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Jerry Seinfeld -- Scientology Made Me Funny!

10/20/2007 10:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just about the last person you'd ever expect to buy into Scientology -- funnyman Jerry Seinfeld -- says that the kooky "religion" actually helped give his career a boost.

He tells Parade magazine that he "last really studied" Scientology 30 years ago, and was introduced by his Auto Mechanics teacher in high school. "I took a couple courses. One of them was in communication, and I learned some things about communication that really got my act going," says the Sein-entologist. He hints that it all has something to do with vocal volume.

We're still waiting for the punchline here.

"Harry Potter's" Rowling – Dumbledore Is Gay!

And the bizarre revelations just keep coming -- "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling told an audience last night that the headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, is gay.

A young fan, reports the AP, asked Rowling during a Q&A if Dumbledore ever finds true love. "Dumbledore is gay," answered Rowling, who added that he was "infatuated" with rival Gellert Grindelwald, who as everyone knows died in the battle royale between good and bad wizards.

Dumbledore, said Rowling, was "horribly, terribly let down" and his love was a "great tragedy."

Party Favors: Maher Throws Protester Out of Studio ... No More Skins Money for Cruise

Bill Maher got all thuggish last night during a taping of his show, when a rowdy audience member wouldn't stop yelling about 9/11 being a conspiracy. "Do we have some f***ing security in this building, or do I have to come down there and kick his a**?" yelled Maher. He then helped guards throw the man out. ... Tom Cruise won't be getting any more money from Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, reports FOX News. Cruise and partner Paula Wagner bought out Snyder's share in United Artists.


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I heard Matthew Broderick was in two accidents in Ireland. One is the accident that killed two women, and it was his fault. Yes, he was cleared.

2523 days ago

Hoople, Mott    

The only ass that Maher could kick is a sixth grade girl's. He's relying on his security for backup, like P-Diddy.

2523 days ago


seeing Hef in photos..........his little, thin body and his unappealing face..........a face that I couldn't bear to look at when he was on top of me..............I'd heave to know I let this man think he could make me feel like a woman. Money, honey!!!! PTL....pass the loot!!!
What woman would go to bed with Hef if he was just an average Joe? Not one of his bimbos would give it a thought........ain't ever gonna happen.
Are the mothers of his girls really proud of their daughters? Maybe they are and that's why they have such vapid, arrogant progeny. As they say...........the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

2523 days ago

Hoople, Mott    

Here's what Wikipedia says. I assume the entry has been heavily edited by Broderick's PR:

In 1987, Broderick was involved in a multi-car collision while driving in Ireland with [Jennifer] Grey (his fiancée at the time). The collision killed a woman and her daughter. Broderick (who fractured his leg and a rib) was cleared of all charges but paid a fee of $175 to the victims' family. Drinking was not involved in the crash. Martin Doherty, the elder victim's son, was quoted by Bill Hoffman in 2002 saying "I would like to reassure him that there are no bad feelings from us."

2523 days ago


Scientology made him funny ,now thats hilarious if ya ask me !!!

2523 days ago

Hoople, Mott    

From 16 September 2002. Movie star Matthew Broderick is planning an agonizing trip back to Ireland to visit the family of the mother and daughter he accidentally killed in a car crash 15 years ago. The actor, 40, hopes the meeting with the family of Anna Gallagher, 30, and Margaret Doherty, 63, will help him ditch the guilt that has been dogging him ever since the tragedy in Northern Ireland in 1987 . . . Broderick was holidaying with his then-girlfriend Jennifer Grey, of Dirty Dancing fame, when his rented BMW slammed into the car Anna Gallagher was driving, instantly killing the driver and her mum, who was a passenger. . . . Broderick spent a month in a Belfast, Northern Ireland hospital after the crash with a fractured leg and ribs and a collapsed lung. He was initially charged with causing death by dangerous driving, which carried a prison sentence, but he was eventually found guilty of careless driving and fined.

2523 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Dumbledore is gay and deserves it.


2523 days ago

He's Boring now    

Yo Maher---hows that case of your ex gf flight attendant going? You know the one where she says during sex you would call her the N word and abuse and humiliate her because she is Black?

You suddenly grow silent when the focus is on you for your own escapades...but are such a tough guy when an audience member yells things back at you. And oh so very tough when taking on anything that has Republican in front of it. How easy for you. I cant wait until the Democrats finally winback the White House and you pull the same shtick on them too. For if you didnt and suddenly got all supportive of your country and its leaders, I guess you wouldnt than have a show.

Your act is growing tiresome, and your retorts and lines could almost be scripted they are so uncreative.

Now get back to abusing women in the bedroom you pathetic little excuse for a Male.

You ask me you're ready for the big one in your butt if you aint already taking it now. You are the Senator Craig of Talk show hosts----still in the closet but soon to be outed.

2523 days ago


Bill Maher's show is one of the best on television! And I'm firmly convinced that he would have kicked that heckler's a** had security not gotten there first. It was annoying but actually made for great live TV. Also, good interviews w/ J. Edwards and the really funny (who would have thought?) Gary Kasparov. If you've never watched "Real Time" you're missing out.

2523 days ago


Jerry Sienfield was never FUNNY, However: the cast around him was the BEST!!

2523 days ago


JK Rowling - you are a disgrace! What a load of horse manure... Dumbledore is gay - how lovely.

2523 days ago

He's Boring now    

SeinfeldS ---both of them---go away.

Go decide which of the 28 mercedes you will drive today. I cant believe Oprah is pushing this broads book---the Seinfelds are not known for their Charitable Giving---Jerry wants it all for himself and his multitude of toys. I thought Oprah would help those who need help, or those already helping others. That Mrs. Seinfeld show was a complete Thyroid disorder at play.

Go away, both of you, and live off the rerun money, which last year was what, 60 million?

Try doing something nice with all that money others so graciously gave to you. 28 cars is a bit much dont you think Mr and Mrs Seinfeld?


2523 days ago

He's Boring now    

If everyone was like Maher here would be the New Rules he is always so quick to make at the end of his show:

New Rule---Radical Islamic Muslims will be welcome here and will cut your throats for being gay, christian, american, republican or for just being

New Rule---No one would ever serve their Country because, well that is left up to the next guy so I can act and speak this way

New Rule--No God, Teacher, Leader, Boss, President or Parent should be believed because all in Charge are Evil or dont really exist

New Rule--Wouldnt the Country be so much better off with everyone acting, talking, and thinking like Bill Maher? That way none of us would have to do anything or take responsibilty for anything and just criticize anyone who dare does.

New Rule---put a mustache on him, and goose step to his "anything goes" and we have the Hitler of the new Millenium, only in a different kind of way.

Blow it out your dildo reamed ass Maher---I hope there are more interruptions to your future shows with the kind of crowd that you appeal to the most---those with little to no regard for anyone elses point of view that is different than their own---kinda like that guy last night huh?

2523 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

So Dumbledore takes it up the anus huh. I am sure all the kids will be happy to know that.

2523 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

So Dumbledore takes it up the anus huh. I am sure all the kids will be happy to know that.

2523 days ago
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