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Britney Gets Her Kids Back ... For Now

10/22/2007 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned Britney Spears has regained visitation rights with her children.

Her lawyer Anne Kiley says the pop tart is allowed to visit her two sons, but she would not elaborate on exactly what that visitation would entail.

As TMZ first reported, Los Angeles County Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon issued the order, stating "Petitioner's [Britney's] visitation with the minor children is suspended pending Petitioner's compliance with the court orders." Britney was seen driving with her kids over the weekend.

Another custody hearing is scheduled for Friday.


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apparently TMZ is not over this un newsworthy trash.

its OLD!!!! get over it and move on

2505 days ago


Not a racist-obviously, dummy-remember I'm Black and Spears/Hilton are white. Race has nothing to do with it.

2505 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

What is the story with kedex being in NC? Didn't hear that - what is that all about?

2505 days ago

DA's leak    

You're just saying you're black to further your own narrow minded (and ass) agenda.

Its not my fault you have the ass of a ten year old schoolboy.

2505 days ago


Please Wendy #87. He needs to be a man and get a job and stop using those kids for "child support" so he can live well...

2505 days ago


Just another play-date for Brit-Brat. Also, that parenting coach looks none too thrilled to be riding with her!

2505 days ago


Tippy - I'm in agreement with you with those lame Kim K. ads. I didn't think your comments were racist in the least. I'm almost over coming to TMZ if this is the type of advertisement they're going to stoop to - in your face advertisement. I'm not impressed either!

2505 days ago


Oh please, for those of you who feel sorry for her because of all the 'scrutiny' she is under, well, duhhhh, if she STAYED HOME for a change rather than have this sick desire to dominate the gossip news, she would not be scrutinized, now would she? She uses those children not like a LOVING MOTHER but like she used her little dogs, as an accessory, otherwise, she would stay home and be a MOTHER to them rather than drive them all over the city in her car--she does not need lattes, she does not need to suntan, she does not need to shop till she drops or stay at hotels, especially when she has her kids, she DOES need to be a mom! She is worthless, just rich trailer trash like her parents...and k-fed is no better, those children only stand a chance if they are taken completely away from these zeros and raised by another FAMILY who is going to be good parents to them, not these trailer trash people.

2505 days ago


I'm beginning to wonder whether or not Britney intentionally lost custody of her kids in order to be free to party and live the single life. And, whether or not K-Fed only wanted them for the money. Either way, these kids appear to have two losers for parents.

2505 days ago


Everyone do me a favor-just on GP. Don't go to this jerks (#96) website or buy anything from him,please. He must not know how to read-he's off subject. And trying to advertise for free. Cheapskate jerk.

Ima bitch-Agreed! And... that parenting coach lady looks down right scary!!

2505 days ago


Suppose our cries were heard and that awful Kardash floatie has been removed? I do hope so.
Don't mind some adds, pays the bills I get it. But that was a really bad PR move, sick.
On topic:
Maybe K-fed lawyers told the judge to ease up now, Kevin may be getting tired of having to stay out of the bars and be a full time parent.
The press would have tore him up if he went out at all lol.

2505 days ago


And let me ask you... everyone....WHO taught Britney how to raise kids?? Where was her guidance? Her role model?? People aren't ducks, you know. Raising children in this complex society takes a lot of training and practice. People need help, she was all alone until her sister came out last week.

2505 days ago


Why should anyone teach her? I raised my daughter alone since she was born. There are books...she's had nannies and she surely has the money to buy/hire any resources she could possibly need. The fact that Sean is now 2 and she still doesn't seem to have a clue is very telling isn't it? If she wanted to she would have learned by now wouldn't she? She has no excuse and the judge knows that. He's not buying her BS and he isn't going to let himself be cowed by her celebrity. She will do what he says or there will be consequences. Be interesting how many times she'll push it until she gets it through her head she isn't in charge and the judge is.

2505 days ago


I for one know first hand that motherly instinct kicked in real quick when I took my son home from the hospital (20 years ago) - I thought it was a natural experience. Obviously when you're brought up SPOILED ROTTEN - this is not the case! So sad.

2505 days ago


I agree with the pop up posters, just give that girl a star on the walk of fame, a grammy, an emmy & a nobel peace prize already so she'll get the validation daddy never gave her and fade away.

I'm sure she's completely sore from returning all the FAVORS for press anyway.

2505 days ago
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