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Heidi Montag on the Cheap

10/22/2007 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usually, the sight of a bikini-clad sexy blonde writhing around in the wet sand is hot. Somehow, Heidi Montag makes it ... hilarious.

Heidi and her unlovable boyfriend, Spencer Pratt, filmed her new music video last week -- with Spencer as sole cameraman to save money -- and it was appropriately cheesy! Our favorite is the boom box. Nice touch Spence.

Montag did some of her signature spastic Mariah Carey-wannabe hand movements -- while dancing around on a jetty -- a lone fisherman completely ignoring them as they filmed. You'll have to wait your turn to be oblivious.


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Are you kidding me??? This is a complete joke!! The girl can't even lip sing correctly to her OWN lip synched song! What's with the flailing of her bony ass arms? She looks like a retard with absolutely NOOOOOOOO sex appeal. Her chin sticks out a mile, and she can't keep her mouth closed for the life of her. Horse head & Garbage Pail Kid.

These pathetic excuses for human beings need to get picked up by the short bus already, and leave the poor fisherman alone! The guy probably had nightmares for days. I know I will now. Thanks TMZ.

2521 days ago


what with the arms is she havin a haert atack or what ????????
Give up now Heidi before you embarrass yourself even further!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2521 days ago


Lol, I really needed a good laugh today. These two make looking like a fool easy. hahahahahahahahahahh

I love the fisherman ignoring the entire video hahahahahahahah

2521 days ago


Come on TMZ…
Who’s paying who for that video? Are you in cahoots with these morons?

Every time I see them I think of Dorothy Stratten, the former Playmate of the Year who was killed by her maniac boyfriend. I’m afraid this dude won’t be able to handle it if this chick ever came to her senses and left his ass.

2521 days ago


Heidi is a pretty girl and has a hot body. Her boyfriend is a douchebag.


2521 days ago


WTF are they doing ?????????????????????

2521 days ago


OK, just when I think that I honestly have nothing else to say about them, I find more bile that rises about out of the pit of my stomach. I mean seriously..come on Hack Job and Spew you two really think either of you are gonig to make it big some day? Um let me answer it for! No talent, no looks and we all hate you...we enjoy making fun of god we do enjoy that!

2521 days ago


This was almost as funny as that stupid video by that stupid Lisa D chick. No wait, it was probably better because this chicks cheap ass boyfriend thinks that he can actually shoot his own video.....

OMG this was totally entertaining....These two are like the biggest dorks ever!

2521 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Ding dang ya'll, I just found me a backup dancer for my tour!

2521 days ago

Jen from Chicago    

Apparently Spencer is serious on his claims to become a billionaire by age 30. And by whoring out his TALENTLESS, spineless 15 year old girlfriend in this truly spectacular piece of cinematography, I have no doubt this will happen before his 25th birthday! Here's to beating that goal of yours by 5 years, SPENCE!! WHAT A JOKE!

2521 days ago


OMG!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stop laughing.This made my week! I love the title. It's priceless. Keep them coming . We need a laugh despite Southern California burning.

2521 days ago

Desease control    

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2521 days ago


I don't even know what to say! What the hell does she keep doing with her arms! She is sooooo annoying! That song is so bad! Way over produced! They are just ridiculous!

2521 days ago


omg that was so funny and embarrassing at the same time.. like, i felt uncomfortable watching that. Spencer needs to tell her that those big flailing jazz hand arm movements aren't sexy. bwaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha LC is definitely having the last laugh now

2521 days ago


Who is Spenser's parents?? (Or Grandparents)?? He "supposedly" was Brody Jenner's friend from when they were kids (& That kid grew up in a very nice area of Malibu w/ mommy & daddy #2) soooo, who is Spensers meal ticket? Why else is the industry "allowing" this cr*P head to exist..? Its totally an inside job. Sooo...who can answer the question - Who is Spenser/s family connection?

2521 days ago
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