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Vanessa Hudgens

Disney Didn't Dump Me!

10/19/2007 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reports have surfaced that Vanessa Hudgens won't be in "High School Musical 3" -- but it looks like nobody's told Vanessa!

TMZ caught Zac Efron and his nudie-pic posin' girlfriend leaving Orso last night, where the two grabbed dinner for Zac's 20th birthday. There was a pap snapstorm when the couple left the restaurant, with TMZ asking if there was any truth to rumors of Hudgens being canned by the Mouse.

Ness' response -- a finger wave and a "not true."


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give them a little space and give them a break to relax

2420 days ago

Lenn K.    

She made a mistake, she's young and is a pretty young woman. She'll be okay.

2507 days ago

Dawn Day    

The flaming bush should have told her that her career is over...duh.

2507 days ago

kim suck    

if Walt was alive this would never have happened!!

2507 days ago

kim suck    

glad i don't have any daughters!!!

2507 days ago

sooooo sad and heartbreaking:(    

i love these 2! they are so CUTE together!

2507 days ago

sooooo sad and heartbreaking:(    

she made a mistake, everyone get over it!

2507 days ago


If Disney doesn't want her, some other studio will and she'll do just as well, if not better, somewhere else. If the suits at Disney don't realize this, they ought to seek employment elsewhere.

2507 days ago


Why is there such a double standard in this country? If she had decided to appear naked in a movie for millions to see, there wouldn't be this huge controversy. She took these pictures privately for someone she apparently trusted and now everyone is acting like she's some slut! Come on people, get a life. She doesn't go out on the town drugged up showing her panty less crotch to the world.

2507 days ago


Taking naked pictures of yourself is a pretty normal thing in today's internet culture. It's only sensationalized by celebrity and because she works for Disney.

2507 days ago

OPEN UR eyes Lady!    

it they didn't they probaly will and should.... geeeze people! taking nude photos of yourself and having them posted on the internet is NOT THE STANDARD! and how old is she!!

2507 days ago


I still believe in my heart Vanessa and Zac are still pure.They are a lovely couple!

2507 days ago


Those pictures will make her more famous then ever Disney insn't going to dump her as much money as those movies have made, They aren't going to get rid of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

$$$$$$$$$$$$ over Morals palease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disney would post nudie rudies of Snow White if they thought it could add to the profits.

She didn't do anything worse than anyone else and lets face it, want to be famous and in the headline do something naughty!!!!

nice is out naughty is in!

2507 days ago


If they do dump her, I think it will be because her products aren't moving. I was in NYC last weekend at the flagship Toys R Us and there was only one Ashley Tisdale doll left on the shelf while there were HUNDREDS of Vanessa Hudgens dolls in the display. Maybe a new star will sell more stuff for Disney. They might like the excuse to dump her.

2507 days ago


The fact is, she is hoping that a lost contract at disney (which she hasn't realized or never will now, has cost her millions)
And her and her agent are hoping that the scandelous pictures will help boost her "mature" image and they can push her career into movies.

Trick is, that is a very slippery slope. You have to go out every now and then with someone on the "it" list. Need to keep that pub up.
Hope that the media doesn't turn on you.

Then you gotta find a movie and a director that won't be a stink fest. And that where in lies the problem. If the first movie she does after being dubbed "a mature" actor now. Is a bomb. She's done.
The only direction to go after that, is cable tv. Get on some series. And if she gets quickly on that, she might salvage her career.

2507 days ago
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