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Britney Gets Her Kids Back ... For Now

10/22/2007 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned Britney Spears has regained visitation rights with her children.

Her lawyer Anne Kiley says the pop tart is allowed to visit her two sons, but she would not elaborate on exactly what that visitation would entail.

As TMZ first reported, Los Angeles County Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon issued the order, stating "Petitioner's [Britney's] visitation with the minor children is suspended pending Petitioner's compliance with the court orders." Britney was seen driving with her kids over the weekend.

Another custody hearing is scheduled for Friday.


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Making mistakes with your own life is one thing, and is nobodies business. However, this is totally different because kids are involved. The kids have no choice of who their mother and father is. The courts need to make a decision once and for all as to who is getting primary custody of these kids. If the court for whatever reason is unable to make a determination of who should have primary custody of these kids, then the kids need to be put into a foster home until a decision is made. Ping Ponging these kids back and fourth is doing no one any good, least of all the kids.

2524 days ago


well at least she got her kids back. Having problems in life is hard and I know first hand. I just forgave my bf for sleeping with my male best friend and wrote a blog on the dangers of alcohol.

I am just glad she was able to get her kin back. Britney is to pretty to have a sad life.

Love you guys,


2524 days ago


I noticed the paps said something mean about K-Fed and she wouldn't say anything I think everyone should leave her alone.

2524 days ago


Hell you never know the monitor could have told her to stay home she must not mind riding, I have 2 sons kids that age love to go for rides besides it's very very beautiful in California SO I don't blame her for coming out a few minutes a day, There are 24 hours in a day we only see her out for a little while, Who wants to sit at home alone all the time thats not fair to expect that. Further more I've never seen her kids look dirty so how can you assume by her look that she's dirty, if she was the inside of her car would be nasty. I'm 39 now but at 25 all I ate was fast food alot of young people do You grow out of it... Personally I don't think Britney Spears is on drugs the judge could have told her she couldn't see her kids until she conpleted rehab but he did not. She's never had a DUI or drug procession think about it, You only know what the tabloids say and there job is to sell stories not facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2524 days ago

Lenn K.    

Thank God, I though TMZ forgot to tell us about Britney. All those other names on the left hand side don't reallly count. It's all Britney all the time!!

2524 days ago


is any body having problems with these popups and not being able to close these videos? Plus, articles over lapping

2524 days ago


She should just go to GASJOE.COM & Save on gas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2524 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

The on-again, off-again about the kids is boring, kinda like a snow day when the radio station announces a delayed opening for the Rinky Dink Pre-School and the Little Sunbeams Day Care.

2524 days ago


darinda the judge labeled her a constant and habitual drug was around the time she lost do the math. ..also go and read the orders from the says they cannot talk bad about each other. I think the paps were testing her to see if she was dumb enough to do it on she ran over someone's foot and drove she hit another car and drove away. It's nice to be a fan but don't let it make you stupid...even stars make mistakes ..and break the law. By defending their actions you make yourself out to be an idiot. You can see they're not perfect and still be a fan. Their fame is no excuse let them get away with things and surely not whan it has consequences for two innocent boys.

2524 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Ohhhh! Nicely said 'wendy'! Concise and fair. Cool!

2524 days ago

Blah blah blah    

She didn't get them back, she gets to visit with them. There is a huge difference. One I'm sure she is willing to settle for.

2524 days ago


great, more britney... i have missed her so....

2524 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

Hallelujah RasputinsLiver! I second your words:

Real men aren't interested in the whole"Little Girl" bald hooha look. Adult men who like women like them to look like ADULT females, not pre-pubescent children. Real ADULT men are not pedophiles looking for adult women to play act at being little girls. A little trimming is one thing. But the bald look is really creepy and weird.

2524 days ago


I can't believe the commenter 'Craig _Amabello'--obviously has no children or is out of touch with reality. Britney's previous lawyer quit for obvious reasons--now we have Anne Kiley who is jumping through all the hoops that Britney has laid out for her. I fear for the two toddler boys, as she hasn't had any re-hab and it is not clear if a parenting coach is with her during visitation. Britney is planning a tour and has been unavailable twice to the courts and the Kevin Federline entourage by phone. I really don't think she gives a ____ about her two boys---why not just let Kevin have full custody and her Mom Lynne fill in?

2524 days ago


Coming up next on your minute by minute Britney Spears coverage.
Britney queefs (p*ssy fart) and burps at the same time, while taking a dump and drinking a vente starschmucks latte!
But seriously, for all you people sick of hearing about her, don't you have a mouse? and a set of eyes? can't you just scroll past the britney stories? but then, to come and actually leave a COMMENT saying your sick of her? if your so sick of her WHY waste your time posting?????

2524 days ago
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