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Hayden -- Cellulite or Bad Light?

10/24/2007 5:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the picture that launched a killer argument in the TMZ newsroom this morning -- Hayden Panettiere, cottage cheese-leader?!

Watch the debate unfold in the video below, then vote in our two polls -- and let TMZ know what you think!


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Is pic is Bogus beause this girl si to skinny to have Cellulite

2517 days ago


i doubt this is the first time hayden showed her legs so for cellulite to finally be seen at this point in time is odd even if she does have cellulite she look mad, mad good and that guy is probably gay to even care to show that picture obviously he was looking for dirt because she look so good which is something a homo would do

2514 days ago


wow,,u people are really obessed to see that stars have body fat too,,wow,,da last time i remember they were people 2!!
get sum lives!

2514 days ago

me me me    

Its because of media like this that makes young girls like her develop eating disorders.
PLEASE...its JUST cellulite. Find something better to report on!!

2514 days ago


celluite or not she is so adorable all you peole who knocking her are loser
and a real would enjoy such a cute girl

2514 days ago

Erin Chanel Robertson    

o my gosh ppl get over urselves! hayden looks perfectly fine. that was a BAD PHOTO! i know lots of u ppl dont look half as good as her. and dont b a hater u guys r just mean.

2514 days ago


It looks to me like maybe she was sitting down and has the imprint from the chair on the back of her legs.....that's it. No cellulite!

2514 days ago

leg and butt mam    


2514 days ago


Yes it is cellulite. so what, shes a normal person and she is gorgeous and sexy. The attitude that this is unacceptable is the reason that so many young girls have eating disorders, unless your anorexic or have 0% body fat chances are you have cellulite somewhere.

2514 days ago


Hayden . 18. Real girl. Probably real cellulite.
Even girls with cellulite are sexy. Some people have perfectly flawless skin. Lucky them.
But for the most part people have imperfections. Society needs to stop giving young girls a complex. Hayde looks great...cellullite or not.

2514 days ago

paris hilton    

have you people seen her in a bikini?? she needed lipo at 17. she's gonna be queen of the saddlebags at 25, it won't be pretty. can't you see how she already looks like ellen barkin? and that broad reallllly hit the wall, and hard! little boobs, big hips... it'll only decline.

2514 days ago

Robert Taylor    

I am getting sick of this stuff , You all know that the very word cellulite was invented by plastic surgeons to get women to feel bad and spend thousands of dollars to fix what is not wrong to begin with ..anyone 40 or above grew up thinking women like MM or Raquel Welch were was the nice round but and yes what they now call cellulite that mad them so is computer enhanced images and 100 thousdand dollar surgeys that are making your 10 year old daughters die of anerexia . But you notice the ladies getting the most work have the most booty.. J LO and JLH and yes the heros hottie at the top of the she is too young for me but if i was a few years younger i would be on a plane to hollywood to beg for a walk on just to be in a seen with her

2514 days ago


Everyone has cellulite, unless they have had is surgically removed and then it just comes back again... Yes even the Hollywood stars get cellulite they are not born with some sort of gene that prevents them from getting it and because we are not Hollywood stars we are afflicted with it....come on folks get real!

2514 days ago


who cares its just a tiny bit of celliute u try to tell hayden to use a firming lotion but i bet if she had way more celliute u males wouldnt bag on her. she has pretty face with a slamming body tight trimmed toned don't be hating. if u males seen a cele who has small boobs size 2 6 4 with celliute u wouldnt bag on her reguardless if she were pretty or not. ladies turn the tables on men n see how they feel if they got a pic or add that talked about there size downstairs what women like on a man men always get insecure about there size

2514 days ago

hate tmz    

tmz stick to your best customers -- the black rappers and there crack music

2514 days ago
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