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10/26/2007 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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off again lol

2521 days ago

OJ's co-deffendants flipped on him. lol Looks like OJ either before or after the fact, said: Hey, guys, (if we get caught) let's just say there _were_ no guns used. lol

Maybe he'll drive by in his Bronco. lol

2521 days ago


in all fairness (b/c i can see where this is headed), she really is not expected to regain 50/50 custody today.... that might takes weeks, even months.. if she does, i would be surprised. i'm just saying that b/c i can see another bogus story coming, on how she wasn't able to regain custody, or something to that afect, when in fact she's not expected to so soon. so we'll see :-)

2521 days ago


Has anyone ever stopped to think about this: K-Fed most likely introduced her to the drugs and heavy drinking and she just couldn't handle it like he does. He's partially to blame for her current state. I could be wrong, but it might just be true. I don't approve of her actions when it comes to her kids, but she's had one hell of a life. She's just a child in a grown-up's body.

2521 days ago


Oh, hell. If there are that many looky-loos and paps around the courthouse and I were the judge, I'd change the venue to the nearest bowling alley. It's bound to be empty.

2521 days ago

just wondering    

....Geez...I hope she isn't late!!!!!!!...and OCD...ur toooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!

2521 days ago


>>>>>>> Did everyone check out the poll results? ONCE AGAIN it becomes patently obvious that these pro-Britney posts are done by only a very few individuals using different ID's. Try voting multiple times if you like, but the software only registers 1 vote per IP address. heh heh heh......

2521 days ago

Goldie Hand    

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2521 days ago


I can't get get the video to start!!!

2521 days ago


Are you kidding me? Did people leave work to watch her drive into a garage? How pathetic are Californians and tourists? GAWD

2521 days ago


# 80 jr

You think I could get a patent on taser powered curb feelers? I'd have to sell them over the internet because there's no way I'd move to L.A. where there would be the most demand.

2521 days ago


I'm on my way to take a large wet crap also.....(to much Taco Bell)...but does anyone care?.........well, either way let's move on to the real news stories, lke who's getting a BJ at the White House. :O)

2521 days ago


Absolutley shocking she showed !

2521 days ago


those boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2521 days ago

idaho potato    

Things I should be doing instead of watching tmz's live feed of Britney Spear's arrival at the Los Angeles courthouse:
1. Paying my overdue cable bill
2. Defrosting the pork chops for tonight's dinner.
3. Decorating the house for Halloween
4. Reading the newspaper and checking my horoscope.
5. Watching People's Court.
6. Shopping the Internet for ...
...Damn, got to go! Was that her?!

2521 days ago
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