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Report: Britney Seen With Kids

10/21/2007 10:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsPEOPLE magazine is reporting that Britney Spears was seen driving around Studio City yesterday with her two young children. PEOPLE says visitation rights have been regained, however, TMZ cannot confirm that a hearing took place that restored Brit's rights.

The mag says that Britney was driving with "a presumed court-appointed monitor" -- but no one knows who the woman was for certain. No paparazzi agency (or even yours truly) spotted Britney with the kids yesterday.

A court order issued last week stripped Britney of visitation rights because she failed to provide the drug testing people with contact information so they could reach her to facilitate the random tests.

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She's a skank and a moron, that has nothing to do with being bi-polar, she's nothing to get excited over either, she looks like a man in drag, and even some of them are better looking! She gives trainwrecks a bad name, she makes Courtnet Love look human!

2561 days ago


WONDERFUL FOR HER!!! It is really hard to go through what she has...Ask any single mother and she has the added pressure of having all us watching her ever move.

2561 days ago


I've said it before and I will say it again, can we please stop reporting on Britney's getting coffee, gas and other stupid daily activities, how many cups of coffee do you have a day? right I DRINK TEA MYSELF. not herbal just regular Lipton tea with two Sweet N Lows. See who cares. Lets hear some more about Lindsay.

2560 days ago


She doesn't deserve her kids. Someone please explain to me why she wears all the stupid looking hats. She looks ridiculous all the time and the hats only make it worse. She has all this money to blow on junk, and she can't find a decent hairdresser who can put a weave in her hair, or style her own hair. Her hair has to be grown out alot by now. No one should buy this album she has coming out. All you are doing is supporting her so she can continue to do all the stupid things she does. If people stop buying anything with her name on it, her money will stop coming in and she will have to make some adjustments before she goes broke. When the money starts drying up, watch to see how many of her "supporters" start jumping off the bandwagon real fast.

2559 days ago


#28, I have never seen anywhere that there was a "DIAGNOSIS" of bipolar disease, just more speculation. Look, if this girl is diagnosed with a disease of mental illness, than she should get help and be on some sort of medication. If she has been diagnosed and isn't taking medication to treat the disease she is a danger to herself, others, and most importantly...HER 2 SONS! Obviously, most of the people who write on these boards and feel sorry for her are young, very young. Wake up, this is a girl in need of help. If her parents are not going to step in and petition the court to become her legal guardians and take control of her life and children, then someone else should. Her record label is just worried about lining their pockets as are all the other "yes" people she has in her life. She is an exhibitionist, as exhibited by her behavior of not wearing any underwear, and so self absorbed it is disgusting. She dresses like a tramp, and those ridiculous hats she wears. This is a girl in deep trouble, and I do not think it was all brought on by the marriage with KFed, because she was on a downward spiral when she met him. She is following the lifestyle of the 60's rocker, sex and rock and roll. It appears that sex, drugs, alcohol and partying are all she cares about. Her priority right now should be to get her life straightened out and if that means not having her children she should be willing to do that now. Let someone have them who can provide stability and safety in their lives until she is well enough to do it.

2559 days ago
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