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Ellen Breaks Down on Her Show

10/16/2007 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The usually upbeat Ellen DeGeneres was anything but on today's episode of her show -- stopping her opening monologue to give a passionate, tear-filled speech about her recent dog troubles.

After walking on to the usual applause, Ellen quieted the audience and explained that, "Today is a hard day for me ... I am not capable of coming out and pretending to be funny when things are going so terribly wrong right now."

Wiping tears from her eyes, Ellen went on to talk about her ongoing battle with a dog rescue group that took back a dog Ellen adopted after discovering the talk show hostess had given it to her hairdresser.

Tonight's TMZ TV has all the latest on the developing story. Watch today's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to see the rest of her passionate plea.


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Fly on The Wall    

I refuse to watch tmz on tv ----------------

2510 days ago


THIS is EXACTLY why people would rather BUY a puppy then deal with a crazy rescue group! Many rescues are out trying to make a profit too. They are too strict!

2510 days ago


Ellen has just experienced the dark side of some of the rescue organizations. They often have absurd requirements for adoption and reject people for any behavior or living arrangement they consider bad. I know a woman who rescued an old dog that the owners forget to tell her ate feces and would not be trained. The woman adopted the dog because it was obvious it was being neglected. After using all the behavior training and other products to stop the behaviors she found the dog a good home with a retired woman who could care for the dog and never let it out of her sight. When my fried was truthful about the episode with another rescue organization she got a very nasty letter from the agency saying she was unsuitable for adoption. Lucky for her the ASPCA allowed her to adopt a dog and the two are the happiest of companions. Let this be a lesson to all the would be adopters that some of these agencies are run by animal extremists and are more about promoting their agendas than finding good homes.

2510 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Ellen needs to go hang up side down with Rosie on her depression swing for a while. And then shut up.

2510 days ago


TO ALL YOU DOUCHE BAGS WHO SAY, " it's just a dog", Vick is looking for some new bitches......go apply for the position !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2510 days ago


This has nothing to do with lesbians, gays. Mutt Mom needs to quit being so ANAL. MY ANIMALS ARE MY CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS ALL A BUNCH OF BS. I did not know there were that many STUPID people in this world. Well yeah I did.

2510 days ago


I don't understand why the hairdresser just wouldn't apply for a dog herself.

2510 days ago


dang, lighten up , she didn't eat the dog! she just tried to find it a good home, can we find something more important to go crazy about?

2510 days ago

think about this *******    

Another celebrity not reading their contract????
Sue her lawyer!1 LOL

2510 days ago


Come on if the dog has a good home,what's the big deal. And we do live in the U.S.
it's her dog Ellen you did nothing wrong, so put that smile back on.

2510 days ago

Sarah Silverman Looks Like a Beast    

Ellen signed a contract, promising to give the dog back to the rescue, if she is unable to keep the dog.

Why does Ellen think that she does not have to abide by the contract she signed?

The quality of the home that Ellen found is irrelevant. The rescue has the legal right to decided who cares for the dog.

If Ruby's family wants the dog, they should go to the rescue, apply for the dog, and participate in the rescue's adoption requirements (e.g. a home check).

Ellen showed that she is an irresponsible person who could not keep the commitment that she made to the dog she adopted.

Why should an irresponsible person, who cannot keep a promise to a dog, and who violated a legal contract that she signed (promising to return the dog to the rescue if she is unable to keep it) be given any sympathy?

Suck it up Ellen, and stop ACTING sad for sympathy just because you know that you do not have any legal rights in this situation.

My sympathy does not go to self-absorbed, selfish, people, who as adults, exhibit child-like behavior.

2510 days ago


Never have been that much of an Ellen fan but in this case SHE IS RIGHT! Some people just suck with all that is going on in the world and we bring in the swat team for a dog that has a good home

2510 days ago


i feel bad anytime anyone suffers. regardless of how I feel about it!!!

2510 days ago

Sarah Silverman Looks Like a Beast    

The big deal is that a dog is not a purse or a dress that should be handed down, returned, or exchanged. A dog is a LIFE.

The rescue saved the dog’s life, and they have the legal right, and in my opinion the ethical right, to decide where the dog ends up.

If Ruby’s family really wants the dog, then they need to go to the rescue, apply for the dog, and follow the rescue’s rules.

2510 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

These dog rescue agencies are a bunch of bullies. I have a friend that's
involved in one and they won't let an old man have the dog he wants
"because he may die" even though he has a fine home and a younger
wife who could care for the dog if her husband died. The man isn't in poor health. This is nothing but age discrimination. Shame on them! Ellen did
nothing wrong. Don't get involved with these wacko dog bullies!!

2510 days ago
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