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Police: Orlando Bloom Not Under Influence

10/12/2007 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Police tell TMZ that they've determined actor Orlando Bloom was not drunk or under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident. Police tell us that they did not administer a blood alcohol test at the scene, and would not say if one was given at all. But, they insist he was not under the influence.

TMZ has video of Orlando leaving the Green Door in Hollywood, roughly 15 minutes before the accident.


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Tired of Paula's Antics    

Special treatment!!!!!

2514 days ago

Haha suckers...    

Why would he leave the scene in the first place if he was sober, especially when one of his passengers was hurt? Come on...he was not in his right mind. I say yes to drugs!

2514 days ago


Orlando Bloom believes he was being followed by photographers at the time of the accident. Was that you TMZ? I sure hope Congress gets off their butts and stops this violent stalking practice by the sleeze media. The price of a movie or concert ticket does not give the public the right to 24/7 ownage of another human being. They have a right to their private lives!

2514 days ago


I was there ,He was wasted. believe me ...He got off cause he knew the cop. Crown and coke all night ,He eve bought Spencer a drink.holla

2514 days ago


Well, this seems kinda strange since the "regular" news sites (MSN, etc.) are saying that LAPD and witnesses are reporting that he was in the car ALONE.

2514 days ago


Now - and I'm ashamed to admit this - I've seen "Elizabethtown". This guy couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. Therefore it is impossible that he WAS DRUNK/WASTED and acted NOT DRUNK/WASTED to escape suspicion. Therefore.... he must have been SOBER.

"Go Banana!"

2514 days ago


Am I the only one that noticed he wasn't driving in the video? Did they stop and do a chinese fire drill or something?

2514 days ago


I don't know about the scene of the accident-but Orlando was certainly acting strangely after leaving the Green Room. The guy in the car can clearly be heard over, and over saying 'what are you doing in my car? Get out of my car! Get out of my car!' and Bloom's friends can be heard saying 'Orly? What are you doing?!' Bloom himself coming out of the car is heard saying 'I just wanted to talk to him'. Weird exchange imo. The passenger can be heard saying 'Go home' to Bloom when he sticks his head in the window one last time.
I think he looked to be flying on something. Just imo.

2514 days ago


It just so happens I own the dvd "Elizabethtown". I think it's harmless fun with fine acting by all, including Bloom, and Kirsten Dunsts. I love that movie.

2514 days ago


People have accidents every day. The time of day (or night) should not be a factor in administoring a sobriety test. Did he exhibit outwards signs of intoxication? If not, he is merely one of a million others who will also have an accident that were not.

People have become lazy in their ability to reason. They rest their conclusions on noteriety, race or an incident involving the police. It's exactly the opposite of what this country was supposed to be about.

2514 days ago

ok then    

People, he wasn't DRIVING the car.

2514 days ago

ok then    

So what? He was having a good time and got a little boisterous with the dude outside the club just before the accident. Seems like the girl that jumped in between them (back seat) was leading both of them on. Give him credit for trying to talk it out peacefully.....Looked like he was a passenger in the car when he left.

2514 days ago


People who try to leave the scene of an accident especially when both of their passengers are hurt ,one possibly gravely, look like they may have something to hide. However, it is possible he was dazed or had a head injury that caused bizzare behaviour.

2514 days ago


1144 know one has actually been there and still ppl say brit is a druggie and drunk...he does look wasted in the pic but then again maybe not,I wasn't there...

2514 days ago


If he was under the influence and left the scene when his friend was hurt he is a low life,well he is if he was sober...

2514 days ago
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