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Britney Changes -- Again!

10/26/2007 7:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brit Brit just walked out of the courtroom during the hearing and took a 10-minute break. She walked into the bathroom and presto change-o! -- she changed her dark black sunglasses for brown Chanel ones. She also took her hair down. It's intermission y'all!

Britney is extremely upset, and one observer said she was crying.


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Say what??    

It is not good news when a lawyer for DCF is present. I'm willing to bet if the court gives the children back to Britney, DCF will move for an immediate removal and shelter the children with their father. It goes into a whole new arena then.

Hopefully she's finally getting it through her head that her actions have brought this all about, and make a change. I'm doubting it, though. :(

2519 days ago

gossip fan    

I hate when people say it's because that she's so young that she's having trouble being a good mother. By the time I was her age my daughter was 6 years old and I didn't have trouble taking care of her. She's now 28 and has a 4 year old daughter. She's a great mom and my granddaughter is a very smart and well adjusted young lady. Britney's age has nothing to do with her screwing up being a mom. She thinks that life is a big party and can't handle responsibility of any kind lately. If she'd disappear from the limelight for awhile it might do her some good. I think she'd miss the papparazzi more than she misses her kids. She needs a good swift kick in the behind

2519 days ago

Claire Allaire    

Who does that? Who would even THINK about changing hair styles or sunglasses in the middle of a custody hearing? Girl's lost her mables for real... and I'm sure she has no clue how she's coming across. She lives in la-la land in her head.

2519 days ago


The judge or a family member needs to section her to an in-patient physciatric facility not of her choosing to get this girl straightened out before it's too late.

2519 days ago


Life is so easy & yet Brit & Harvey make it look so hard.

2519 days ago


People need to STOP saying she is so young, blah, blah, blah...
She's 25 years old. People who are 18 go to war and DIE for this country!
She's a spoiled brat. Peroid. End of story!

2519 days ago


I'm with Laura at 6:33...I think she is just nuts! I don't think she is bipolar and I think she would act this way with or without drugs! She needs help and now!

2519 days ago

a guy    

all I can say is wow. what a crazy, psychotic human being.

2519 days ago


What kind of fool leaves a court room TWICE so she can do her hair then change.

She's going to get big brownie points for that.

I really thought earlier that she would come out of it with 50/50 but now I think she'll be lucky if she doesn't get commited

2519 days ago

randolph james    

Im sure the judge is quite observant of her constant changing of hair glasses etc and overall demeanor.. If I were the judge I would probably demand a drug test on her right then and there... she's high or about 5 steps to checking into a padded room with daiseys on the ceiling.

2519 days ago


what the hell do you need sunglasses for inside a courtroom????

do you hear that???? It's the cold hard slap of reality hitting Brit the twit

2519 days ago


No Pedro... TMZ is losing it.

2519 days ago


Too much Britney on TMZ! Are you going to tell us how many times she took a crap also.?Seems like you guys are stalking her every move. Back off the girl !

2519 days ago


I predict overdose tonite to fuel her album sales. Good LUCK!!

2519 days ago


Brit should have her kids back. I think she is a great mother.

2519 days ago
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