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Alleged Ellen Dognapper Files Police Report

10/17/2007 4:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marina Baktis, the dog rescue woman at the center of the Ellen DeGeneres scandal, filed a police report yesterday because she is being harassed for her role in the ordeal.
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Baktis, along with business partner Vanessa Chekroun, runs the Mutts and Moms agency from which Ellen DeGeneres adopted her dog. Ellen then was unable to keep the dog, so she gave it to her hairdresser Cheryl's family, which includes her 12-year-old daughter Ruby. Baktis told "Access Hollywood" yesterday that they've begun receiving death threats. "My life is being threatened, this is horrible. I rescue dogs. I can't believe this."

Baktis filed the report with the Pasadena Police Department last night.


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Internet Website Designs    

FIRST - and they should just give the damn dog back take some money from Ellen and thats it

2560 days ago

Paris' uterus    


2560 days ago



2560 days ago


Which one is the dog?

2560 days ago


Cry baby... give that lil girl her dog back. What people wouldnt do to get their 15 min. fame.

2560 days ago


Can't believe this.. your a idiot also.. PETA sucks and so do you !!! Why would you ever take a dog from a happy home to put him back in a crate at a shelter. I don't blame anyone for calling making threats cuz your just a looser that needs a life...

Thanks Again Marc
32. Gee, I am sure no one from PETA has had their lives or a loved one's life saved from benefitting from lifesaving animal research.,,because THEY ARE AGAINST medical research using animals, research for AIDS, cancer, arthritis, SIDS, etc. etc. ... if you support them on their anti-fur campaign, then you are supporting them as a whole---then you should refuse to eat meat, refuse medical treatment, not wear leather, not ride horses, not own pets, not fish or hunt, not go to zoos etc etc because YOU ARE a hypocrite if you do any of these things.
Of course PETA constantly uses the ant-fur campaign, it is sexy, pornographic propaganda... and how fascinating to EXPLOIT mostly naked women to get people to look.. and how hilarious that it really isn't working anymore PETA, sure guys might look at the ads-but the message is lost... because I guarantee you they're scarfing down those quarter pounders with cheese and tossing the pigskin football and going fishing Sunday morning....
I feel sorry for people who are buying what PETA is selling, because it is a load of lies and hypocrisy... and god help you if you get sick and due to the delays(or cessation) in animal research caused by PETA and its fellow ilk, you suffer a long disabling illness and horrible death due to no cures or improvements in treatment and drugs.

Posted at 12:34PM on Oct 16th 2007 by Marc

2560 days ago


Hey mike get a life, you will never be first.

2560 days ago

Paris' uterus    

crap! well back to dog school.....

2560 days ago


She says she rescues dogs... well what her agency did was wrong.. and they know it..Return that dog to that family!!.. this is totally wrong...they are loving and will give the dog a wonderful home for the rest of its life....

2560 days ago

The Monkey Zone    

Maybe if I write something in this box , It will make a difference....

2560 days ago


There is video of an interview saying its gone too far, mostly because of the threats and the money this is costing her....According to her she is "hand to mouth" and how poor she really is....LOVED this all the while being on TV in her Chanel eye glasses frames!


2560 days ago


well - simply give the dog BACK to the litle girl! What an irresponsible moron -- she puts her "principles" before the welfare of the dog! What did she think was going to happen?????

2560 days ago


Well, they put themselves in this position. It's not like they gave the dog to some skanks. Ellen would not just give a pet to anyone. She knows the importance of a good home. Shame on this agency for causing this stupid mess. It's very important to place pets properly, but let's put this in's not a human child we're talking about.

2560 days ago


That's what you get stupid #itch!

2560 days ago


No difference sorry, but this comment will save the world.

2560 days ago
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