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Model Falls Through a Hole for Your Enjoyment!

10/18/2007 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We know models are taught to look forward when they walk the runway, but if there's a giant hole in the ground, it's okay to look!

Our friends over at caught this video during L.A. Fashion Week. A performer fell on his back during the opening of the show, leaving a giant hole in the runway -- which, apparently, no one thought would be a problem. But, sure enough, a lovely young lady (just the right size to fit) fell right through it!

If she'd eaten just one more French fry, she might have gotten stuck!


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Those of you ,who laugh...Are sick. You need professional Mental Health. When, is someone getting injured a Joke ? I don't see anything funny , this woman could have been severely injured...What if it was your Mother, Sister, Wife ?
It's a SAD, VERY SAD world ~ when people stoop so low , as to laugh about something that is NOT funny.!!

2561 days ago


Sad that some of you had such a fine time over anothers injury and embarrasement.

2561 days ago


Whoops! Crack in the floor! Seth MacFarlane predicted it!

2561 days ago

Carol Caruso    

EVERYONE......JUST SHUT UP!! As for the title..."For your enjoyment", some girl or guy who wished they were either a model or dated one had to have come up with that. You people are sick ,a girl...just doing her job got hurt. I hope she sues! As for all you people who think it's funny....look at yourself in the mirror and get a life...or ....a makeover!

2561 days ago


ok why didn't someone cover that hole before she came out?The thing looked jagged and could have cut her very deep.I don't find it funny when someone else gets hurt..some need to grow up.

2561 days ago


shame on some of you she looked like she got hurt .she didnt look skinny ,i thought she looked good.unlike some of those bones that are on those runways .you would have thought the men that made the hole would have told her or stopped her from going down.

2561 days ago


Talk about an occupational hazard. That stage should have been repaired before the show continued, then the model would not have fallen through the hole. She should get compensation for her injuries and for the embarrassment she went through. It was very irresponsible of the people putting on this show to allow anyone to walk on that stage before it was repaired. For someone's butt to go through a floor like that, tells me that the stage was not safe to begin with.

2561 days ago

Raising the Bar    

Why ever would you laugh at someone getting hurt?
Are you all really 10 year old boys? How embarrasing that you react to injury and humiliation of someone by laughing at them or calling them names.
And for the one that suggested the model get a "real" job......
Runway modeling IS a real job. That girl probably makes $5000 a YEAR modeling in California and the rest of the time she works in a showroom or as a waitress or sells appliances. I really wonder where this society is going....when you read these uneducated, mindless comments posted here. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

2561 days ago


Funny, but seriously I feel bad for her! That wood looked jagged and rough and that must of hurt like a son of a beeeee...To bad no one decided to speak up about a huge hole in the floor - idiots ;)

2561 days ago


What was stupid was that they'd leave that hole there and not put something over it, like a big cone the models could see. The first thing the organizers should have thought of was the possibility of somebody getting hurt from it and then suing them. It was an accident waiting to happen.

2561 days ago


To laugh at this is childish and sick. Models don't look down, and for the clown calling her names get a life and a conscience!

2561 days ago


Somebody should have covered up that hole. Guess nobody running the fashion show saw it??? Poor girl...

2561 days ago


You guys are cruel! It isn't her fault...why would she expect a hole in the middle of the runway? I hope she sues their asses can they expect those girls to walk the runway with a huge hole in it? That looked really painful, I hope she's ok.

2561 days ago


This is really not funny. There was a sharp pointy piece that slashed her thigh, and the fall itself must have been painful on her ankles. Did nobody warn her that there was a dangerous hole in the stage? Why should she have to look down? Nobody expects a hole in a professional runway. I hate litigious people as a rule, but I hope she sues them. Her career could have been ruined.

There are those who look at this tape and laugh and mock. They are jackasses.

There are those of us who gasp and say, "Poor girl, how horrible." Compassion gives us an edge over the jackasses.

Some of you should be ashamed. If this happened to your sister, you'd be ready to punch out the backstage crew.

2561 days ago


Why hasn't TMZ blocked out her boobs? Not only did she fall (which probably hurt like hell,) but her boobs plop out at the end. Can you imagine how embarassing had she continued her cat walk.

2561 days ago
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