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Ellen's Doggone Nightmare

10/15/2007 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk show queen Ellen DeGeneres is caught in the middle of a doggy tug of war that has left an innocent girl in tears.
Ellen dog exclusive
Ellen and her girlfriend, Portia de Rossi, adopted Iggy (a Brussels Griffon mix) from Mutts and Moms, a dog adoption agency. But things didn't work out as Ellen planned -- her cats didn't get along with Iggy -- so she gave the pooch to her hairdresser, who has two kids, including 12-year-old Ruby.

Last night, a rep from the agency came to the hairdresser's home, claiming Ellen violated the contract by not informing the agency of the hand-off. The rep demanded to take the dog away. Ellen' s position -- yeah, she should have notified the agency, but she found a loving home and isn't that what counts? The agency rep stuck to her guns and removed the dog with cops present. Ruby is heartbroken; reduced to tears.

Ellen says, "I kept saying, 'If you want to be mad at me, be mad at me, but don't take it out on the family. Don't take it out on the dog.'"

TMZ has video of the confrontation at the hairdresser's home, as well as interviews with Ellen, Portia and little Ruby. You can watch the full story tonight on TMZ TV.

The Britney Spears Coffee and Gas Roundup

Britney Spears: Click to watchBrit was up to her usual tiresome tricks this weekend -- you'll never guess where she went!

Ding ding dang! If you said gas stations and Starbucks with her paparazzi entourage in tow -- you've won!

TMZ caught Spears in Malibu on Friday at her favorite coffee shop, where a chef from a Country Mart restaurant shouted, "Run 'em all over!" to Brit as she rolled up. She then hightailed it to a gas station, where she decided to read "The Chronicles of Narnia" as a photog pumped her gas. I's edumacated, y'all!

Britney hot -- click to launchBrit also stopped into a salon and was blinded by flashes on her way out -- once again shouting, "So over it!" ... but later asking for someone's hand to help guide her to the car. She even proved she still can sing, giving an operatic note before driving off.

Brit's Saturday was no less paparazzi-filled, with the popwreck sending a photog into Virgin Records in Hollywood to pick up a Justin Timberlake CD while she waited in her car.

All this and more in today's "Gimme More CS Lewis" edition of Spears Catcher.

Orlando the Hero? Puh-lease!

orlando goes off - click to play Orlando Bloom's reps are spinning his bad behavior following a serious car accident in the most ridiculous way we've seen in a long time.

Bloom was behind the wheel early Friday morning when his vehicle struck a parked Porsche, seriously injuring one of his passengers. Bloom's reaction -- he walked away from the car and his badly hurt passenger. Video from X17 tells the story -- paparazzi have to repeatedly tell Bloom that walking away constitutes hit and run. When it finally sinks in, Bloom walks back and pretends to be a hero, comforting the woman.

A statement released by Bloom's people on Friday said the star was "grateful that no one was seriously injured." We're no medical experts, but we'd call the FRACTURED NECK sustained by his friend, Cher Coulter, pretty serious.

And the cops are saying that Bloom was not drunk or under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident -- but they didn't conduct a blood alcohol test at the scene and none was ever given because, they say, because Orlando showed no signs of intoxication.

Was Orlando drinking? Watch him go off on a guy outside a club, minutes before the crash, and then decide for yourself.

T.I. Busted for Allegedly Buying Weapons

T.I. TMZ has obtained the affidavit and search warrant issued by The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) after T.I. allegedly had his bodyguard buy illegal machine guns and silencers for him.

Since T.I. is a convicted felon, he can't legally buy firearms, so, according to the ATF, he used his bodyguard to purchase them for him and members of his entourage. According to the affidavit, the bodyguard admitted to buying nine firearms for T.I. (real name Clifford Harris) and approximately 17 other firearms for people other than Harris.

He was charged with two felonies -- possession of three unregistered machine guns and two silencers, and possession of firearms by a convicted felon. A source told that "[The bodyguard] asked T.I. for an advance on his [pay] and T.I. gave it to him. ...Whatever he spent money on -- whether it be guns, drugs, or formula for his children -- T.I. had nothing to do with it."

TMZ spoke with Chevrolet this morning, which features the rapper in one of its biggest ad campaigns. When asked whether they planned to drop him as a spokesman, a rep for the automaker only said they are "reviewing the situation."

If Chevy does indeed drop him, there's always Smith & Wesson!

UPDATE: This afternoon, the ATF showcased the guns seized in the case (pictured below).

guns seized in T.I. case


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I agree with the agency to a degree. Our adoption agency also has a clause in our contract that states the animal cannot be given away. We do home visits and reference checks for all our animals. The hairdresser was not an approved home, the agency had every right to take the dog back. I would, however, have given the hairdresser the option to fill out all necessary paperwork, have her pass a home inspection, references checked, and if all was okay, let them keep the dog.

