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Ellen's Doggone Nightmare

10/15/2007 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk show queen Ellen DeGeneres is caught in the middle of a doggy tug of war that has left an innocent girl in tears.
Ellen dog exclusive
Ellen and her girlfriend, Portia de Rossi, adopted Iggy (a Brussels Griffon mix) from Mutts and Moms, a dog adoption agency. But things didn't work out as Ellen planned -- her cats didn't get along with Iggy -- so she gave the pooch to her hairdresser, who has two kids, including 12-year-old Ruby.

Last night, a rep from the agency came to the hairdresser's home, claiming Ellen violated the contract by not informing the agency of the hand-off. The rep demanded to take the dog away. Ellen' s position -- yeah, she should have notified the agency, but she found a loving home and isn't that what counts? The agency rep stuck to her guns and removed the dog with cops present. Ruby is heartbroken; reduced to tears.

Ellen says, "I kept saying, 'If you want to be mad at me, be mad at me, but don't take it out on the family. Don't take it out on the dog.'"

TMZ has video of the confrontation at the hairdresser's home, as well as interviews with Ellen, Portia and little Ruby. You can watch the full story tonight on TMZ TV.

The Britney Spears Coffee and Gas Roundup

Britney Spears: Click to watchBrit was up to her usual tiresome tricks this weekend -- you'll never guess where she went!

Ding ding dang! If you said gas stations and Starbucks with her paparazzi entourage in tow -- you've won!

TMZ caught Spears in Malibu on Friday at her favorite coffee shop, where a chef from a Country Mart restaurant shouted, "Run 'em all over!" to Brit as she rolled up. She then hightailed it to a gas station, where she decided to read "The Chronicles of Narnia" as a photog pumped her gas. I's edumacated, y'all!

Britney hot -- click to launchBrit also stopped into a salon and was blinded by flashes on her way out -- once again shouting, "So over it!" ... but later asking for someone's hand to help guide her to the car. She even proved she still can sing, giving an operatic note before driving off.

Brit's Saturday was no less paparazzi-filled, with the popwreck sending a photog into Virgin Records in Hollywood to pick up a Justin Timberlake CD while she waited in her car.

All this and more in today's "Gimme More CS Lewis" edition of Spears Catcher.

Orlando the Hero? Puh-lease!

orlando goes off - click to play Orlando Bloom's reps are spinning his bad behavior following a serious car accident in the most ridiculous way we've seen in a long time.

Bloom was behind the wheel early Friday morning when his vehicle struck a parked Porsche, seriously injuring one of his passengers. Bloom's reaction -- he walked away from the car and his badly hurt passenger. Video from X17 tells the story -- paparazzi have to repeatedly tell Bloom that walking away constitutes hit and run. When it finally sinks in, Bloom walks back and pretends to be a hero, comforting the woman.

A statement released by Bloom's people on Friday said the star was "grateful that no one was seriously injured." We're no medical experts, but we'd call the FRACTURED NECK sustained by his friend, Cher Coulter, pretty serious.

And the cops are saying that Bloom was not drunk or under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident -- but they didn't conduct a blood alcohol test at the scene and none was ever given because, they say, because Orlando showed no signs of intoxication.

Was Orlando drinking? Watch him go off on a guy outside a club, minutes before the crash, and then decide for yourself.

T.I. Busted for Allegedly Buying Weapons

T.I. TMZ has obtained the affidavit and search warrant issued by The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) after T.I. allegedly had his bodyguard buy illegal machine guns and silencers for him.

Since T.I. is a convicted felon, he can't legally buy firearms, so, according to the ATF, he used his bodyguard to purchase them for him and members of his entourage. According to the affidavit, the bodyguard admitted to buying nine firearms for T.I. (real name Clifford Harris) and approximately 17 other firearms for people other than Harris.

He was charged with two felonies -- possession of three unregistered machine guns and two silencers, and possession of firearms by a convicted felon. A source told that "[The bodyguard] asked T.I. for an advance on his [pay] and T.I. gave it to him. ...Whatever he spent money on -- whether it be guns, drugs, or formula for his children -- T.I. had nothing to do with it."

TMZ spoke with Chevrolet this morning, which features the rapper in one of its biggest ad campaigns. When asked whether they planned to drop him as a spokesman, a rep for the automaker only said they are "reviewing the situation."

If Chevy does indeed drop him, there's always Smith & Wesson!

UPDATE: This afternoon, the ATF showcased the guns seized in the case (pictured below).

guns seized in T.I. case


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If still active, this WAS their email address.

2474 days ago


These Moms and Mutts animal control b**ches were on some kind of media hungry power trip. If they'd come to my house to do a "house inspection", they would have landed on their butts in the street.

When we adopted our shelter cat 8 years ago, the shelter lady said we could not adopt him because there were owls in the neighborhood.The cats in the shelter were living in miserable, stinky conditions. We had to sign an agreement that this would be an indoor cat only. Finally, 10 days later, they called and said we could pick up the kitty (and pay $85 bucks). When he came to us, he was sick, had worms and other kennel illnesses. All these years later, he is healthy and happy and loved.

I am sure the animal shelter workers have their share of horror stories. But these Mutt Moms storming into a house like storm troopers is totally uncool. I hope they go out of business.

