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Ellen Breaks Down on Her Show

10/16/2007 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The usually upbeat Ellen DeGeneres was anything but on today's episode of her show -- stopping her opening monologue to give a passionate, tear-filled speech about her recent dog troubles.

After walking on to the usual applause, Ellen quieted the audience and explained that, "Today is a hard day for me ... I am not capable of coming out and pretending to be funny when things are going so terribly wrong right now."

Wiping tears from her eyes, Ellen went on to talk about her ongoing battle with a dog rescue group that took back a dog Ellen adopted after discovering the talk show hostess had given it to her hairdresser.

Tonight's TMZ TV has all the latest on the developing story. Watch today's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to see the rest of her passionate plea.


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TMZ blows (I like stating the obvious)

Now give the friggin dog back!

2531 days ago


Here's their email address, which they've removed from their website and from Petfinder:

2531 days ago

idle curiosity    

Bet that audience is REALLY glad they went to THAT SHOW.
Expecting a good time, laughing, dancing, blah, blah,
and ended up a wreck with Ellen.
Poor Ellen - is it ratings week?

2531 days ago

stone jones    

So sorry

2531 days ago


Hey #7 Lynn, you dumbass bitch you must be gay too. You are not smart enough to realize that she did all of this for a ratings boost. If she didn't do it for the ratings, then that little escapade was very unprofessional. You would think someone died or something. That is typical LA behavior. She needs to toughen up and be the man she is.

2531 days ago

dog rescuer    

RUBY SHOULD NOT GET THE DOG BACK! unless the dog rescue group deems her home to be a suitable FOREVER home for that specific dog.
When the dog rescue group adopted the dog TO ELLEN it was because they deemed it to be an appropriate home for that specific dog. The dog rightfully should have been returned to the rescue AS THE CONTRACT STATES and at that time Ellen, the rescue group, and Ruby should have discussed whether Ruby's home would be an appropriate home for the dog. Dog rescue groups do their best to match dogs to appropriate homes and Ellen should have respected their hard work and opinions on what is best for the dog, not simply pass it off to the next person who was interested in the dog. I am disappointed in Ellen for her lack of respect towards the hardworking dog rescue group.

2531 days ago

Michael - WDC    

Finally, TMZ covers someone and an event that has heart and emotion, and over half the comments are from heartless, ignorant people.

A year ago before, owning our dog and understanding the unconditional love your pet gives you and how much you love the pet back, I might have said ... it's just a dog ... but now I could never say that. So all you who have, go get some loving from a pet, you'll then understand!

For those of you bashing Ellen because she shows emotion and is gay ,,, you are the ones I am calling ignorant!! This has NOTHING to do with her sexuality, it has to do with Ellen being a caring and loving human being who - oh by the way happens to have been made in God's image and likeness ... and is gay. Look around gay bashers ... I know you have a gay person in your life, living near you, in the next cubicle, sitting behind you in church ... find out who they are as a person and maybe your ignorance will begin to fade.

... from an openly gay professional, dog lover and human being with a heart!

2531 days ago

Sarah Silverman Looks Like a Beast    

How do you know that the dog was in a good home?

The home was chosen, by Ellen, an irresponsible person who could not even honor her commitment to the dog.

I would rather see the dog placed in a home by the rescue, who saved the dog from death and who has the dog’s best interest at heart, than by Ellen who had the dog for several days and then decided to give it up.

2531 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

No matter how high the ideal is (rescuing needey dogs) those involved with the project are in the end tempted by the Devil of POWER; being able to display such power over a rich celebrity probably got some old crones rocks off......Karma bitch, you'll get it in the end....wolf! wolf!

2531 days ago


why is it all based on Ellen being gay? She loves animals and most animal lovers look upon then as their children. I'm not an animal lover, but i have plenty of friends who would put their life before their pet. So what does gay have to do with it.?Are all of you so homophobic? Get a life people. And I live in LA. I'm not lonely. I'm not gay. I don't like animals, just think all of you went way over the line on this one. The last post is the truth though. Shelters have reasons for their rules and it could be this dog had problems with kids. The rest of you make me sick with your gay bashing. Also Ellen seems to be the most kind and compassionate person in the celebrity world. I think she is genuine upset that the child is probably crushed and crying herself and Ellen feels responsible.

2531 days ago


The heartless comments on hear just show jhw clueless the mindless idiots are that post and read TMZ on a daily basis.

The dog is 12 years old and considered a difficult placement due to it's age...many people DO not adopt these older dogs due to age related medical bills, expenses, and other issues associated with older dogs.

The girls love this dog and Mutts and Moms should be thrilled iggy is in such a loving home!

The mutts and moms rescue league should be ashamed of themselves and refer back to their own mission statement.......find safe, loving, and nurturing homes for the animals.

Sounds like a megalomaniac is running this rescue league. And, have their priorities messed up.

GIVE THE DOG BACK to the girls!!!

2531 days ago


Here's a thought: shouldn't the rescue organization checked out Ellen's cats BEFORE releasing the pooch? My experience with animal rescue organizations is that they typically have a "pet interview" process, meaning that all other animals in the house have to meet and greet any potential new housemates. This rescue organization shouldn't have released the poor pooch if there was a risk for it to be returned.

Back off of Ellen, people. She did what she thought was right for everyone.

2531 days ago


Oh, ffs! Children go to bed hungry every night in this country and she is blithering on tv because a rescue group reclaimed a dog?

Animal people really disgust me sometimes, and this is one of those times.

2531 days ago

not a dumbass    

P.R> ---- I think what you mean is that no one cares about you and your lousy spelling. there's nothing wrong with loving your dog! and, actually, dogs ARE better than most people. especially whining, bitching losers like you!

2531 days ago


I've never signed an online petition before but I sure signed this one. Thanks to the folk who posted the link here and it only took about a minute so please, go ahead and sign it. Poster #73 JLC, what a lovely way to put it, "those who have never been owned by a dog" that's exactly how it is in our house. Dina, you're a heartless wretch for accusing Ellen of acting foolish, why don't you grow a freaking brain, you moron. Ellen is overwraught because she knows she messed up with the very best of intentions and she feels horrible about the situation but the woman from this agency sounds like the quintessential control freak who is not going to budge an inch. Unfortunately, this makes all rescue groups look bad and most of them are good. As I stated yesterday I've run into a couple of bad ones myself and I won't go into it but it put me off which is a shame because rescue dogs deserve to be, just that...rescued. I have also dealt with wonderful rescue groups as well so please folk, don't let the bad ones turn you off. See this is why people go to pet stores, they don't like being treated this way but if rescue groups are respectful of the people they are dealing with as well as the pets then they can maintain a good reputation. Too all you people out there who say it is just a dog, you have no idea what you're missing and that is such a shame. As to Ellen's sexual preference, what exactly does that have to do with anything? Nothing, just an excuse for homophobics to spew their venom.

2531 days ago
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