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Heidi of the Pumpkins

10/14/2007 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Project Runway" hottie Heidi Klum was out with sons Henry and Johan, daughter Leni and hubby Seal yesterday at a Los Angeles pumpkin patch. Little Henry tried on an early Halloween costume -- a painted on face-mask. Scary!

The family played around the pumpkin patch before eventually saying auf Wiedersehen a couple hours later.


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They seem so happy together, and are always doing things wth their kids -- I say, more power to 'em!!!

2534 days ago


seal looks like a seal

2534 days ago

Texas Girl    

I honsestly don't get the attraction either. It's a strange couple. Heidi must have some personal issues with low self esteem.

2534 days ago


Reality is both Seal and Heidi have a past. And that is exactly where it is: in the past. This is in the Now: opposites attract. They are a very normal and loving couple. While I was having coffee and listening to the Jazz Band at the Grove on Fairfax/3rd streets in Los Angeles, they arrived there with all their children and a nanny. My observation is that they were a normal family. Neither Seal nor Heidi acts pretentious. They did not have a silly bodyguard like some entertainment people. They are low-key and polite. In fact, Seal has a touch of shy. Heidi is lovely even with just a hint of lipstick. They gently corrected their child when the little child acted up a bit just like any child that age does. My overall impression of them is that they are so normal that I believe that all you suspicious people would like them too if you are ever lucky to see them in person. This Pumpkin Patch picture is indeed just like them. They go where normal families go.

2533 days ago


14: You carve the pumpkin, but you cut around/off the top part with the stem and that becomes the "top" for the pumpkin. After you carve, you light a candle inside the carved-out pumpkin, and put the top back on, for protection and so it keeps the candle from blowing out if the pumpkin is outside.

So they're saying that if you grab it by the top, and break off the stem, it's hard to grab that top part again to lift off from the top of the pumpkin.

Didn't you ever carve pumpkins?

2533 days ago


Can her pants get any higher? She must have water in her basement or something.

2533 days ago


#12 and 13- I bet you are lonely white men, who are so jealous of Seal, and all black men. Color doesn't matter! They seem so in love and into their kids and each other. No nannies, no security guards holding their kids. Since when are looks everything? I love this couple, and their kids are adorable. Biracial kids are so cute!!!

2533 days ago


What's with the Mom jeans, Heidi? Looks like someone could stand a fashion makeover.

2533 days ago


Seal and Heidi interacial children wouldn't so unactractive, it they would cut their boys hair. Especially Henry's. Heidi your boys are black, and they can't run around with unkept hair like your white daughert Leni. Get these boys some oil, bush and a decent hair cut.

The same message about bad hair needs to be passed on to Kate Hudson, and ugly child.

2533 days ago

That's not Little Henry behind that mask

2533 days ago


#22- I can't believe the hate in people. I'm sure the white daughter loves her "black brothers". Kids only learn to hate, from their parents. My, get over the hate. They are happy!!

2533 days ago

hello, it    

4. I hate to say this but Seal is not good looking at all. what does Heidi Klum see in him? he must be a nice guy or something, i see no sex appeal at all in that man.

Posted at 12:43PM on Oct 14th 2007 by carol

I'd do him in a heartbeat! What does she see in him? He loves her, all the kids, not just the ones he fathered, and can sing songs that can be understood, and felt to your soul. We should all be so lucky.

2533 days ago


#12 - Janet. I hope you are nine years old and slithered onto Mom's computer without permission. If you are an adult, you are a racist, ignorant loser.

2533 days ago


that must be the attempt of a pumpkin patch!

2533 days ago

Ricky Ticky Tock    

You got it Yucko! It's really sad isn't it? And the kid is gonna be another pointless mulatto. Ugh!

Seal isn't black, that fool is straight BLURPLE!!!

You couldn't see but his teeth and eyes if it was night time.

Someone needs to run over seal with a dump truck and shoot Heidi Klum for being such a dirt rolling bitch.

2533 days ago
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