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Kim Kardashian

Table Dancin' Hottie

10/29/2007 4:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The stacked and buffeted Kim K celebrated her 27th birthday in Las Vegas this weekend, just like any self-respecting young woman would -- by getting on a table and shaking her fantabulous ass off!
Table Dancin
Kardashian let loose at Jet Nightclub at the Mirage on Friday night, where according to a press release, celebrated "another year of socialite existence." It's a tough life.


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Amy Silverman    

More of Hollyweird's human garbage on display

2498 days ago


Caught the reality show of the Kard'ASS'hian Girls last night...Nothing else was on....I couldn't believe...I felt so sorry for Bruce Jenner...he is obviously whipped by Chris K's beauty...she is a good looking older gal'...but her daughter's are ...forgive me for being so harsh...but they act slutty....they are not ugly...but by far, far, far, gorgeous like they think they are...and overweight...sure they're are not huge..but by standards of hotties they portray themselves....they are fat and unattractive...but what's worse is they behave like sluts...tackey sluts. Bruce Jenner is right on the money...their Mother is a drunk con artist who loves parading her daughters in a slutty light or whatever light she can get them in for the lime light that Chris Jenner yearns for. Pitiful...just pitiful. Hey Bruce...get a divorce...get custody of your younger girls...who are clearly following in their older sister's footsteps in acting waaay too young an age...follow your heart on this're right..Chris is dead wrong.

2498 days ago


The entertainment media can take a ham sandwich and make it popular and the subject of gossip. This girl is a good example.

2498 days ago


Yuck. She looks like she smells.

2498 days ago


Great!.....another no talent whore we have to hear about!

A little junk in the trunk is a good thing..... BUT this girl has the whole city dump back there!

She jiggles like jello.....the mom and the other sister too....bunch of fatty's! Really... way to much fat ...lose some weight and tone up, it's looks very sloppy! They try to hide it with the moo moo's but we still can see the fat!

2498 days ago


She is okay, not my type.

2498 days ago


she is a SLUT...AND A HO....

2498 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

shes hot but shes also a hoe ,remember ,you cant turn a hoe into a housewife,also she has to be a excellent role model for her sister, i bet her dad has seen her porno flick,they have a stripper pole in there house

2498 days ago


Yuck.....have you watched her new show?! Her and her sisters are backstabbing little pigs. What slobs.......what is she famous for? I am soooo sick of seeing her, and cant even understand how they got a show.

2498 days ago


kim's got hams for arms now and in a matter of months she'll have cankles too.
Her step dad was an olympic medalist, you'd think he have her on a stairmaster by now.

2498 days ago


Brody Jenner's parents ARE...Bruce Jenner and Linda Thompson Jenner...Linda being former girlfriend of Elvis Presley ..who left Elvis because she couldn't watch him kill himself. She happened to be the first person Lisa Marie called when her Dad died...she was also a nurse. She tried to help Elvis. Linda Thompson Jenner is and was a class act then...a lady in all respects. Chris Jenner ..OMG...Bruce Jenner was lured in by lust with that tramp. Sorry...she's attractive...very attractive...has a stripper pole in their bedroom with 5 daughter's. What does that say to your girls??? Bruce Jenner is completely dumb founded by lust when is comes to his current wife Chris Jenner..mother of Kim Kardashian, and the other two K Sisters...and Mother of the two younger Jenner girls. had better wake up...get back to your morals...stop taking the Viagra ..divorce Chris ...get custody of your younger girls ...and get your dignity back. Linda must just look at you with wonder and feel sad for what Chris Kardashian Jenner has done to you. You can tell you still have good sense Bruce...use it...get out of that marriage..and get custody of those little girls. You could tell that even Brody was disapproving of the way his two half sister's are behaving at their age. WAKE UP BRUCE!!!!!!

2498 days ago

chicago's wonder.woman    

I sware,
ya'll are gonna die tryin to make this girl famous, but she needs to step up to her end (no pun intended) of the deal and actually DO SOMETHING -- write a book, make a record, hell an infomercial, something...

2498 days ago


Worthless Prettyboy/lesbian/slut!

2498 days ago


PORN STAR...nothing more...and Bruce Jenner is a he/she.

2498 days ago

chicago's wonder.woman    

i saw one part of the show where the fat one actually had the nerve to call the nanny a whore and then they all pointed out how she was dressed, it was then i found something else to watch as i could not believe a porn star and her sisters had the balls to throw the word whore at someone else

2498 days ago
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