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It's Clay Aiken??!!

10/16/2007 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Believe it or not, it's the shrill, mop-topped "American Idol" wannabeen, Clay Aiken?! It beats singing at the openings of malls and balloon festivals!
Clay Aiken
Director/legend Mike Nichols called Clay "a master of character." Others call him other things.


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Your site becomes a cesspool when you allow hatred to manifest but you put it out so you get it back. Harvey Levin loses respect and fans as he allows this crap to fester. Get some real writers to discuss what really is going on. Then you might get some real respect. As for Clay Aiken doing a major lead role in a major Broadway play directed by the amazing Mike Nichols, well it speaks for itself. Clay has got a great talent and he is funny as hell. While the losers on TMZ struggle with their dark souls, Clay walks tall and laughs all the way to the bank. Not bad for a guy who wanted to be a teacher. Congrats to Clay Aiken. Boo to the TMZ website and all the losers who think they are cool when they are really sorry excuses for human beings.

2564 days ago


I have read stories of his odd behavior on airplanes and I cannot see him getting along with the other fine actors in this have David Pierce and Hank Azaria...these guys are talented seasoned actors that hobb-nobb with other famous people...they are not going to want to work with this weirdo...I predict his term on the Great Whote Way will be short lived...or everyone else will leave first. He is a good singer, but he is very strange and seems like a bitter queen.

2563 days ago


i pity the people who are slamming other s withouth facts. he is one of the successses story coming out of american iodl. and whether you like him or not he is now a millionaire and laughing all the way to the banks, while you guys are still sitting in your computer dissing him. multiplatinum singer, selling out tours, and now joining a tony award broadway .

2563 days ago


He reminds me of a televangelist with that hair.

2563 days ago


Ummm...Kathy...David Hyde Pierce and Hank Azaria are no longer in this show. DHP originated the role of Sir Robin. He is now in the Tony-Award winning "Curtains".
I'm not sure why Broadway productions keep casting these AI cast-offs when there are plenty of talented actors looking for work. I hope Spamalot is offering discount tickets.

2563 days ago


Shrill?! Perfect description of tmz and it's pathetic little corner of online hate. blah.blah.blah. Obviously some people 'round here think they won't ever be held accountable for their actions and words. good luck with that. wouldn't want to be ya. :)

As for Clay. I seem to remember reading that he did alot of local theatre waaay pre-idol and also middle-school/highschool productions, etc. This latest gig sounds like it will be perfect for him. He's got the talent. I think he'll be great!

Also. Clay ~is~ a good-looking guy and a genuinely nice man. some of the comments here are just bizarre in their hatefulness. completely uncalled for.

peace ^-^

2563 days ago


This is exciting news! He is a fabulous singer, a beautiful human being, and he is very funny
! The last thing he is a wannabe or hasbeen. He is always busy. His concerts are always a great time and he takes the time to shake hands of hundreds of fans after every show at the tour bus. He loves his fans, and we love him. It will be fun to see him take on this new role in Spamalot. He has got a great sense of humour!

2563 days ago

slimon is a jerk    

Levin, get the hell off my TV. Can't stand your stupid show or you.

2563 days ago


Mike Nichols seems to think that Aiken can do the job or he would not have hired him.
What's with all the hate? This place is starting to sound like PH. Give it a rest people.

2563 days ago


That's a really bad pic of him. He's definately much cuter than that. Anyhow, he'll be awesome on broadway. Stop the haten ppl. WTF did he do to you? I bet you don't even know why you don't like him. I bet you are all just little kids who listen to other ppl. Why don't you get a mind of your own.

2562 days ago


If Barry Manilow and Reba McIntyre had a love child...this is what it would look like...

2561 days ago


You people are so shallow! So this photo is not great, have you always had great photos. Clay is handsome, and the kindest man you can ever meet. He is funny, has a great sence of family and social concern and he is damn talented. HE IS going to be on BROADWAY and you can't take his success! So validate your insignificance buy dissing him! So very mature.

2561 days ago


Do you dissers of Clay Aiken think that Idle and Nichols gave him this part because he was on American Idol???? He had to audition and Nichols called his voice "glorious" and also said he is "an excellent comic actor and a master of character". Those of you have have not seen him perform should go to YouTube and watch some of his performances from his tours. I seldom comment on these type spaces but it seems that the derogatory mentions of Clay Aiken on this forum (I do not remember seeming a positive mention here) always results in bringing out the losers who have nothing better to do with their lives that make derogatory comments about someone they know nothing about.

2559 days ago


Hey, Hey, Hey, Play Clay All the Way to Broadway!!! I am so excited to see he'll grace the Great White Way. He's a fantastic performer,singer, comedian, and giving person to his Buble/Aiken Foundation, Unicef, Jerry Lewis' MDA Telethon, and other foundations that help children.
Genuinely a beautiful person inside and out. Enjoyed all his shows since leaving American Idol. Love Claydough, and am so looking forward to seeing him on B'way.

2557 days ago


Since being runner up on American Idol 2, Clay Aiken has several wonderful albums out, and had many concerts, each year, his Christmas Performances, and this past summer he's had Concert Tours, and again, he begins his Christmas tour, then will grace us on the Great White Way of Broadway, in Spamalot, of which I am so looking forward to seeing him in. Besides, the Buble/Aiken Foundation, Unicef(of which he went to Iraq), Jerry Lewis' MDA, he had the donations for the "Marine Toys for Tots," at his Christmas Concerts, and his fans didn't let him down, nor the Marines.
Break-a-Leg, Clay Aiken!! Bravo!!! I for one, am so looking forward to seeing him perform in "Spamalot."

2557 days ago
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