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Lauryn Hill

Baby Number Five

On the Way

10/13/2007 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

lauryn hillFashion clown Lauryn Hill is with child -- again. Hill, who has four children with Bob Marley's son Rohan, is now pregnant with their fifth child. Rohan has seven children in all -- just four shy of his dad's eleven kids. Keep at it!

Hill and Marley have had an on-again-off-again relationship -- and it looks like it's currently off. According to website Young, Black and Fabulous, Marley is now living in Ethiopia, and his MySpace page lists him as single. Ladies, he's on the market!


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Hey! That looks like Oprah....

2513 days ago


Holler Wolf, you took the words right out of my mouth, er keyboard. The days of having big families are over if you want your kids to have a freaking planet to live on when they grow up. Pull your heads out of your collective butts and take a look around you, we cannot continue to heedlessly overpopulate this planet. Jill2530, I am sure you and lots of other people came from very nice happy large familes and that's great it really is but in this day and age we know better. There is no excuse for people who don't voluntarily limit the size of their families and no religion or lifestyle should prevent anyone from being sensible about birth control. Why is it such a crime to point out that no one needs to have any more than two children? If they are the same gender and the parents want to try once more, well that's understandable but this business of having large families has got to stop, do the math! Poster #7 Bob Marley Genes, Bob Marley would probably still be here today if he hadn't allowed superstition to prevent him from having a small area of skin cancer treated medically. I'm generally respectful of other people's beliefs but I have no patience with any "religion" that endangers people's lives.

2513 days ago


Some of these posts are coming from people more childish than the baby Lauryn Hill may or may not be carrying. Grow up! Get educated and mind your business! People are writing as if they were unloved kids. What, your moms and dads didn't show you enough love? If they did, then share a bit of it. Add to the positive energy of the world. Synicism does not equal intelligence. It is not cute to show us how together you THINK you are and how stupid you THINK someone else is. Many of us want to say, CONGRATULATIONS Lauryn! Travel your life's path in peace.

2512 days ago


I'm kinda dissapointed in her. I went to Jr.High and Sr. High with Rohan and he was the top thug in the hood. Playing basketball at Palmetto Sr. on the weekends was always risky knowing that Rohan and his posse might stop by to test their fighting skills on poor unsuspecting kids. The interviews with him online make it sound like he was a troubled kid in jamaica who came to Miami and cleaned up his act. Well, you can ask anyone who grew up in pinecrest and they will tell you he was a terror to the neighborhhod. I hope he has become a better human being today. The only reason I myself was spared an historical Rohan Marley beating was thanks to his cousin Carl who saved me that night at Panther Prowl back in 90' when I accidentally "lightly" bumped Rohans BMW backing out of a parking spot. Rohan pulled me out of my driverside window and was about to give me the beating of a lifetime when my good friend Carl Nwadike stepped out of the car and told Rohan I was his friend. THANX CARL IF YOUR OUT THERE!

2512 days ago


Field, so if someone posts an opinion to which you are opposed, that makes them childish, uneducated and cynical? Next time you want to sound morally superior Darling you may wish to pick up a dictionary. Cynicism is spelled with a "c".

2512 days ago


Two words: forced sterilization. For every idiot who cannot live a life that is not chaotic and unstructured and unpricipled and whose worldview is not juvenile, irresponsible, and just plain repulsive.

2512 days ago


Thanks Leela! You are right, cynicism is spelled with a "c." That fact alone doesn't change my perception of the ignorant comments posted in this forum. Many of them are unnecessarily mean, why? Explain it to me.


2511 days ago


I feel so heart broken when i hear of the troubles of famous faces. They need to know Jesus is the answer and turn to Him today. Until then the troubles will continue. It doesn't matter the money, it can't buy happiness, it can't buy peace. I pray Lauryn Hill will find Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

2511 days ago


I get sick of people limiting others in their choices. I have 6 children and they are all awesome. They are God fearing and people loving Americans. They will be the next generation of Doctors, Soldiers, Policemen, Nurses, Taxpayers that probably will be handling your aged existence in the future..Be careful whose toes you step on in the present.

2489 days ago


Wow! The ignorance of people's statements. America's tabloids sure know how to destroy someone's image when they speak out against social injustice. Since when was Lauryn Hill mentally unstable????When she decided to speak out against the social injustice, capitalism, and racial oppression? Wow. So if you are against inequality and disparity then you are branded as mentally unstable. As for her wardrobe, are people blind or do they not know that she is sending a message? American fame is all about fashion, glamour, (false image), beauty, etc. If you don't fit these categories then you are seen as not good enough. Does her physical appearance subtract from her talent? In regards to her giving birth to multiple children, FYI it's is not necessarily the number of children that aids in disadvantage and Lauryn can financially take care of her children. The most affluent nations (U.S. included) utilize more natural resources and cause more damage to the ecosystem than nation's who are considered to be procreating in larger numbers. In regards to black women having children and the conditions of the African-American community, try reading some literature by William Julius Wilson (who was a faculty member at UIC and Harvard, specializing in Sociology) to learn the causes and effects of the current state of the African-American community. When you learn the history and how governmental policies and zoning created urban ghettos and structural inequalities then comment on the black community. In the words of Lauryn Hill "I Get Out"

1598 days ago


Do your thing, L-Boogie! These haters are mad @ you cause they aint as bad as you. You could wear a sack and still be QUEEN. When MGMT and all those other WHITE bands wear freaky clothes they get celebrated for being so free with themselves..Sup with that??

1350 days ago


Who's gonna take care of those kids?
That Marley kid should be on child support or he's gonna keep having women pregnant and keep moving on.
I hope he see his days in court for child support.

1132 days ago
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