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Gene Simmons -- The Next Pickup Artist?

10/16/2007 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mystery better watch his back -- KISS frontman Gene Simmons is handing out pickup tactics on the street!

TMZ caught the aged lothario outside of Home Night Club in NYC on Saturday night, where he helped hookup a sexy, underwear-clad hottie he called his "sister" with a random semi-attractive clubgoer.

Gene's advice worked; by the end of their interaction, the other guy was shirtless.


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I am the guy who gave up his shirt for the good looking girl. Can somebody arrange for me to contact this girl? I think she is absolutely beautiful. Thanks.

2533 days ago

love little people :)    


2567 days ago

The Monkey Zone    

This guy has gone from rock star to pimp....Only in America

2567 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Gene needs to throw a marriage license around his OWN woman. She looks cold, and you can see it in her eyes.

2567 days ago

Dawn Day    

Well since he's picked up everything that walks and every disease known to man, why not share that all important wealth of information.

Damn dudes, if you are half way decent looking with a half way decent personality then you shouldn't need pick up tips.

Gene's no Mystery but I guess he'll do in a pinch.

2567 days ago


Hey I think Gene is cool as hell for an old rocker. Everybody flapps off about his style but he is just being himself. And to the fappers do you know the mans smart as hell? Everthing he touches goes gold. If I were single you can bet your butt I'd love to hang with this cat. And another thing flappers tell me you wouldn't give a arm or leg to hang out with this guy for as little as 1hr or less in a club. If you say noway your lieing..

2567 days ago

Matt Damon    

Matt Damon

2567 days ago


Gene Simmons is a disgrace. Not only is he ugly he has an ego the size of the globe! I don't feel sorry for Shannon...she chooses to stay with him and if I feel for anyone it is his 2 kids. They seem to be articulate but it has got to hurt inside that their father refuses to marry their mother and still runs around like a first class pimp. I am not saying the man is ignorant...but I am saying he has a major lack of morals. He has got to have a hell of alot of diseases from all his sexual escapades over the years. And as for you #5 W. I would not ever want to be with him for and hour in a club much less 2-3 minutes. The guy is I am not lying. The truth shall set you free!

2567 days ago

Britney loves OJ    

Gene wants to KISS OJ!

2566 days ago


Every is "Tongue in cheek" with this guy. He must have a huge cheek.

2566 days ago

Logo Designers    

gene is the man!

2566 days ago


Fix the video... it's down

2566 days ago


I think he's all talk, he refused a challenge to take a lie detector test on the Adam Carola Show asking him about the number of his conquests by saying lie detectors aren't accurate enough to prove anything. Never mind that the government thinks they're useful enough to test CIA and FBI agents etc... He's got something to hide. TMZ should have him take the test on they're show.

2566 days ago


Like him or not, Gene knows what he is doing when it comes to business. He is all about the green. His own kids say on the show that he is most motivated by money.

2563 days ago


2547 days ago

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