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Colbert Campaign: Big Shtick May Dip Doritos

10/24/2007 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wry TV host Stephen Colbert has launched a faux-ish campaign for the presidency (with Republican airport restroom foot-tapper Larry Craig as his running mate) -- but the joke could backfire if the Feds take corporate campaign contribution laws seriously -- and bar Doritos and others from sponsoring "The Colbert Report." What's the truthiness?!
Stephen Colbert
Amazingly, Colbert is trying to get on the ballot in his home state of South Carolina (as both a Democrat and Republican), he launched a campaign website, and officially announced his candidacy on his show. In a shrewd political move, he appeared with potato-headed Tim Russert on "Meet the Press" this past Sunday.

It's a tricky matter for the Federal Election Commission, as running a real, but fake, but truthy-ish campaign could cause all kinds of tricky corporate sponsorship laws to trip up commercial sponsors and even Comedy Central, unless Colbert admits it's all a joke.


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Kate f: that's what I said. The Repor was good lastnight and now that his show is Colbert Report Campainge 2008 COVERAGE. I laughed for ever. He is showing how you can call the same thing 50 diffrent names and get away with it. He will continue to show how politicians and thier staffs get around so many things. Just by calling it something else. Its funny and it shows how screwed up the process is. Colbert 08'

2524 days ago


Doesn't anyone remember comedian Pat Paulsen's runs for the presidency?
It should be MANDATORY for all comedian's to run,otherwise they should return their comedy card to the Department of Mirth.

2524 days ago


In defense of Colbert... no reason to argue over whether he's just being an ass and degrading the election process. Some people approach politics seriously, some do it with humor, but I think they are all equally concerned about what goes on. The original reason Colbert got so popular was because his whole image is a parody of Bill O'reilly. Colbert makes serious criticism of the right and of O'reilly, but he does it in a humorous way. Maybe only leaft-leaning people who laugh at politics can take him seriously, because he sees things from the same angle as they do. I'm one of them. I get VERY concerned about what goes on in Washington and locally, and its a relief to see some humorous criticism of it, after I watch the real news.

2524 days ago


I completely understand the humor approach he is taking. Just thought it was a bit extreme to say he will run for president but doesn't want to be president. That is just wasting votes. Like it was said above, if he wants to be Perot or Nader, fine. But they had a cause and they actually wanted the job! All those who toot the anti-war horn and sway left should be very worried about this kind of joke. It can steal the votes away from a real qualied candidate. This is going to be another TIGHT election and there just isn't the room for the games. If he stops with South Carolina, then whatever. Funny and rating tactis all in one. HA HA HA! But if he doesn't, then it does become serious. I'm just sayin ...

But, the real topic here, yes, if he doesn't admit it is a joke, he will loose some sponsorship. Thompson had to be taken of reruns of L & O becuase it gave him more TV time then his competitor's and violated election laws ... Period.

2524 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Ed, you are a voice of reason! If not seeing the "hilarity" in this exercise means I have a stick up my dupa...then my stick has a nice red, white and blue flag attached to it. America is a great country and I am sick of the people who want to flush it and its values down the toilet.

2524 days ago


I really don't know who is dumber... The people who actually are going to take this seriously and donate to Colbert's "campaign" and/or vote for him or the ones who think he is making a mockery of out political system and worry about what effect this will have on people. Give me a break.

Comedians, celebrities, and the media are not the ones who make a mockery of politics. Politicians are.

2524 days ago


Considering that Stephen Colbert is as viable as any of the other candidates from any other party, there is going to be some twit who is going to go on ad nauseum on how this is a so called mockery to our precious electoral system. The real news flash is that the mockery took place in 2000 and 2004

2524 days ago


ummm .. i just think he looks like bob saget hahah

2523 days ago
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