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Gays Love Sheens, Hate Perez

10/15/2007 1:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Last night's Best in Drag annual Aid for AIDS fundraiser at L.A.'s Orpheum Theatre was the place to be for such stars as Kathy Griffin, Martin and Charlie Sheen, Holland Taylor, Rebecca Gayheart and husband Eric Dane, Jennifer Coolidge, Katey Sagal and many more. Bindi Dundat was the hilarious winner of the faux beauty contest. Somebody put this show on TV!
Charlie and Martin Sheen
During introductions of celeb attendees, Martin Sheen's presence was recognized, and the entire crowd gave the lifelong activist a rousing and prolonged standing ovation! In contrast, when Perez Hilton was announced, the gays roundly booed the blue-haired round blogger, to which Perez told us "I'm happy to get the gays talking! I'm even happier to raise awareness for Aid for AIDS, a wonderful organization." Priceless!

Charlie and Martin were also the huge donors last night, teaming with co-star Jon Cryer and Brooke Mueller to donate $25,000! Apparently, they love their gays too.


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Hate Perez    

I'm so shocked! Perez didn't mention that on his site. Keep up the good work of exposing this loser. I am not typically a hateful person, but Perez is such a hateful, nasty, vindictive person that he brings out the hate. It sounds like the gay community doesn't want him to represent them. I feel like things are starting to crumble around him. I look forward to watching his fall and have enjoyed watching his weight increase.

2528 days ago

Charles Almon    

Someone should tell Perez his 15 minutes were up 2 hours ago. Drift into drugs and then oblivion.

2528 days ago


Who the hell is Perez anyway? I see him on TV allot and dont know who he is or why he is even around? is he another rich kid thinking he is important or some NO BODY thinking he is important? Why do Stars even talk to him? GO AWAY PEREZ YOU ARE A LOSER

2528 days ago

Charles Almon    

You take Paris Hilton and compare her with Angelina Jolie. Both born to wealth and priviledge and see what they've done witht heir lives. And maybe Paris will understand, tho I doubt it, why Letterman made fun of her on his show when she was a guest. SHe actually said SHE was this generation's 'blonde' right up there with Marilyn and Lady Di. Sweetheart, the only peeps who tolerate you are peeps who can profit from you.

2528 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Wondered why Perez was so hard on Denise and Charlie not so much. Ka-ching.
Still think Sheen needs to cool the trash talk on his ex and mother of his children.

2528 days ago

TMZ reader    

I boycotted Perez ever since he boycotted Britney. I NEVER go there and I use to click on his blog a lot. I had been growing tired of how he insulted everyone (especially Jennifer Aniston), drew all over their pictures, stole unauthorized pictures from photographers, and his dreadful personal appearance. When a person looks THAT bad, he/she simply doesn't have the credibility to comment on other people's appearance. Plus, he continues to get sued by everyone on the planet, so he's hard to respect. I really enjoy because they are fairly restrained in their criticism of people. It's more upbeat than TMZ or Perez, so I like that.

2528 days ago

TMZ reader    

I also think is a very classy website. They are very objective in their reporting.

2528 days ago

bob scare    

This is funny Britney Revenge

who put a curse on Perez?

Boycott His site. Internet Traffic is his drug. Oh and donuts.

2528 days ago


Fat boy gets a taste of the real world.

2528 days ago


Whoa. I just went to Perez' site. He did put something up on his blog about the party. Looks like he is getting roundly bashed by his "fans".

Does that idiot not ever read the comments and realize how much his "fans" hate him?

Do the advertisers on his site really think that the thousands of people who go there every day to HATE ON PEREZ will actually buy anything from them? Noooooo. Don't think so. 99% of the postings on his site are from people who intensely dislike the guy. There's no way they would touch a link from one of his advertisers.

The idiots who advertise on his blog should wake up and dump him. He's creepy.

2528 days ago


I can't say I will be sad when the reign of Princesses Perez and TMZ have ended.

It's just not much fun any more. TMZ is Britney's coffee updates. She went to Starbucks, then she read a book, then she put gas in the car...

Perez is just slime. Who ever elevated that creature to any level of fame and fortune should be ashamed.

2528 days ago


Perez is such an ass. I love the Sheen's and give America credit for having pretty good taste most of the time like now!

2528 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

Perez is GROSS!!

2528 days ago

el polacko    

ah yes... everyone loves to hate perez, but his site gets like a gazillion hits a day so he has the last laugh. sure, he's juvenile and not very bright, but he has still managed to give me a good chuckle every now and then.
congrats to all the celebrities (and commoners) who showed up for this fun and worthy event !

2528 days ago


Too bad there's no video.

2528 days ago
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