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Report: Grand Jury Investigates Copperfield Allegations

10/28/2007 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David CopperfieldA federal grand jury in Seattle is investigating allegations of a local woman who claims she was raped, assaulted and threatened by magician David Copperfield at his private island in the Bahamas in July, the Seattle Times is reporting.

The paper reports that the woman told law enforcement that she was approached by a member of Copperfield's entourage at his show in January, directed to special seats, and then selected to come onstage as part of the act. As TMZ reported this week, Copperfield used his show and his handlers to pickup women, with the Bahamas often mentioned as a possible vacation spot.

Sources told the Times that the woman told investigators the magician promised her he could help with her aspiring modeling career, and invited her to his isolated $50 million private island in the Bahamas. From nearby Nassau, the retreat is accessible only by chartered plane and private boat.

The alleged victim also told investigators that she was told there would be other guests on the island -- but there weren't. The Times says she made the trip in July and has told Seattle police and the FBI that Copperfield raped and struck her during her two-day stay on the island.

No indictments or criminal charges have been filed at this time. David Copperfield's lawyer, David Chesnoff, maintains his client's innocence, saying, "The allegation is 100 percent false, and we deny it in the strongest possible terms."


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Mama Says    

Using his position as a celebrity to pick up women is gross but not unheard of, but having his staff pimp for him is really disgusting.

2518 days ago


Glad they found out about this guy.

2518 days ago


I am not sticking up for the guy at all, but really whe she went to his private island in the Bahams all alone what did she think??? They were going to make Chocolate chip cookies? Certainly she should have known it was suppose to escalate into a romantic adventure. Didn't she have a clue??? She didn't bring family or girlfriends with her??? I am not saying she should have been raped as a result but c'mon? She is not very bright. She was starstruck.

2518 days ago


SIGH...the oldest trick in the book and women are still falling for it....
Shame on us!


2518 days ago


#3 Read the article more closely. It says she was told he would help with her career. It says she was told other guests would also be there. It says the only access was by chartered plane or private boat. Assuming you work, do you take your family or girlfriends with you to work? When you get to work, do you assume work will occur or do you assume an escalation into a romantic adventure? Let's not pass judgment too quickly. Let's wait for all of the evidence to come out and a court of law to decide innocence or guilt.

2518 days ago


While I'm not feeling that guy, he does look like a perv and can't seem to score women on his own. having his staff pick them out for him is beyond lame. but come on what woman is raped and does not go to the authorities to have the rape kit administered. why wait till the evidence is gone, come back to the States and claim rape? sorry he might be pathetic but there has to be physical evidence and who in the hell go on a private island with some unknown man. this celebrity worship by these brain dead folks are unreal. sorry I'm not buying this one and I don't know why the damn authorities are wasting tax payers money on this crap. if her ass was "really" rape then she should have taken her ass to the Bahamian officials and let them take her to the hospital to get the "physical evidence" a weirdo does not a rapist make.

2518 days ago


#5 If you have no access to a car and are totally dependent on your "host" in an isolated location on an island where you have to travel by chartered plane or private boat, how would you get to police or a hospital?

2518 days ago


"Copperfield used his show and his handlers to pickup women"...

People have used their looks, achievements, intellect, celebrity and whatever else makes them stand out from the others since the beginning of time.

I suspect she who cried wolf, is more upset about what he didn't do than what he did do. If he had offered more than a fling - something that would have given her celebrity or mucho moola - she would not be accusing him of rape.

What responsibility does a woman have when she willingly accepts his backstage invitation and then willingly accompanies him to his island? Is she a hapless victim or a conniving bimbo?

2518 days ago


#6--I did read the article but I do not associate Copperfield telling this woman he would help her with her modeling career and the invitation to the island in the Bahahas. I did not nor do I associate them together in any shape way or form. He is not a photographer doing a "shoot" is that what she thought?? It was more like "I will help with your career at some point in time, ;but come to my island first for sexual favors." Hollywood producers have been "helping" would be actress/models for years based on sexual favors. IF he indeed lured her based on some kind of shooting on the island then she was scammed. This we don't know as of yet. The full story has not come out in full. No I think it is creepy to single woman out in the audiance. Shows he is to lazy to try and date a woman in the proper way. Just scans the audiance.

2518 days ago

What military are you in, #15?    

Frame job from a hoebag..

2518 days ago


I think that it is easy to cry rape. Let's wait for the real facts. Remember that there were rumors that two million dollars were taken out of his safe. The FBI says not true. I wonder what else might be rumor or speculation.

If she was raped he should burn. If her story is false then she is an evil witch.

2518 days ago


#7 Again who in their right mind goes to an isolated island with some unknown guy. celebrity or not. I used to live in the Bahamas and those island are very remote, the reality is celebrity worship and brain dead folks. he did not kill her ass and dispose of the body, sperm can live in the body for up to 7 days and she should have let relative know where she was going. it's not like he was holding her silly ass hostage and she was dependent on him to get back which she did, where is the physical evidence? it sounds like a case of sour grapes, he made her a lot of promises he had no intention of keeping, got the draws and kicked her ass to the curb and now she wants to claim rape. and of course he's a celebrity so it makes news. hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. she felt stupid giving up the draws and got nothing in return so now cry rape. come on think!!!

2518 days ago


First of all, performers have been using their flaks to identify willing chicks attending their shows forever. On the other hand, Las Vegas denizens, including several defense attorneys, are saying that his reputation is impeccable over 28 years and that those who know him and have worked with him do not believe these allegations.
This is a gold digging bimbo who saw a chance for a big pay day. The Seattle police have mishandled this. They should not have identified Copperfield until and unless he had been officially charged-not during the investigation stage.

2518 days ago


Look at what happened to Richard Jewel during the Olympic bombing fiasco. They ruined his life. They should not identified someone or have 'leaks' until they officially charge someone.

2518 days ago


I remember reading about his "pickup techniques" years ago. Not unlike those of musicians and their groupies. Remember Jennifer Flowers? She never did explain exactly what she was hoping for when she went up to Bill Clinton’s hotel room? I can understand why the alleged victim waited until she got stateside, but I think it was a mistake. I realize it was the Bahamas and they really do protect their own (the rich), but she should have reported it as soon as possible. She didn't and what if she would have gotten pregnant? Then it would have been whether it was consensual or not, not whether it did or didn't take place. If she was raped, that's a tragedy and a crime. Still; it sounds like she was playing with fire and ended up getting burnt. If Copperfield is a sexual predator, it would make sense. Pretty boy with lots of money and he even owns his own island (still in legal dispute with regard to false acquisition of it), and she had stars in her eyes? She played with fire and got burnt (maybe)? I wouldn't be surprised if no charges are brought, if the case is dismissed due to lack of evidence, and he'll keep on keeping on with his modus operandi. Pretty women should just be very careful...Thank you...

2518 days ago
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