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Alleged Ellen Dognapper Files Police Report

10/17/2007 4:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marina Baktis, the dog rescue woman at the center of the Ellen DeGeneres scandal, filed a police report yesterday because she is being harassed for her role in the ordeal.
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Baktis, along with business partner Vanessa Chekroun, runs the Mutts and Moms agency from which Ellen DeGeneres adopted her dog. Ellen then was unable to keep the dog, so she gave it to her hairdresser Cheryl's family, which includes her 12-year-old daughter Ruby. Baktis told "Access Hollywood" yesterday that they've begun receiving death threats. "My life is being threatened, this is horrible. I rescue dogs. I can't believe this."

Baktis filed the report with the Pasadena Police Department last night.


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Dogs are merely pets, so Just get the kid another dog from a less exclusive kennel..

2571 days ago


I love how the doggie Gestapo supporters let the world know they're also anti-gay bigots. Way to diversify your moronitude.

2571 days ago



2571 days ago


Why does Ellen think she is above honoring a contract? Ellen is wrong, wrong, wrong.

2571 days ago


Ellen is more upset than the little girl. My advice to anyone is never sign a contract that does not give you rights over something that you own.

2571 days ago


#56- thank you for showing the world just how stupid you are! That goes gor you too WOW- I just can't get over how many people in this country go right for the throat instead of trying to have a cililized conversation. WOW, LUCY and #56- you all need serious help!

2571 days ago


Get over yourself, lady. You threatened to call the media on Ellen FIRST, remember? Don't try playing martyr and victim now. Suck it up.

2571 days ago


She deserves her death threats! Whats wrong with the her!?! That dog had a loving home. The kids who were are 11 and 14 deserve to have a puppy! Most kids that age are responsible enough to babysit children! So why arent they responsible enough to have a dog?

Shelters put down 1000's of dogs and this one found a happy home. Theres no excuse to take that dog back. If i knew the address to the shelter i'd send them a death threat too! LOL!

Animal shelter ppl are nuts THEY are the reason that animals are killed. I hope their shelter closes down and they go out of business. GO ELLEN My next dog will be bought from a breeder.

2571 days ago


Give the dog back what is the big deal???

2571 days ago


Holy crap - what is wrong with some of you people. First, Ellen is a comedienne, not an actress so crying on her show isn't going to win her an Oscar. 2nd, what the hell does being a lesbian have to do with being a pet owner? Third, Ellen admitted, REPEATEDLY that she'd screwed up, that she was sorry, that she made a mistake, blah blah blah but JUST wanted the dog returned. And this contract??? Oh for crap's sake, this is a dog adoption, not a child. This wacko Baktis is trying to garner publicity and it back fired. She's the one trying to strong arm Ellen. Get over yourselves.

2571 days ago


There is blame to go all around.

Ellen admitted she was wrong. But the rescue is also being heartless even if they have "rules" to follow.

Look for the rescue to have a movie deal soon about this "ordeal".

2571 days ago


To all of you that are saying Ellen is in the wrong- think about if thsi was YOUR children- How in the hell would YOU feel if police officers knocked on your door and snatched a puppy out of YOUR child's hands? You wouldn't like it and if you say it wouldn't bother you, then let's all hope you never reproduce!

2571 days ago

Britney's moma    

Stupid woman just give the dog back to the poor child! You mut!

2571 days ago


Funny how there is no evidence to support the fact. Why are they being so cruel? Just give the dog back to the girls. They are only making asses out of themselves. They are being cruel to the dog and the children.

Stupid contracts. Some people need to get a gripe on reality.

2571 days ago


Somebody call the whammmbbbuuullaaanceee! Perhaps she should have thought of the potential backlash before being so nasty. And damn she is one ugly ass bitch!

2571 days ago
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