents. Just look at all the Osbourne and Hogan spawn if you need to. I believe that Britney is definitely suffering from some serious mental issues that have been brought about by a privileged life that long ago lost any relation to reality. A life started by her greedy, overbearing, money grubbing stage mom and continued by Britney because that's the only 'life' she has ever known. My hope is that some responsible court will take the lead and use the old 'danger to oneself' clause to force her into getting the proper therapy, medication, and if possible, something akin to a life coach. I believe that many, if not all of these antics, are a cry for someone to come in, grab her hand, and lead her to safety from her self designed darkness. Unfortunately, given her lack of faith in anyone and some serious trust issues, well deserved-in my opinion, I don't think that this is likely to happen anytime soon. I even heard that the pompous, blow hard buffoon, known as Dr.Phil even cashed in on her infamy by doing a show on her ( that I avoided at all costs). Her best bet is that a serious intervention is held for her, off camera and with Iron Clad contracts of privacy signed by all the the participants. Even this would most likely end up being a shot in the dark. Since children are involved and there is a definite risk to their safety, I do believe that a court ordered intervention of this type is possible. It's just too bad that things have gone so far that the American Legal system is now becoming the best bet for restructuring her life. And I seriously doubt that the system in California is hot to do this, but if not them, then who else. If not for Britney, then at least for her kids. I am just an average citizen, well removed from any similarities to a 'lifestyle' such as hers, but it seems fairly obvious that major steps aren't forced upon her, we will end up with yet another tragic Anna Nicole styled incident. And remember, it was not only Anna Nicole that died from this lifestyle, but one of her kids that also crumpled under the weight of everything AND DIED!!! /rant.

2568 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Hey Britney Celebrity Fit Club called and they have a pot for you also Big Brother Hosue-you loser

2568 days ago
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