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Parenting Coach to Brit -- I'm Not A Potted Plant!

10/23/2007 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' parenting coach has submitted her report to the court, and it ain't pretty.

Sources say the two-and-a-half page report says Britney totally ignored the coach -- didn't even acknowledge her presence. The coach says she was unable to teach Britney anything, because Spears didn't want to listen.

The report, which was presented to the court yesterday and will be critical in determining if Spears should regain 50/50 custody, concludes that Britney often ignores her kids and lives in her own little world -- that Britney often disappeared and wasn't around the kids or the coach. We're told the coach has said Brit spends a lot of time on the phone and changing clothes.


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i'd do em

2557 days ago


what is she supposed to do cater to the woman?

2557 days ago


Poor Britney. She needs to learn to listen.

2557 days ago


TMZ - why do you keep covering this bitch.

Let her crash and burn already.

2557 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

Who would have ever guessed? Gee, she always looks so normal..... I am SHOCKED, I tell you, SHOCKED!

2557 days ago


why doesnt this surprise me?
i just wish the best for brit.
and for those beautiful kids.

2557 days ago


A parent coach is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard, this is government gone too far ! If I were Britney I woulda push the old hag out of the car while going 80 MPH on the freeway

2557 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

Someone needs to get those kids away from her ASAP. The sooner the better, or they are going to be screwed up for life.

2557 days ago


Now that is nooo surprise to me at ALL!!!

Check out my new site that's up now

2557 days ago


And how does all of this gets leaked to TMZ if the court hasnt gotten the report. This means that the court appointed baby sitter is talking to the media. or someone in that office........SHOULDNT THAT BE INVESTIGATED.!!!!

2557 days ago


How pathetic- just because she is a celebrity doesn't mean she knows everything. People need to stop catering to her and force her to do what she needs to. Thank goodness the parenting coach isn't influenced by her money or celebrity, and gave an honest report for the sake of the kids.

Brit- the whole world doesn't answer to you.

2557 days ago


Where is Britney's Mom?? I feel bad for her. She definitely has issues, don't get me wrong but if she has all these problems why isn't her mom helping her? Her parents were fine while she was younger letting her make them tons of money but they forgot to teach her the qualities she would need to be a productive adult much less a decent parent. We all make mistakes.. most of us are just lucky enough to not have someone follow us around all of the time taking pictures and using our mistakes against us. Britney needs someone who truly cares about her and doesn't have an alterior motive to step in and help her. If the mental breakdown and losing her kids isn't enough to get her mom to really step in and help then what is?

2557 days ago


Now how would TMZ get this info? I too begin to wonder how much of these Britney stories are just made up!

2557 days ago

a guy    

SARA, are you that stupid? The purpose of the monitor is to observe and give advice. She wasn't there to be catered. You are an idiot. Did you not read or can you not comprehend COMMON SENSE?

2557 days ago

Boston Kate    

It seems that B is just much to self-absorbed to be an attentive, caring mother. I'm sure she feels stuck with these precious little boys, but doesn' t want the bad publicity that would follow, if she let them live with their father full-time.

2557 days ago
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