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Katie Holmes: Amazon Woman Dot Com

10/25/2007 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unlike Nicole Kidman, it appears Katie Holmes is not contractually bound to wear flats!
Katie Holmes and her husband
Sporting a pair of sparkly, stiletto Scientoloheels, the third Mrs. Cruise towered over the crowds -- and her 5'7" husband -- at a Berlin premiere on Wednesday.

Suri's dad will be happy to know Katie has found a prescription drug-free way to get high!


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take dat betches    

he looks like a lesbian with that haircut

2522 days ago

kim suck    

looks like she might have a tumor !!!! in her belly!

2522 days ago

NY Mom    

LOVE the shoes! They are fabulous! She looks better than she has in a long time, but her eyes still look like empty shells. She needs to break away from him, and come back to life.

2522 days ago

kim suck    

yeah right !! she looks beautiful ! PLASTIC FACE!!! FAKE TI**!

2522 days ago


Does Katie have the same Hair Dresser as Lisa Rinna ?

2522 days ago


You people are absolutely amazing. You would bash this girl no matter what. I personally think she looks beautiful. The shoes are absolutely amazing, the hair looks fabulous and if you nimrods would look closely, she's leaning to the back and side a bit, therefore the dress poofs at an odd angle. I'm sure if she was standing up straight it would lay just fine.

Y'all need to grow up already and stop acting like a bunch of 12 year old school girls with your nasty comments.

2522 days ago


CUTE shoes, though! LOVE EM!

2522 days ago


I think she looks beautiful. If she says she's happy, she must be and if she were that unhappy she would not be there, so leave her be. 99% of the women on here only WISH they looked that good and would be so lucy if their husbands were that handsome. Everyone should just let them do their thing and be happy.

2522 days ago


The super high heels are designed to lift one's rear end up, but in her case, the 5 inch heels still make her butt sink, which says the dress does not fit. it is too wide and lose around the waist line, causing it to sag back while standing at an angle.

I am used to look at real people around me in real life. So the more fake she looks with all the add ons and paints. Sure, without any of those things she is beautiful already, but now she just looks pathetic and unrealistic, thus the marrying life in show biz, isn't it? Who gets to see these ladies without make-up, does wake up before Tom and put it all on first?

2522 days ago


Katie has definitely nailed her daytime wardrobe, which is very Jackie O inspired, but her night wardrobe needs some work. She keeps favoring strapless dresses with this very style bodice (remember the red gown she wore to welcome the Beckhams? remember her dress at the VF Oscar party?) but they don't flatter her. She should get out a Jackie O photo book and look carefully at the strapless gowns Mrs. Onassis wore. They were very tailored at the top, where Katie's don't seem to fit very well. I think she'll get there but her stylist needs to make better choices for evening.

2522 days ago

take dat betches    


why, exactly, do we "need to grow up already and stop acting like a bunch of 12 year old school girls with your nasty comments"? who made you the boss of us?

2522 days ago


That dress is atrocious-

2522 days ago


I think she looks awesome. Leave the poor girl alone. She is classy and I like her hair as well. They are very much in love---just accept it. She is not a stepford wife. She loves him always has. If I had to change anything I would change the color of the dress. I like a little color.

2522 days ago



Put a dress on and paint brush from your neck up, so we can take you for a wild "bashing" ride too. You are on TMZ, that's what's about, you know it when you got on. Read some of the TMZ bashings, they are more cruel and in depth.

2522 days ago


Yuck! What is that she's wearing? All that money and the best she could come up with was that? Guess money doesn't necessarily buy style or taste.

2522 days ago
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