2474 days ago


Moms2cool, then all I can say is you've been working with the wrong people. Yes, there are a number of "rescues" that are nothing more than collectors or worse but don't judge all rescues by the wrong acts of a few. There's a big difference between helping a few animals here and there and actually running a rescue!
And anyone who thinks that the good rescues are making a profit off of rescuing are, again, just ignorant. A $300 adoption fee is NOTHING, not even a drop in the bucket, compared to the expense of taking in animals with broken bodies and souls and the cost that goes along with properly rehabilitating these animals so they can be safe, loving pets for someone. Do the math! I routinely spent thousands of dollars on rescuing animals and the adoption fees never came anywhere close to breaking even, much less making any profit!
Do I agree with their rule of not adopting to families with children under 14 yrs old? Not as a blanket rule for all families but I denied adoption to quite a few families based on the fact that their children were too immature for me to be confident that they'd always be kind to that animal. I did make that a consideration in who I adopted to but not a general rule. But each rescue has it's own rules and refusal to adopt to families with young children is NOT an unusual one. This is the rule that Mutts and Moms decided to use and they have every right to do so. If you don't like their rules go adopt from someone else. Simple!

2473 days ago

Laura Sweet    

I find that I absolutely must speak out on behalf of Marina Baktis from Mutts and Moms in Pasadena given the shaft she is presently getting from the press as a result of Ellen Degeneres' "Faux Paw".

I am disgusted by the hate mail and posts I am reading everywhere that are attacking this woman, Marina Baktis of Mutts &, for doing the right and responsible thing.

Marina Baktis is not cruel nor heartless, but instead one of the most responsible dog adoption agency owners I have ever dealt with. And, I have dealt with many- including shelters, humane societies and other dog adoption agencies.

Above: Marina, lovingly holding who is now my dog, Indie, at her store in Pasadena last May.

At Mutts and they care so much about the placement of the dogs, and are so concerned about people who may simply 'give the dog away to god knows who' if they can't deal with it, that they make it very clear in their contract that the dog MUST be returned to them so they can be assured of placing it in the "right" great home. Ms. Baktis is extra stringent in finding the best homes for dogs because she loves them so very much.

Do you know how many people treat adopted dogs like crap??
Or fail to consider things in the environment that may be wrong for the dog like other pets or ruthless kids or the neighborhood or the hours kept by the owners, etc.?
Do you know how many people just give them away to others who say they can care for the dog, but really can't?
Why do you think we have so many dogs in shelters!?

Portia de Rossi clearly signed the contract -and no doubt had lengthy discussions with Marina, who, I know, from personal experience, makes it very clear that Mutts and Moms takes it upon themselves to be responsible for the dog's happiness if the adopter cannot keep the dog for whatever reason. And that's no easy feat. Marina puts the dog's needs FIRST over crying kids and weepy talk show hosts.

Marina Baktis didn't interview this 'hairdresser' or go see the home or the other dog that lives there to make sure Iggy would be safe and happy...therefore she cannot -in good conscience leave the dog there. Don't people understand that?

Sure, I love Ellen like the rest of America, but she's not trained to recognize the best home for a dog! She couldn't even keep Iggy herself! That says something right there.
Why didn't she (or Portia) just tell Marina that she may have found an appropriate family for the dog and let Mutts and Moms interview the family themselves?

I personally adopted my fabulous dog from Marina Baktis last May and I was so impressed by her deep concern and need to know all details before releasing the dog to me. She continued to e-mail me and stay in touch after the adoption to make sure Indie was (and is) happy.

Unfortunately, a few tears from Ellen and pics of sad kids' faces have turned the public against one of the kindest, most giving and responsible dog lovers in this country. After all, Marina devotes her life to finding homes for dogs. And good homes at that!

2472 days ago


I highly disapprove of Mutts and Moms, Marina Batkis and Vanessa Chekroun's actions. They acted on impulse with vengeance on the goodhearted-ness and best interest between a celebrity and deserving children; not with empathy or forethought. In researching the web, PETA, Humane Society, BBB, and SPCA historical information, these owners have not proven themselves respectful or caring. In fact they show spite, more than anything. Reviewing everything to date re. Marina. She still doesn't show any emotion for the human bond between animal and a well deserving family. A reasonable human would not act on impulse driven by a bogus contract but allowed time for review and reasses the situation. A responsible business owner would have responded by now to the media, attorneys, and press with a RESOLUTION and not hiding and REACTING with negativity. When one appears as a villain one would naturally want to disarm the situation; not in this case. Nothing on the news has touched me in such a way that i would be actually reaching out and being an activist.
This is Marina's quote: “Celebrities you know, they, they get preferential treatment. They have lots of money. They go into a restaurant they get a table.”
Look close at her glasses . I try not to be judgemental but something doesn't seem right.

2472 days ago


Ellen obviously made a mistake but does the lady of mutts and moms have to be so nasty?Why not check out the hairdresser and her family and then decide whether they are fit to keep the puppy, rather than storm the house and take the puppy. They say their policy is to not give the puppies to any family that has children under 14 years. An 10, 11, or 12 year old would have so much more interest in a puppy than a 14-16 year old. This lady obviously doesn't have kids of her own. She's is not just looking out for the puppy. She is out to prove her point!!

2472 days ago


Who's next, Bob Barker?

2469 days ago
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