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Hayden -- Cellulite or Bad Light?

10/24/2007 5:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the picture that launched a killer argument in the TMZ newsroom this morning -- Hayden Panettiere, cottage cheese-leader?!

Watch the debate unfold in the video below, then vote in our two polls -- and let TMZ know what you think!


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Cottage Cheese and Thigh lover    

I still hit that. Whers it at?!

2555 days ago


All I have to say is... Nice Legs! Any other photo of any other person leaning over the way she is that anyone would actually care about would be one in a magazine that has been photo-shopped! I would much rather see the real thing, and I think she has it going on! Work it girl! uhuh....

2555 days ago


She had her body comp done at our facility and it was @24%. It is a little high but with diet and exercise you can get that into shape quickly!!

2555 days ago


Is this really a story? Instead of the two questions you asked, why don't you include one for "Doe anyone really care?". She is a very attractive young lady that is pushing maximum density, but does it really matter? If people want to focus on those things, they have much bigger problems then that. Leave her alone. If she went out and lost weight and looked like one of the olsen twins, then you would badger her for that.

2555 days ago


i'm a pro photographer and i can honestly say this is a poor image. looks like the file size setting on the camera was very low along with poor lighting.

2555 days ago


99% of women have cellulite. SO WHAT!

2555 days ago


Is it your goal to make every celebrity have an eating disorder? This is just irresponsible garbage, and I am digusted by this crap

2555 days ago


For crying out loud, give the girl a break....The brilliantly engineered human body needs a little fat for protection.....Cellulite is adipose tissue that is "peeking" through the collagen/protein matrix of the skin....Everyone has it if the skin is pulled taut enough....This lady is obviously bent over and her skin is tight against her legs....Harvey Levin, TMZ is cheap entertainment...Don't let your legal certification expire.....

2555 days ago


i have yet to see any woman over 18 without cellulite. Face it. It is reality!!! especially on white women!!

2555 days ago


Who cares if she has a little cellulite?!? Most women do & it shows up on thin people more than on those who are fuller figured. Geez, TMZ -- a few more items like this and you'll have Hayden going to rehab to battle an eating disorder she developed while trying to fend off reports like this. You hypocrites. "What's wrong with Young Hollywood??" Gee, maybe it has something to do with the scrutiny these young girls face, perpetrated by media outlets like yours, setting completely unattainable standards for them. Cut her a break. She's a kid. A kid with talent, and a great figure. She even seems pretty well-adjusted. Leave her alone. I am officially boycotting this site. I am so disappointed.

2555 days ago


GEEZUS TMZ way to perpetuate the sterotype that all women must be thin rail with no flaws on their bodies! Hayden is a beautiful young woman ENOUGH !!!!

2555 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

I think that EVERYONE who "works" for TMZ, their mother's should be SLAPPED and SLAPPED HARD for bringing suck LOW LIFE into the world.................SLAP!

2555 days ago

Julia Gulia    

who cares if she has ONE flaw.

2555 days ago


I'm glad so many people are calling TMZ out for even posting this. I'll repeat --TMZ, you suck for posting this. BOYCOTT!! And good point above -- what is your obsession with feamle celebrity bodies -- too fat or too thin -- never good enough!! Where are those reports about John Travolta's varying wasitline, or Alec Baldwin, or ANY male actors. Again -- shameful, TMZ. If any of you have daughters, you should be especially ashamed.

2555 days ago


oh my god people... that happens to your legs when you've been sitting on something for a while then get up... it happens...

2555 days ago
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