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Security Tight for Britney Spears Custody Hearing

10/25/2007 8:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed and BritneyThe custody battle between Britney Spears and K-Fed heats up tomorrow morning, and the court isn't taking any chances, y'all.

According to court officials:

"A second weapons screen station will be set up on the eighth floor tomorrow between the elevators and Department 88. Cell phones, recording devices and cameras will not be permitted past the weapons screen or in Department 88. Reporters are urged to make other arrangements for their cell phones. Anyone who has a cell phone with them when they go through the weapons screen on the eighth floor must give it to the deputies before they will be allowed past. Deputies will then provide a claim slip, or receipt, to retrieve the phone later. Individuals who do not have business in the courtrooms on the eighth floor and do not have a seat in Department 88 will not be allowed to congregate in the hallway."

No phones?! What is Britney going to do?!


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That's lovely and all, but will the courts provide this level of privacy for me? And will the police escort me to and from Starbucks on my daily run? Geeezzzz.

2522 days ago

Lenn K.    

This question is does she really want her kids? These two need to get their heads out of their butts and think only about the kids and the kids only!!!

2522 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Don't let anyone in that is not involed be allowed anywhere near the courthouse. That would solve any problems. This has gotten out of hand. I think the childrens best interest have been lost in all of this.

2522 days ago

Sandy Underpants    

Ya'know, I'm in a custody battle right now over my precious daughter, and we've been in a courtroom twice in 5 months, and that's considered a lot, and I guess when it gets settled in a couple months that's pretty much it. How the hell can K-Fed and Britney be in court 4 times in 2 weeks!?!?!? They're in court every freakin week. What could possibly change from last Friday?

2522 days ago


Thanks for taking Akon's ugly face out of view - he is a racist jerkweed.

2522 days ago


Those 2 wealthy losers need to be picking up the court costs not LA taxpayers!

2522 days ago


Mrs. Brady is right - a. Brit disappear - b. lose 25 lbs. - c. stay away - d. stop getting arrested - e. make fab comeback

2522 days ago


Please..Please...Please..I promise to say something nice about you, if you just go away.
Lets see..what can I say? ..hmm..I cant do it! But will you go away anyway?
I hope she follows in the footsteps of JLo. Too much media attention a few yeas ago. Look at her now..

2522 days ago

J Doe    

britneys lawyer is getting RICH of her, so why not drag it out as long as he possibly can.

she's been photgraphed with PROVIGILL, cheating the drug test.
if they find something in the urine..she can tell them she's taking provigill to stay awake, while on the sly taking her usual drugs of coke and meth.
its the perfect cover for substance abuse ...sly bitch!!

2522 days ago


Why aren't THEY picking up the extra costs? If not, why can't I get that kind of treatment? I am paying for it after all.

2522 days ago


Thank heavens those 2 do NOT live in NYC - actually they'd be in trouble if they lived here!

PS - 1 & 2 - it is all Britney all the time for Harvey the geekweed Levin - plus his Copperfield frameup!

2522 days ago


From what I've read, Britney isn't an attentive mother. And from what I've SEEN, she doesn't give a hoot about whether or not she see those kids. They are just props for the back seat of her car.

The only time we see the kids anymore is when Britney uses them for a photo op; and when the kids are absent, she uses the dog.

Only time will tell if the decisions made today are the right ones.

AND I TOO AM SICK OF BRITNEY BRITNEY BRITNEY. She isn't worth the attention.

2522 days ago


only stupid stalking weirdos would cause a problem

2522 days ago

J Doe    

christina aguilera and jordan bratman..the picture of normalcy,stabilty and sanity & family.

britney makes the bratmans look like the waltons

2522 days ago


Taxpayers! Your hard money is being used for this piece of S_ _ T. Would anyone of us get the same protection? I think not...

2522 days ago
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