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It's O.J., Dionne and Sinbad!

10/17/2007 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson still owes California $1.4 million in back taxes, and now the state's trying to use the Internet to shame him into paying up. (Good luck!) But even so, he's hardly the biggest celeb tax cheat in Cali.

Do you know the way to Sacramento? Dionne Warwick has been dodging a $2.6 million tax bill that's been outstanding for over ten years, according to Franchise Tax Board records just posted online for everyone to see (and first reported by AP), which puts her at number 17 on the listing of the 250 worst offenders. That's what caller ID is for!

And then there's comedian Sinbad, who can't be laughing about the $2.1 million he still owes California. But without doubt, the oddest listing is for the Juice, who supposedly hasn't had any income on which he would have to pay -- and yet he still owes over $1.4 million in taxes?

Clarification from the tax authority and Simpson's lawyer was unforthcoming. And reps for Sinbad and Dionne had no comment.


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Reply comment 74 & keepingitreal: I have to admit to you that I didn't even bother to read the story. You are correct. I saw the picture of 3-Black Celebrities and I pretty much got a feel as to what 'TMZ was trying to convey? I could have gone back now to actually read the story, but I think the picture speaks volumes as too the emotions & where they wanted to direct the path of thoughts. I'm not saying it was right or wrong, but I to tell you the truth I can't think of a "single White celebrity" person we'd all recognize as having crossed the bankruptcy line of recent? Sorry; maybe it's not an isolated 'TMZ moment, but a bigger problem of the information we get as a society in America? Don't get me wrong; I haven't decided whether the Republicans are wrong or the Democrats, whether the media is slanted one way or the other? Each party has always asserted they were being short changed in the media, depending on which party held the presidency. The other always cries foul, and we have to trust no less than half a dozen sources when we watch the news and the stories we are fed always seem to fall short in hein-sight (sorry for the misspelling)? A couple folks mentioned Willy Nelson, but he never did actually default. I couldn't name one person off the top of my head who got into tax difficulty (a celebrity) who isn't Black? Is that my fault? Is it a part of a bigger problem than just little 'ol TMZ? I'm sure it is! I should have read the article; we can't understand a book by it's cover, but they knew what they were invoking when they did it (TMZ) with the picture. You are correct:) And so the entire of the world watches american tv 'live, and we are reduced to censured crumbs of our worlds events. Why? Why in the most god forsaken regions of the world can one hang a dish in a tree and view 'CNN or 'FOXNEWS live, and our cable companies would never allow us to do the same? A little off subject I agree, but wouldn't it be nice to get accurate information in real time rather than in heinsight? Here's an idea; how about a list of 50-celebrities who are deliquent on taxes over the past 2-years from the worst offender to the cheapest? I would guess it would incompass the 'rainbow coalition but couldn't possibly prove it? I live in a country that would never allow me that much information, because they don't think I could handle it? Actually they don't think is serves their purpose:( Everyone seems to have an agenda, and it's not going to bring us any closer to the truth. I would never trust a 'jury of my piews, because people as a whole as manipulated by lawyers and judges, are blind sheep and the first to throw stones out of self-richousness. Why are the best people in our lives; those who would never choose to run for office or to teach, or to patrol our streets? Too much money & too much power only seems to corrupts. I guess you could say I'm a synic. I would tell you I'm a realist. The perpetual dreamer, I still have hope:) And I'm not the best speller but you already know it:) Thank you...

2530 days ago


Is anyone surprised about OJ?

2530 days ago


How come they don't garnish them like they do regular people, gee they aren't hard to find!!

2530 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Why are they NOT in jail????

2530 days ago


Okay! What do they all have in common??? Are there any non-black folks that forgot to pay their taxes, huh?

2530 days ago


Yes Im Black, And... Hey Who Are the First 16 People on the LIST.. I bet You $100.00 Their all WHITE!!!!!!!!!!

2530 days ago

John C jackson    

To the " oh they are all black" commenters,

I know a lot about the "tax protest" movement, and MOST involved are old anrgy White guys. Wesley Snipes is probably the only black client of that one group.

2530 days ago


Isn't it Ironic that celebs can't seem to pay their back taxes but yet they still seem to find ways to play golf, travel all over the place, eat in the nicest restaurants, drive their fancy cars, and shop in expensive stores? If this had been an average person, they'd be in jail facing tax evasion charges or the IRS would be garnishing their income. Talk about a double standard.

2530 days ago


SassyVol, you're right, you are with Harry're both inhabitants of the "Village of Idiots".

2530 days ago


White people have such short memories...

Sophia Loren
Leona Helmsley
Luciano Pavarotti
Martha Stewart
Willie Nelson
Boris Becker
Pete Rose
Joe Francis

2530 days ago

Mr. Hater    

You know what's funny? Unless you're from Washington DC, one of the US territories like Puerto Rico or Guam, or a federal employee, you do NOT have to pay any income taxes to the IRS. Specifically mentioned in law, Florida is one state in particular where residents are exempt from personal income taxes which is what people are starting to learn about, and that's why you see some people with expensive lawyers heading to Florida because they fight the IRS and always win.

The IRS (which isn't even a legal organization to begin with) started sending out forms during WW2 when people voluntarily paid taxes in order to support freedom. They kept sending them out, and eventually Americans came to believe it was mandatory. But it's not, there's a big legal loophole that has never been fixed which not many people know about.

The bad news is that it's going to cost $$$ for your lawyers to fight it in court.

Google it and find out for yourself.

2530 days ago


Look at New Hampshire, they waited outside a couples home with swat teams for 4 months cutting power to the house until they finaly made an arrest

2530 days ago


WOW...i just checked the list and there is this guy on there that owes my company over 2 million dollars!! Plus he owes over 200,000 in back taxes!! He is a SCAM...He is a developer, I work for a construction company. I hope he gets what he deserves!!

2530 days ago


oh and FYI....NOT THAT I THINK THIS MATTERS...he is of african american descent.....This guy is just a CROOK!!!!

2530 days ago

yadda yadda yadda    

Also noticed one of the members of Tony Toni Tone on there.....Dwayne Wiggins....

2530 days ago
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