Britney Shops the Pain Away

10/12/2007 8:20 AM PDT
After an abysmal day in court, Britney Spears went on a $700 shopping spree -- and spent all the money on makeup! Gotta look purtified, y'all!

TMZ caught Brit Brit outside of Neiman Marcus yesterday afternoon, looking extremely frustrated as she tried to leave the store. Sources inside Neiman's tell TMZ she skipped the fragrance counter and went straight to makeup, where she purchased $700 worth of eye shadow, lip gloss, mascara and blush. Britney was extremely nice to sales people, but we're told her skin was not lookin' too good -- hence the paint purchase.

From there, Brit returned to Marina del Rey, where she hooked back up with J.R. Rotem -- more on that later.