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Copperfield's Cash - Not Disappearing

10/22/2007 9:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Copperfield might specialize in making stuff disappear into thin air, but one thing that hasn't gone poof: $2 million of the magician's money.

The FBI says that reports that it took $2 mil of Copperfield's money from a safe in a Las Vegas warehouse are false. "No currency was seized during our investigating activity in Las Vegas," says Seattle FBI Special Agent Robbie Burroughs.

Officially, the FBI hasn't confirmed that the magic man is the target of an investigation, and TMZ confirmed last week that reports that he was going to be meeting with the Feds today were also untrue.

Sarah Jessica's Messy "Sex" Marriage

Remember all those pictures floating around of Sarah Jessica Parker's character getting married on the "Sex and the City" movie set? Looks like they'll be giving it yet another ol' college try.

Gatecrasher reports that the wedding set piece "is turning into a mess," and now most of it will have to be reshot, and that so far, "the team isn't thrilled with the material they have." The new scenes will be shot at the New York Public Library in Bryant Park.

As for what's going on on-set, the actresses are showing up to work in the same order every day -- SJP, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, and last, Kim Cattrall.

Party Favors: Janet's Man Calls JT "Skinny White Kid" ... "Prison Break's" Purcell Splits from Wife

Janet Jackson's longtime guy, Jermaine Dupri, is apparently still miffed that Justin Timberlake didn't stick up for Miss Jackson after that Super Bowl thing. In his autobiography, as Page Six reports, Dupri says JT is "talented" but is "very ordinary looking" and "doesn't look like a star." ... "Prison Break" star Dominic Purcell (he's the brother) has separated from his wife, Rebecca Williamson, reports People. The pair have four kids together.


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Lenn K.    

Now if Justin called Janet a big ass black gal all hell would breakout. Jermaine, just shut the hell up with your short-ass self. It's been over and her career will never be the same no matter what. She was only just average in the first place. SJP is just not pretty, period.

2557 days ago


SJP- try a wedding dress that fits- not the last atrocity that was 3 sizes too big in the breasticuses area.

2557 days ago


I would love to see if Al Sharpton attacks on this one. Because you know if it was Justin that said something all hell would break loose.

2557 days ago

Dawn Day    

That Jermaine needs to know that part of JT's appeal is that he is average looking. He doesn't have to have everything fixed, nipped and enhanced in order to be a STAR! And he is a STAR with more of a following than Ms. Jackson. So Boo!

2557 days ago


What is wrong with Copperfield in that picture? His eyes are creeping me out!

2557 days ago


Maybe JT is "very ordinary looking" but he still banged your woman Jermaine! Janet has 0 talent and always has. She can't sing to save her life and she only became famous by riding her child molesting brother's coattails.

2557 days ago


jermaine dupri is ugly, he looks like a bug, def not a star, and the only reason he is even still in the media is because of Janet..why in the heck would justin take up for janet's wardrobe malfunction ? the whole thing was her idea, she tried to push the envelope and it backfired, and she really does need to lay off the plastic surgery, she is starting to look like Michael.

2557 days ago


jermaine dupri made 9 million before he was you think he, or any other multi-millionaire, really gives a rats ass about the insignificant rants of so tmz addicted losers...this site is not a substitute for for help people, before you shoot up a school or rape a baby.....

2557 days ago


I agree with J.D.. Timberlake is talented. We all know why the women flock around him. He is talented, and rich. After the Mickey Mouse face wears off he will probably be decent looking, too.

2557 days ago

Lenn K.    

#8 It doesn't matter how much money this dwarf made he's still insecure and can't figure out why someone should cover for gal. She did the deed and she should get the blame. You are the one most likely to shoot up a pizza joint to hit a rival thug like yourself.

2557 days ago


Stop spoiling the god damned movie! What's wrong with you people!

2557 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

The August, 2006 issue of Expo Say says, "Now Justin has admitted that he got an easy ride compared to Janet in the wake of the controversial incident."

According to JT, "If you consider it as 50/50, I probably got 10 per cent of the blame-and that says something about society," he said.

"I think America's harsher on women and I think it's unfairly harsh on ethnic people." He added, "I didn't handle it the best way I could have but you get your bumps and bruises from it and you learn."

So you see, this is BS, JT admits he didn't handle it well at the time, but he has tried to make amends. BTW, I like them both, and am not taking any one side over the other.

2557 days ago


I love SJP, but God almighty, that wedding ensemble is the most hideous thing I've ever seen. She looks like the Bride of Frankenstein in it. Ick.

2557 days ago

Street racers are ass holes    

It looks like he has X-ray vision. I bet he used his X-Ray vision on some 17 year old girl and then made her under pants disappear.

2557 days ago


I certainly hope the woman accuser of the alleged rape by Copperfield can be proven and not just a ploy for money. Either way, his reputation has been damaged. As for Justin Timberlake sticking up for Janet--well, he didn't help encourage Britney after her disaster of a choreography performance at the VMA Awards TV Show---he only commented on 'it has been years since I have seen her'--thats the total of his lame comments. On the other hand what is Dupri trying to accomplish by digging up the obvious attention seeking behavior of Janet--that was no accident--sure helped her sell more music.

2557 days ago
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