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It's O.J., Dionne and Sinbad!

10/17/2007 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson still owes California $1.4 million in back taxes, and now the state's trying to use the Internet to shame him into paying up. (Good luck!) But even so, he's hardly the biggest celeb tax cheat in Cali.

Do you know the way to Sacramento? Dionne Warwick has been dodging a $2.6 million tax bill that's been outstanding for over ten years, according to Franchise Tax Board records just posted online for everyone to see (and first reported by AP), which puts her at number 17 on the listing of the 250 worst offenders. That's what caller ID is for!

And then there's comedian Sinbad, who can't be laughing about the $2.1 million he still owes California. But without doubt, the oddest listing is for the Juice, who supposedly hasn't had any income on which he would have to pay -- and yet he still owes over $1.4 million in taxes?

Clarification from the tax authority and Simpson's lawyer was unforthcoming. And reps for Sinbad and Dionne had no comment.


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First, they aren't all black. There is a rather large cross section of just about every ethnicity on this list. Those of you who are racist, shame on you for your ignorance!

Now, here's the more important issue. Why is no one outraged over the invasion of privacy. When did it become okay for the government to shame people while disclosing personal data about them? It's bad enough that we're living in a fifedom, letting the government extort more and more money from us every year, but to have them do what they've done -- it's an outrage. Someone's got to step up and put a stop to it.

2540 days ago


In reviewing the IRS's list it looks like TMZ forgot one...... "Sherman A. Hemsley" , El Paso, TX $342,766.60

2540 days ago


Wesley Snipes needs to be added to this list. I read somewhere that he was staying out of the country to evade taxes owed.

2540 days ago


It is amazing, Martha Stewart got time for lying about the sale of her stock. Yet celebs who committ crimes that could hurt or harm the public get off scott free. HMMM

2540 days ago


Sandman I agree with most of your comments, but the fact is there are plenty of people on that tax delinquency list that are not black. In fact the overwhelming majority are of an ethinic background other than black. So why were these three the only people exposed in this article? If you say it's because of their celebrity status, then I would agree that you have a legitimate point. But I submit to you that the story would lose its appeal if it were not for the race factor. Please take a moment and review some of the reader's comments. There's no denying that many are quite meanspirited and outright racist. Now whether it was TMZ's intentions to get a rise out of people or whether the article just happened to attract a slew of racist idiots, I don't really care. Comments suggesting that their failure to pay was somehow related to the of their skin are ludicrous, and I take exception to that. TMZ knew exactly what kind of response they would get from the bloggers, so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone when people react in offense. By the way, as far as I'm concerned, you guys (white people) can have OJ. I'm definitely not reacting on his behalf. Rather, I'm really bothered by the implication of the article and the idiotic comments. Black + Fame = Inevitable Failure. Yeah you're right, we all have a responsibility to pay our taxes, fame or infamy aside, but don't fool yourself, this article was written stir up division and to get a reaction from people, and you and I both are reacting. Mission accomplished.

2540 days ago


Only the little people pay taxes...

2540 days ago


I've researched all 250 people on the list, and 249 of them are in fact of African American persuasion. Don't kill the messenger.

2540 days ago


Wait a minute! After carefully reviewing my data, it seems I have made a terrible mistake. It's all 250, not 249 as I had previously reported. Please forgive me.

2540 days ago

howard supporter    

I am white and I owe taxes for 2004 and 2005...a total of $6000.00 with penalty's because you are penalized if you owe them and don't pay all at once. The reason I owe is my husband passed away 6/25/03 and I was told that I could claim him for 2004 by H&R Block..well, since he died 6 days before 7/01/03 I found out I couldn't after it was too late...Then 2005 I wasn't having enough taxes taken out because I am on a fixed income so every month I pay $125.00 but the penalties keep getting higher. I don't think it has anything to do with the color of your skin but if you are a poor person "look out". They will take your home and everything else . Poor people have no chance.

2540 days ago

The Marian Movement    

That's Risky Business.

2540 days ago


IS this the Sherman Hemsley that played on The Jefferson's, & All in the family??

Sherman A Hemsley El Paso, TX 79935 $342,766.60, Personal income tax, 07/15/1997 ...

The info below is from Wikipedia..
In 2007, Hemsley appeared on the California Franchise Tax Board's list of the top 250 taxpayers with liened state income tax delinquencies greater than $100,000, owing over $340,000. cite

2540 days ago


Right, Ya L Li is Black. Racist bas tards. I bet most of the people on this list are white. Funny how if even one person on the list is Black some racist idot nimrod will point it out. But if every single one of them were white the ass hole would'nt say a damn thing.

2540 days ago

el polacko    

racially speaking, it appears that the majority of tax deadbeats are asian. but the top, in fact the only, CELEBRITIES on the list all happen to be black. so should TMZ do stories on asians nobody has heard of or celebrities ?? everybody needs to get a grip.

2540 days ago

Krazykat LA    

The rich walk the streets, while the poor live in cages. Sad.

2540 days ago

Steven M. V.    

Yes..Mr. Jefferson.....TMZ didn't mention Sherman Hemsley his bio here ...

2540 days ago
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