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The Real Story Behind Britney's Visitation

10/22/2007 12:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has the same visitation rights she had before ticking off the judge last week.

As we first reported, Brit's visitation was suspended after L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon learned the drug testing people couldn't contact her for the random drug tests. What has not yet been made public is that Britney's visitation was automatically reinstated when she could show proof she had a phone that would make her reachable.

Brit's peeps submitted documentation of the phone, and her visitation is the same as before; regular day visits and one overnight a week.

That could all change on Friday, when Spears and K-Fed are due in court. Sources say Spears will probably ask that the 50/50 physical custody be reinstated. We know K-Fed had been pressing for 70/30, but he still could try and draw a harder line.


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Please, enough already! I'm sick of this untalented twit and her daily going ons. Who cares? She was never that great of a singer and used skimpy outfits to make herself popular. She's just another version of Paris Hilton.

2525 days ago


Uh , gee, Britney, why are you so shy about revealing a phone number (get a pre-paid and throw it out later)to the court-appointed babysitter? You've shown yourself to be quite the whore, publicity and otherwise....what's the problem with a phone number? (Skype, Yahoo....hello!)

2525 days ago



Twitney be plumped. And her kids be hangin' on again for dear life as she cruises the by-ways and highways of La La Land.

2525 days ago



2525 days ago


As I wrote late yesterday, Britney is badgered so much by the paps, 24/7, that nothing about her story interests me any more, at all! have you heard anything about Dean Jones or Tiffany-Amber Thiessen lately, TMZ?

2525 days ago


Brit seems to be doing a lot better lately. I think she deserves a little more time with her boys. Give her a little credit.

2525 days ago


t-shirt, #4...

maybe I can help ya, at least with regards Dean. It was hard but using the musculature my body is equiped with I used a number of my digits on my hands, pressed some keys on the keyboard and went to a website called....wait for it....GOOGLE.

Try this:

2525 days ago


Twitney is Unfit-ney Y'all .

2525 days ago


the only ones i feel sorry for is those boys!!!!!!! when i had my kids they were my life.... i would have given my life for theirs...children is a gift from God...not something to show off and say look at me...i was 17 when i had my first child and 19 when i had my second one...i grew up by choice....she needs to too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2525 days ago


Britney should have limited, supervised visitation. She hasn't grown or learned anything in the three weeks since losing custody. She is still a trainwreck. Taking the kids out over the weekend for Starbuck's runs, etc., is not responsible parenting. Little Jayden is terrfied of the paparazzi.

2525 days ago


Yea right, K-Fed wants 30/70 relating to the billions. Why the hell don't you follow K-Fed around. Do you even realize that it is Britney that is paying for all of this? She pays your salaries, his support, his lawyer, all of the nannies, in both homes. She pays it all. For God's sake, wake-up TMZ, we are interested in seeing with gold digger K-Fed is up to. Is he supporting his other children?

2525 days ago


Of course she has a phone - but there is no guarantee she is going to answer it

2525 days ago


BRIT !! KEV !! GET IT STRAIGHT AND GROW UP you infants. your kids are your life forever, start acting like parents and adults. and Kevin you are SOOOOOOOO not better than Britney. Get a life and go away you loser

2525 days ago

Really now    

Its full time thae Britney Spears gets an attorney to file some lawsuits against several of these gossip sites and television shows that continue to malign her. This is just wrong

2525 days ago


She looks horrible. She needs to stay home and enjoy every minute with those precious little boys. . . they grow up so fast. When she does get the boys why does she find it necessary to strap them in her convertible and start driving!!!!
If she must have Starbucks send her assistant for it . . .stay home Brit!
Don't you realize if you stay home (go into hiding) that you will get alot more attention, make everyone wonder what happened to the "Brit". You are in such bad shape physically too . . . you need to leave Starbucks, Taco Tico, McDonald's etc. alone. . .look at some of your old photos . . boy have you gone downhill on a sled.

2525 days ago
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