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Another One to Squeeze the Juice!

10/15/2007 3:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Las Vegas FOX affiliate KVVU is reporting that another one of O.J.'s co-defendants has struck a plea deal with the D.A. Add another canary to the chorus!

Walter Alexander is expected in court this afternoon to plead guilty to lesser charges in the armed robbery case. In return, he is expected to testify against Simpson and other co-defendants when the trial begins.

Simpson and three other characters -- Clarence Stewart, Charles Ehrlich and Michael McClinton -- are facing more than 10 different charges, including coercion and kidnapping.

Charles Cashmore also struck a deal and will plead guilty in exchange for his testimony.


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Stephanie P.    

OJ's in even hotter water now............

2533 days ago

The Monkey Zone    

He squeezed the juice!

2533 days ago

Stephanie P.    


2533 days ago


O.J.'s being framed and that's complete BS. Maybe he did it, maybe he didn't...but he was acquitted in court and is free. He's not broken the law since to any significant degree. Let Nicole and Ron R.I.P. and MOVE ON PEOPLE.

2533 days ago


You know what? I think these guys are probably guilty, but then if they are guilty of kidnapping, then what about Lohan?

You don't think that "comandeering" that SUV with those 3 men in it wasn't car theft and kidnapping? The D. A. didn't want to go there, didn't even want to go for the drugs on her.

O.J. and his cohorts need to spend a little time in the slammer. It's a decade too late, though.

But then so does Lindsay Lohan. That was kidnapping. There's no other word for it. She should have been charged, too.

2533 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

Hope OJ likes PMITA prison!!

2533 days ago

He's Boring now    

My how the brothers turn on one another when in a jam. Vick, T.I. OJ---all turned upon by supposed friends or close associates. Guess when ass jamming comes to play, color has no allegiance. Glad to see equality can play at every level.

2533 days ago


This is about a gun point robbery in Vegas, and O.J. is going down for that.

2533 days ago


take OJ to jail now burn oj

2533 days ago


I must be missing something here, because I really hate defending OJ. But didn't he barge into a hotel room to take back stuff that was stolen from him? Isn't that what happened? Where is the crime? I'm thinking if the guys who had OJ's stuff had receipts for it, or some other proof of purchase, then it belonged to them. If they didn't, and OJ has proof that it was stolen from him, then it really belonged to OJ, and he had every right to go into that room to get it back. Again. Where's the crime?

2533 days ago


.................#4...........I wonder why people would assume that you are not your name, but someone who just wants to kick up some dust.........If you truly believe OJ is being framed, then get out a few books and do some reading for a you have kicked up the dust..........right?

2533 days ago

big joe    


2533 days ago

bjb you really think that's an excuse to bust into someone's hotel room with guns and take stuff?

Where are you from?

There are things called laws! If think someone has 'your stuff" then you call the police and let them handle it. This isn't the wild, wild West!

I hope O.J. finally goes down and in a big way! He managed to buy his way out of those murder charges so it would be sweet to see him go down, even if it's for something else...he's owed us all a nice long prison sentence for quite some time!

2533 days ago


OJ's defense atty is gonna have a field day with these guys. I read that everyone in the room has a record except OJ. Imagine that!! If you just look at this case and not the murders, his atty can make the arguement for a set up. I find it really convenient how one of they guys just happened to have his tape recorder running throughout the whole thing and of course sold the tape to TMZ.

2533 days ago

Britney loves OJ    

Everyone really loves OJ!

2533 days ago
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