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Hayden -- Cellulite or Bad Light?

10/24/2007 5:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the picture that launched a killer argument in the TMZ newsroom this morning -- Hayden Panettiere, cottage cheese-leader?!

Watch the debate unfold in the video below, then vote in our two polls -- and let TMZ know what you think!


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annie onomos    

Wake up, young people!! Real women and I guess some men(?)
have cellulite. Airbrushing, or PhotoShop, keeps that glossy, studio-perfect look.
Now that anyone, anywhere, can take untouched photos with their camera phone, ohmigod, cellulite! Wrinkles! Pimples!
You have to wake up and smell reality. Once you are over 25, and you find life outside 4-hour stints at the gym, all-night dancing, and you eat the occasional MEAL........cellulite happens. Your best bet is to just keep moving, quit smoking and drinking, drink LOTS of water..........all the BORING advice. No magic pill or cream exists.
Go volunteer and help poor people instead of buying into all this BS.

2499 days ago


You guys at TMZ are ignorant. "Cellulite, and she's only 18!"..guess what buddy...someday when you 'grow up' and realize that there's more to life than a good picture, you're going to learn a few things. (Hopefully). And, the first thing is, you probably had cellulite when you were just a baby. And, that's a far cry from 18! So, what's your excuse? Cellulite is just a fact of life, and to completely erradicate it, you'd have to just about exercise yourself to death. Some people have found that there is more to life than looks alone. I'll bet that you know dozens of people, that you think are truly beautiful, and they have cellulite also. So, who cares?

2499 days ago


Everyone is missing the point here... this chick struck this pose looking to get attention, just like she does when she goes lingerie shopping with the paparazzi in tow. She asked for it, she got it. From the way she struts around thinking she is so gorgeous, I think this couldn't happen to a more humble person, except maybe Heidi Montag. I don't care if it's cellulite or a "bad photo," she deserves to be completely made fun of. Maybe she'll learn she looks like a skank when she bends over for the cameras.

2499 days ago


Has anyone noticed that it looks like marks caused by her car seat? We all get those marks on the back of our legs no matter how thin or obese we are, especially when we wear shorts in the summertime. Men are included in having these as well, even young male reporters!!!!! Mongoose3

2499 days ago


Leave this young lady alone. So what if she has cellulite because guess what people... all women have it to some extent. And as females, we don't need anyone pointing it out.
Its a fact of life so get over it........

2499 days ago


Sorry but a bad picture dos not produce cellulite. You can be thin and still have cellulite. As for the poster that said she is to young for cellulite, we have a country of minors that are over weight. They have cellulite. It is not an age issue it is a weight issue. All she needs to do is work out and tone her legs up. She is still a good looking girl, she just needs to hit the gym.

2498 days ago


It's just the imprint from the seats or something.

2498 days ago


Wow. We all REALLY need a hobby.

2498 days ago


that is cellulite. no doubt about it. but so freaking what? even the healthiest, skinniest people have it! and, fyi, it does start young. its a common misconception that you have to be 30 and a mother! im 15 and generally healthy, thin, and in good shape, and i have cellulite on the backs of my thighs too. it just means that you arent always working that part of your body. she is an actress, not a sprinter!

2497 days ago



2496 days ago


The only reason everyone thinks all celebrities have amazing, cellulite-free bodies is because they are all AIRBRUSHED in the first place! And whenever pictures of their normal, makeup-less bodies are revealed, everyone freaks out. We're all at fault for placing them on a pedestal in the first place, but celebrities need to realize that the more makeup and airbrushing that gets applied to their professional pictures, the "worse" they are going to look when a non-professional captures an image like this of them. And by "worse" I mean natural, because apparently a natural image is worse than a fake one....

2496 days ago


Chris (351) is totally right. There is no proof that this is even Hayden. It is probably some TMZ skank dressed in a similar outfit in an attempt to defame Hayden. Slow news day TMZ?? Everyone who works for this pathetic website should kill themselves. I am so done with it and with AOL who continues to support it and link to it on their main page.

2495 days ago


If you had any memory, you will remember that this is the same thing you did to Nicole Richie, first you called her fat and then you labeled her as bones. Seems like the media is search for a new victim ,paris,brittney and Nicole are getting boring or what!!

2495 days ago


I'd like to take a closer look...

2482 days ago
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