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Photo Proves It: Britney with Her Kids

10/21/2007 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears did indeed have her kids with her yesterday afternoon. An unidentified woman can be seen sitting in the passenger seat -- a court-appointed monitor, perhaps?

The photo, not surprisingly, was taken outside of a Starbucks.


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If that woman is the court appointed monitor, she needs a lesson in child seat safety. One of Britney's boys is not belted securely into his carseat!

2522 days ago


Thank God someone else gets this (Gimme a break) She's still doing what Britney wants not what those boys need. You made some great points about other celebrity moms..I'd add Heidi Klum and Brooke Shields as well. All are famous and still seem to be great moms. They are still photographed with their kids but how many times are they NOT doing kid things? Never because they have a clue on how to be a good mom. Brooke Shields was also a child star but when she had kids she put that part of her life first.If and when Britney finally actually listens to the parenting coach she might learn too. I'm not holding my breath though. I see those boys growing up with their dad.

2522 days ago

joe blow    

Which one is Brit and which one is the moniter? They both look as if they have been ridden hard and put away wet to many times

2522 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Daffy Duck, once again, at Starbucks.

2522 days ago


I have a solution: I think if we all chipped in a $1 or so we could buy Brit a coffee pot and, of course, a supply of Starbucks coffee. That way she can drink her coffee right in her very own kitchen and watch the little ones write on the walls or whatever it is they do in that godforsaken house. The kids will be safe and so will we! Ok? Thanks ya'll.

2522 days ago


#16: Jane, the reason she isn't playing with her kids at home or in her backyard is because she'd have to have the court-appointed monitor watch her DO something to interact with her kids in a parental way...and my opinion is that she doesn't have a CLUE how to play with her kids. So she takes the easy way out...let's go here, let's go there, let's go back here...put them in the car, take them out of the car, walk with them, buy them something, back in the car...until time elapses and her visitation time is over.

I really don't think the girl has a clue how to be a mother. She just knows how to be their chauffeur.

2522 days ago


You would think that a court appointed parental monitor would be able to show Britney how to buckle her children in properly. That black clip on the carseat is supposed to be at the armpit of the child. If she got into an accident, those poor kids might not fair too well. Seriosly, it's not hard, it is right there in the manual!

2522 days ago

Lenn K.    

The people who say give Brit a break don't understand there are other young mom who don't act like this. Also, everyone right about the Starbucks run every damn day which is soooo totally unneccessary but to get attention. Britney Spears is at a crossroad in her young life and the decisions she makes from here on out will not only affect her but her kids as well because they will start to know what's really going on. The career is one thing, the family is another and that comes first, because if you look around Hollywood at the families that put their careers first you can see the results, Ryan O'Neill is a perfect example!!!

2522 days ago

Blah blah blah    


I don't hate Britney, I don't know her, as I am sure you don't either. It is her total disregard for her childrens happiness I find dispicable. If she would listen in parenting class, she could learn some important ways to care for her children, entertain them and protect them. I'm sure the boys would rather go to the park, play outside at home, be read to or simple have mommy sit down and hold them, after all they don't get to see her that often. Starbucks will be there later in the day for her to visit. For once I would love to see her put her children before herself.

2522 days ago


In this photo Sean Preston is not properly restrained in his car seat. The bar that you see in the middle of his chest is connected but needs to be pulled up closer to his face, otherwise, in the force of a crash he would be ejected through the top of the car seat. There is to much free space in the straps between his chin and where the bar connects.

2522 days ago


Ryan O'Neill has a career? Wow!

2522 days ago


Why the hell doesn't she just get a freaking driver??? She's rich enough to pay for someone to drive her stupid @ss around and not deal with the possibility of losing her kids for driving like an idiot. I thought she had a suspended license??? wtf...

2522 days ago


She doesn't even have the kid's car seat strap on right...duh! The chest clip is supposed to be at the armpit...not the kid's stomach. she may as well not even use a car seat. MORON!

2522 days ago


Just an observation...

Britney's son seen in the picture is not buckled in his seat properly. The pads should be up to protect his neck from the straps and the center latch should be up around his chest area, not at his abdomen.

Come on! How many times does she have to drop the ball concerning the safety of her children until someone just says enough! Her children should be her number one priority and if she can't handle that, then she should just concede her parental rights. It takes a bigger person to admit that they can't do something than to fake their way through it at the expense of innocent children.

2522 days ago


No one has mentioned the pumpkins on the dashboard, or the shoes dangling from the rear view mirror - unless the vehicle code has changed they're considered a distraction and you can and SHOULD be cited for having them

2522 days ago
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