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Oprah African School Worker Suspended

10/20/2007 12:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OprahA dorm matron at Oprah's school for disadvantaged girls in South Africa has been suspended amidst allegations of serious misconduct, the AP is reporting. Winfrey released a statement regarding the issue, saying, "Nothing is more serious or devastating to me than an allegation of misconduct by an adult against any girl at the academy."

CEO John Samuel said on Friday that an internal inquiry had been initiated ''based on one serious claim of misconduct involving a dormitory parent.'' The accused is no longer on campus and details of the incident were not disclosed.

Police said they had been informed of the allegation, but weren't investigating at this stage.


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2559 days ago




Seek help.


2559 days ago


Wow! Somebody at TMZ hates certain TMZ readers or hates Oprah. TMZ has readers comments here doubled-up and all over the place making certain readers look stupid. My two comments I only posted once each, originally at #16 and #18. Harvey - some oversight here, please!

2559 days ago

Allred Tree    

The BIG FAT O has been asking for this and I hope the whole place is investigated for child abuse. She really should get her greedy fat ass off the TV. I can hardly stand to see her face while channel surfing.

Oprah is liar. How many private chefs, trainers and doctors has she had cooking for her, working out with her and examining every inch of her disgusting body and she just now comes up with this "thyroid problem" making all those doctors she has on her show along with the chefs, cooks and trainers look like lying, incompetent fools themselves!

2559 days ago


Just for the record we dont have "campuses" in South Africa. Is there a reason why oprah doesn open a school for poor black kids america or is it that black african children are more of a novelty

2559 days ago


It's curious that she said her thyroid was to fast and now to slow and the doctors could not find out what was wrong with her. A thyroid test is standard and routine in a yearly physical. I have one done every year I'm not buying her story. she has just gained weight and should be real about it. As for the school I wish she would have done this for the children right here in America. Africa has a different culture one she is not used too and knows nothing about that is why there are so many problem at that school.

2559 days ago


Why doesn't O just have her stomach banded like Sharon Osbourne?
She'll never stay thin through dieting alone because the over/under active gland is her MOUTH.

And why the hell did she put a super fancy school into poorest Africa? That's just asking for trouble.
Such schools only thrive in richer countries. Oprah is deluded.

2559 days ago


Jezz why are you guys all hung up?Some of the writers are so ignorant with all these different culture talk.I originally come from Africa and was in a boarding school.Dorm Matrons have to be strict as with all teenagers but some still follow the old authoritarian ways.That maybe the case.Leave O alone.I bet you all jealous that she took an initiative to help poor orphans,while some of you are just sitting on their fat behind getting obese like you all are.

2558 days ago

Allred Tree    

That's right - we saw how Oprah and Gail PIGGED OUT on that road trip of theirs! Ewwww - just totally disgusting the way those two eat and they talk with their mouths full of food! They both need to get some manners. It was so rude of them to crash that wedding on that road trip.

Did Gail get remarried? I thought I heard something not too long ago that she had and that Oprah was extremely jealous and causing a lot of trouble and that those two had a big fight over Oprah's jealousy.

2557 days ago

Janet Hill    

I don't know what really happened but I will say this. I am a 64 year old female mother of 5 and grandmother of 10 and things have changed sooo much since I was young. The laws are so crazy now. The "dorm matron" probably huged the child or lovingly swatted her on the butt or something. Wow ! what a pervert ? The laws have gotten so strange that they have lost credibility to me and many others. I feel sorry for this world. We have lost our way.

2555 days ago

Think People!    

I can't believe the ridiculous comments from most of you! What Oprah has done with this school is amazing! I wish I had the money to do something like this myself. She has a huge heart and truly wants the best for these girls. The rules of her school are about the same as any other boarding school around the world. The rules are to protect the girls and give them a new environment that will help them reach their potential. How on earth can you criticize her for giving them healthy food! It isn’t like she is putting them on a “diet” to loose weight! Evidence shows that children with nutritious meals do better in school. She is trying to give them everything they need to succeed.

GO OPRAH! I know that you will take action to make sure this situation is resolved. I hope people remember that, unfortunately, things like this happen everywhere, everyday. The overall picture is that this school still provides more safety and opportunity than where these girls were before. One incident, while tragic in its own right, shouldn’t take away from the overall goal of helping these girls.

And people… get over the thyroid remarks! I have also recently been diagnosed with something that should have been easily found over 10 years ago. Instead, focus on the big picture! No one is perfect, but Oprah’s accomplishments are in another stratosphere. She has overcome many obstacles in her own life and has achieved more than most of us will ever do in our lifetimes. What a wonderful world this would be if more of us stayed positive and focused our energy on something worthwhile!

2554 days ago


I lived in Africa for 24 years. Here are some points:

1. My guess is the graduates will work more with private industry where they can make more money. IBM? Ford? Coke/Pepsi? Cosmetics? Why work with the government?

2. Elite students -- posted to government ministries -- are often discriminated against when they return from advanced academic training abroad. The discrimination comes from in house employees who didn't go abroad and feel these uppity people must be put in their place. This will be especially true since O's students are being groomed as leaders. But leaders must be accepted by the led.

3. And of course the $40 million could have been spread around, helped many more kids, and created model schools that could be replicated locally.

4. The place is run like a reform school and runs counter to African culture and human nature. Kids in boarding schools desperately need email, cell phone, and personal contact w/ relatives and friends outside of school. My daughter went to a boarding school. No way I would have accpted one visit a month. No parent would have.

2554 days ago


One more point. Africa is littered with the archaeological remains of failed projects funded by do gooders who failed to consult with local communities on THEIR needs and dreams.
Imagine how many villages could have clean water -- and people trained to maintain the simple hand pumps -- for $40 million?

The Norwegians provided motorized boats and processing plants to support Tanzanian fishermen. Failed. American Masai Range Project. Failed. British Ground Nut Scheme. Failed. All failed due to not consulting local communities.

There are many successes, but most work directly with local communities. Don't forget training means absolutely nothing if the trainees do nothing with their training. Or if they don't have the resources to apply their training. A health worker is nearly useless without medicines, a small dispensary, or transportation.

New York City is filled with African taxi drivers. Our US hospitals staffed with African doctors and nurses. They are competent -- a Ghanaian did a superb job sewing me up from a fall -- but can't function efficiently in their local African systems.

2554 days ago

Janet Hill    

Everyone should know by now that if you even touch any body on their butt with your little finger by accident ( with their clothes still on) you could be arrested for a sex act and have to gegister for the rest of your life. This world is REALLY crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

2551 days ago

think about this *******    

So much for pointing fingers at the Catholic Church...This
monstrosity happens everywhere, and to whoever...

But now it's not that big a deal since it happened to our "GOD" Oprah..

Yeah right!!
You are sad...
We know!!!

The use of the "N" word is prohibited. can only be used by her!!
Can't help anyone but blacks..
I am not a racist, but this is so crystal clear... So much for prejudice!

Oprah, your pedestal will fall...

And by the way, thanks for living with Stedman (NOT) outside of marriage..
You are so full of great examples!!!!!

Let's not forget where the money you have came from... From interviewing prostitutes, drug addicts, incarcerated people, etc....
Thank GOD you stopped after you realized people were literally killing to be on your show..

What you people see in these celebrities, I do not know....

2550 days ago
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