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Brit in Distress, Back in Hotel Hiding

10/23/2007 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A blue-eyed Britney Spears hit yet another photographer with her car yesterday -- and the incident left Spears an apologizing, nervous wreck.

Cameras caught Spears on her way out of Beverly Connection on Monday, where she accidentally ran into a pap with her Benz. Though the photog kept saying it was his fault, Spears repeatedly apologized, at one point looking as if she were about to cry. Of course, she could still have pink eye.

Spears then took refuge at at the Beverly Wilshire hotel with her latest assistant.


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Maybe people should back up so she can drive. You wanna get your pictures that's great, but when people are in a car, if your in the way, you deserve to get hit.

2564 days ago


I am in no way a fan of Britney, even less so since her whacked out behavior started, but in all seriousness, everywhere she goes she is surroundly claustrophobically by paparazzi. How is she supposed to walk, let alone drive when a mass of people are that close to her with flashes going off to boot?

2564 days ago


#23 - She was really sincere in her apology. Even the Papz kept saying she didn't have to say sorry, it was his fault. By the look @ the tape, she only knicked him, harldy a hit but she kept apologizing. Just stating my opinion.

2564 days ago

Scott Cable    

I am no fan of hers but this is getting way out of control...When she finally does something very serious lke harm herself you will have to look in the mirror every morning knowing the part you played. Find another story to move onto before this has a very sad ending for everyone.

2564 days ago

I have to stop myself    

She was covering bruises from botox. Can't you tell she has had botox now?

2564 days ago


Take a chill pill koo koo. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, you do not like it, don't read the stuff.

2564 days ago

Joe Hammons    

I can't believe all of the love!!! LOL! Girl needs a break from paps and us.

2564 days ago


koo-koo -
Starving for attention much ?
You seem to bash her for wanting the attention - yet YOU are doing the same thing.
HA !

2564 days ago

Wasabi Pea    

Ok - now I'm gonna say it - leave her alone - y'all look like @ssholes.

2564 days ago


nice one koo koo... fitting name... sort of.

I feel no sympathy for these idiotic paps. I don't care if Britney does love the attention, I don't care if the girl wants to "drive in circles to starbucks", hell I probably would if I had the money for it lol. Anyway... for those of you saying "she's a celebrity... she wants to be followed.... she NEEEEEEDS (lol) the attention....SHE wants to be famous" blah blah... like this gives people the right to invade her personal life AND her personal space 24/7? Because it doesn't. If you choose to be a papparazi and invade people's space for money then, accept the consequences... you get too close trying to catch someone living their life (no matter what they are doing)... trying to get a shot of what kind of soda they are drinking...whether or not they are wearing underwear or not... etc....and something happens to you for gettin in the way.... YOUR FAULT!! =)

PS. and she's the crazy one for apologizing???!! You know how many celebs have gone OFF on paps for much less than what Britney has to go through day to day??? OMG SHES SUCH A SPAZ!! WTF!! (that was sarcasm btw)

hilarity... seriously.

2564 days ago


How about BRITNEY GO HOME??? And STAY home. She's seen because she wants to be seen and if the PAP's are TOO STUPID to say away from a MOVING CAR they deserve to get hit. Hey, how about instead of dropping cash for Brit-brit's junk food and crap coffee, invest in a nice zoom lens??

2564 days ago


ohh tmz leave her alone... you guys should make a 5ft rule.... u guys r toooo close

2564 days ago


Get anyway from her car dumb asses

2564 days ago


Just as I said, her lips arent any different then they were 2 weeks ago, the are the same size in this picture, so if she had injections, she had used a craptacular doctor, or as I said, it looked like she was just banged up around the mouth.

2564 days ago


for the love of god leave her alone,someone is going to get hurt I am actually feeling sorry for her I know she has done some crazy things but we don't walk in her shoes everyday and I personally don't think she should have to stay at home either. these paps are going to cause a serious incident and I am not just talking about briteny.

2564 days ago
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