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Son of Lassie's Trainer: Give the Dog Back!

10/17/2007 7:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bob Weatherwax, famed Hollywood dog trainer and son of Rudd Weatherwax, who established the famous Lassie line of collies, feels strongly about the storm created around Ellen DeGeneres and her good intentions in placing an adopted pet. Bob is pictured here with his current collie, Laddie.
Bob Weatherwax and Laddie
Over the 60+ years that Rudd and Bob found homes for sons and daughters of the nine generations of Lassies, their first choice was always a family with children. Says Bob, "Kids and dogs belong together. Nothing is better than for a child to grow up with a dog and learn about loving care and responsibility." While he admits that, legally, Ellen did sign a contract, he also thinks that the adoption organization could make an occasional exception to its policies.

"After all," Bob says, "what's really important here? Having a dog find a home with a committed family or making it impossible for families to adopt dogs?"

Lassie's trying to tell us something!


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Gorgeous dog.

I heard the witchy dog shelter owners already placed the dog elsewhere.

2542 days ago

Do Something Good    

The Pasadena Humane Society is "appalled" by the actions
of Mutts & moms (
How about we make donations to the PAsadena Humane Society in honor
of Ellen, Iggy, & Ruby? Let them know we all support groups that
don't steal animals from children and whose main goal is to have an
animal in a safe home contract or not. Send donations here:

361 SouthRaymond
AvenuePasadena, CA
(626) 792-7151

CAN DO GOOD & not support crazy rescue groups, instead offering
support to the places in their community that are reputable. Please
consider even $1. Help animals find permanent homes AND continue to
speak out against Mutts & MomMutts.

2542 days ago

Do Something Good    

I hope the new "family" that has Iggy (if the psychopathic thieves are to be believed, that he is already in a new home) will do the right thing and GIVE IGGY BACK TO HIS FAMILY! And I hope people drive Mutts & Moms out of business because they do not deserve to earn one more signle penny by their blackmarket puppy / dog mill practices. Nazis should not be rewarded for hurting children to get attention!!!

2542 days ago


I have some friends who had very difficult time adopting a rescue dog. These agencies requirements are so unreasonably stringent it makes no sense at all. They apparently did not meet their hugh standards. She has since gone on to train and sit other people's dogs. They finally got a dog from the Katrina rescue (so many of those no one complained huh?) and one from her brother's farm. They are treated well and like dogs (exercise and affection). I hope these guys give the dog back to her hairdresser and her child. Shame on them.

2542 days ago


this is a strange story.The important issue is the dog was placed in a home with love. It could of been handled with more maturity and professionalism on the dog rescue side. Just a home visit could of taken care of all concerns. It seems all too heavy handed. They had the law on their side but not the high road.

2542 days ago


Right on..right on ...right on!

2542 days ago


Thank you, Mr. Weatherwax. I have admired you and Lassie for many years. I am sixty now - my parents acquired a Collie-mix three months after I was born. "Tippy" was my loving companion for 15 years. My eyes still mist when I think about him.

2542 days ago


Pet Oasis in Palm Springs would not alow me to adopt a small dog because "my yard was not fenced in". I live in a gated/walled community and I wanted an inside dog. What gives with these organizations that appear to do everything to prevent pet adoptions?????

2542 days ago

Do Something Good    

I saw on a report that Marina had the dog euthanized since it was her property to do with what she wanted and to make sure Ellen and the hairdresser never get it back!


Legally I guess she could do that since it's "her" dog in "her" possession, but this is terrible. She is saying the dog is better of dead than with Ruby!

I want to know that this dog is safe! PLEASE TMZ LOOK INTO IT! MAKE SURE SHE DIDN'T MURDER IGGY!!!

2542 days ago


High price to pay just to be right, they lost all credibility and most likely their business. Ellen has TONS of friends in LA, all of which will support her. These owners could have worked things out and came out smelling like a they smell like dog $h!t.

2542 days ago


See, gays have been in Hollywood since forever.


2542 days ago


another celebrity needing 15 additonal minutes of fame. Ellen got her ratings - everyone will watch her show for a few weeks to bring the ratings up .

Where is Ellen's dog Lucy? The one she had a contest for in 2003 to name it? It didn't get along with the cats - it had too much puppy energy and had to be given to a new home. Sound familiar?

All of this news to be taken out of the media.

2542 days ago


they are only concerned with making money, not the animals. Its ELLEN for crying out loud, not michael vick!!! give back the dog!

2542 days ago


Iggy got put to sleep.
Ellen should sue that group for all they have and make sure all animals in their possession are taken by the animal shelter and placed in safe homes.
This is WRONG.
I know pets aren't kids but it just reminds me of a parent who says if they can't have their kid all to themselves they will just kill it.

2542 days ago


Ellen adopted me for a little while in 2003 - she didn't like it when I chased the cats - I always wanted to play with them. I was sent away permanently to another home. I am so traumatized I eat any sock I can find and will chase Kitties all over the place.

2542 days ago
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