2533 days ago


As hard as it is to place little animals with loving homes, people need to boycot Mutts and Moms. They should be thankful for people like Ellen who did a responsible and thoughtful thing by placing the doggie with another good home. And then to go over to a little girls home to take the dog from her arms? So you love animals but you don't like little kids? The AWARD for being "STUPID IN PUBLIC" goes to Mutts and Moms. Nice going! Give the dog back to the family!

2533 days ago


This NUT who took the dog form that little girl is just a POWER hungry control freak! It's their way or the high way at ALL costs even to the dogs! Did Ellen sign an agreement? yea she did and I can see them wanting to check the home when they found out etc. but to just go & take the dog from the house without the rest of it is just a power move to say "it's my way or the highway"............ It's the dog who pays the cost in the end and of course now there's a little girl too! It's not Ellen's fault it's someone who's not willing to work with people but who is just going to wheeled around her mighty power! How sad for the dog and the kid & what a sorry excuse for someone who's suppose to have the dogs interest at heart!

2533 days ago

Austin white    

finally somthing that is not bad.We lost are dog and my mom is killing me to find him.So whean i heard about ellen dogy trobule my heart goes out to the 12 year old girl.Oh and im 14.All smiles.

2533 days ago


That video of Orlando doesn't really show him doing anything wrong or crazy. It shows him talking to a guy in a car. Granted the guy didn't seem too happy and neither did the people on the street. But Orlando wasn't "acting wacky" the guy he was talking to was the one cursing, and Orlando's friend who was standing behind him on the sidewalk is the one yelling. No Orlando shouldn't have even thought about walking away, but he didn't actually walk away. He very well could have been disoriented after the accident. (I know I was after mine.) The media is blowing this out of proportion. A star gets into an accident he must have been drunk or high. Well that is not always the case here people. So unless it is proven that he was drunk or high (and the cops said he was clean remeber) don't go around saying he was. Simple as this... stars are human, they make mistakes, they get into accidents, and they have issues. They are not above the law but should not be scrutenized higher than the average person simply because they are a star.

2533 days ago


I would agree that it's so they get another adoption fee paid! And if their screening was so great perhaps they would have *known* to make it all contingent on the other animals that Ellen owned? Screen always asks what pets are in the home & if they're going tohave a problem. I thinkthis is just power mongers

2533 days ago


These stupid fool celebrities think that they are not subject to rules and regulations. You sign a contract with the doggy placement people and are expected to adhere to their stipultions. You don't know what these people ellen dumped the dog with. The agencies work very hard to place the animal with a secure home, unfortunatley they made a mistake with Ellen and Portia. You don't get rid of one animal, You make it work. I have cats and dogs, some may not care for the other but they make it work.

2533 days ago


um no.. millertime.. that is jerry in the picture not is brother

2533 days ago


This is so ridiculous - While I see the need for animal protection, I don't think Ellen would get the dog for illegal purposes.

2533 days ago


these are the reasons that people are reluctant to even use rescue groups! Better to just find someone who's unable to care for their fur baby & make your adoption private!

2533 days ago


I'm not surprised. I took my 4 year old boy over to Pet Smart one time to look at some cats that were up for adoption. We opened the glass door to go into the little room and the crazy adoption woman started yelling "No kids in here!" Uh, how is my son supposed to pick out a cat from outside the room?? Most of the adoption organizations are loopy. That was my first and last attempt at adoption.

I also had a friend that attempted to go adopt a dog from an adoption agency. He was turned down because he didn't have a fenced yard. The guy has a half million dollar house, I think he could afford to take care of the dog! What a rip.

2533 days ago

I love Ellen    

Ellen is one of the last people on earth who would knowingly do something that would hurt someone else. This dog agency dame needs a public ass-kicking!

2533 days ago


Any contract with a responsible rescue organization requires the animal returned to them if the adoption doesn't work out. Ellen could have recommended her hairdresser and the rescue would have checked the home out. Otherwise, what happens when the hairdresser decides she doesn't want the dog and it's handed off once again? This is how animals are recycled and end up in shelters and it's what good rescues are trying to prevent.

2533 days ago

animal rescuer    

Let's not forget that ELLEN DEEMED that it was a loving home she gave the dog, Iggy to!!! Ellen may be a star but she is not a trained animal adoption expert! People in rescue have years of experience inspecting homes and lifestyles to make certain that the animal will live the best life possible and be taken care of properly. They check back yard fences to make sure the dog can't escape etc!!! All ELLEN had to do was follow the LEGALLY BINDING AND PROSECUTABLE CONTRACT that she signed and inform the agency that there was some one in line who wanted to adopt Iggy. They would have checked them out and decided whether it was a good placement or not! Maybe now people who adopt will take their contracts seriously!

2533 days ago


Carla of post #16 that's exactly the kind of power hungry craziness I'm speaking of and again the reason so many are reluctant to deal with agencies! And how happy would the person standing outside the super market with kitties be to have you look & pick one of their?! Mean while that woman didn't do the kitties there any favors that day now did she? They should really be ashamed of themselves.

2533 days ago
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