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Pierce Brosnan -- The Name is Battery Suspect

10/30/2007 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pierce BrosnanTMZ has learned the L.A. County Sheriff's Department is investigating Pierce Brosnan for allegedly battering a man in Malibu.

The incident allegedly occurred outside Casa Escobar last Friday in a Malibu mall about 6:15 PM. We're told Brosnan allegedly committed a battery on Robert Rosen, a photographer.

According to Rosen, Pierce was there with his kids, when Rosen began snapping photos (see below). Rosen says Pierce then said, "Why don't you get a real f**king job." Rosen says he then started complimenting Pierce on his Bond roles.

A short time later, an enraged Pierce allegedly told the photog, "Why don't you f**k off, mate," and then struck him in the ribs. A witness says the pap instinctively reacted by kicking Pierce -- we're told, in the stomach.

Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore says his department is "actively investigating" the matter and will be referring the case to the L.A. County D.A. for review.
Click to see!
Brosnan's rep was not immediately available for comment.

Frightened Brit Takes On Drunks, Punks and Cops


Britney Spears: Click to watchBritney Spears was pulled over by an L.A. Sheriff last night -- and while she got off with just a warning, the scene around the car was complete insanity.

TMZ caught Spears and ex-assistant/"cousin" Alli Sims leaving Winston's late Monday night, where the two were quickly pulled over for a minor infraction, nothing serious. Brit wasn't driving, but it was her Pumpkinmobile, and Alli can be heard telling the officer, "We'll get one this week, she just got this." It's unclear Camera Shy - click to launchwhat was said, but It appears that Brit's temporary tags might have expired.

After the officer walked away from the vehicle, a drunk guy started shaking his booty against Brit's window, with Spears looking extremely confused (more so than usual) as he kept dancing. A screaming match broke out in front of the car too. Gimme more crazazy!

O'Reilly In Am-Bush League of His Own with Rosie

Bill O'Reilly hasn't been able to get Rosie O'Donnell on his show, so he brought the show to her!

The FOX News host sent a cameraman and a producer to a Long Island book signing O'Donnell was doing this weekend, to ask Rosie why she wouldn't come on his program. She told O'Reilly's people, "If Bill wants me, he should phone me himself. He's a big boy."

But then the conversation turned to 9/11 and how Bill feels that Rosie mangled the truth by claiming it was "an inside job." Rosie responded, "I didn't say that, he's quoting the wrong Temper, Temper - click to launchpeople." Someone on TV got something wrong?! Get out!

As the conversation became more heated, one of Rosie's handlers started to shove the camera guy, but Rosie told him not to because, "That's what they want."

The whole incident subsided, and on last night's show, O'Reilly reiterated his invitation for Rosie to appear. He shouldn't hold his breath!

Copperfield's Creepy Message

David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield uses his shows to pick up women -- this, according to multiple sources in contact with TMZ.

Here's the way it goes down: For years, David's assistants have targeted attractive women sitting in the audience. During the show, David will bring them up on stage, and if he likes them, he uses code words ("mama" and "secrecy") to let his assistants know he's interested. After the show, the assistants bring the women backstage, where they meet David, have their pictures taken and fill out questionnaires on colognes they like, whether they enjoy the Bahamas (where he owns property), etc.

One woman who David recently targeted gave TMZ a voicemail message that David left shortly after the performance.
Another woman -- Amanda from Atlanta, told a similar story. As did another woman from New York.

Amanda: Click to watchEva: Click to watch

None of these women say David did anything untoward, but a Seattle woman reportedly claims David sexually assaulted her in the Bahamas. The Feds are investigating.

Paris in Wonderland with Larry Vader

Paris Hilton as a sexy Alice in Wonderland and Larry "I am your father" Birkhead as Darth Vader were spotted on Saturday night, partying it up at the Playboy Mansion. Battle of the bottle blondes!
Paris Hilton and Larry Birkhead
Other guests included Paris' less famous sibling, Nicky, Adrien Grenier, Hugh Hefner and Quentin Tarantino. Clearly, Larry's saber grabbed the heiress' attention. *kssshhhhhhhh phhhhhhhhhssshhkkkhh*


No Avatar


Britney is a skank

2486 days ago


Re David Copperfield: The blonde in the above video, I can understand why he'd come on to her. The other girl, the dark-haired one, not so much!

2486 days ago


If this is true, David Copperfield has atrocious taste.

2486 days ago

dorothy in oz    

I think what really happened is that these women were looking to score with Copperfield and were mad when all he gave them was a signed picture!! The blonde chick can say that he wasn't interested only because she was married, but I can guarantee that being married wouldn't have stopped her if he would have offered her a weekend in the Bahamas! As for the other lady....give me a break!!!

2486 days ago


Your comment is sad pepper

2486 days ago

Peter Gullerud    

Big frickin' deal. So he's famous and tries to date attractive women.. Shheeeeess... doesn't the media have better things to report on? Like the illegal war in Iraq for instance? More distractions.. nobody seems to notice ....... nobody seems to care ....

2486 days ago


Cmon Sugar, get real. Why would he notice a plain Jane in the audience. I'm only being real!

2486 days ago


Ok, this is not going to be nice, but as a woman, I have to say that women need ot use thier heards. A man isn't going to invite a woman and foot the bill and only expect to hang out. By accepting such an invitation, it is essentially telling the man "Yes, I'll have sex with you." We need to be careful and not just expect affection and gifts to be showered on us without a lingering expectation. It doesn't matter if the man works with us, goes to school with us or is rich and famious. They all want sex, and usually that's all they want. If you don't want sex, don't accept the flattery and gifts.

2486 days ago


what the hell is so creepy about that voice mail? people studder all the time leaving messages... and about asking her to come to island to have 'fun'? come on man, you think
she didn't have a clue about anything? she knew what she was getting into... do you really think he would need to rape a random girl like that? this is only about money and nothing else... he has such pretty assistants on his shows, I give no credibility to these ladies in the video clip at all... esp. the dark haired lady

2486 days ago


I am not at all surprised at these allegations. I recently saw Copperfield's show in Vegas and it was terrible. He was boring and all full of himself and had No respect for his audience. I found him offensive and condescending. There were 3 very good illusions but the rest of his show is filler. It was obvious to my husband and I that he was trying to pursuade a pretty young girl to go on stage for part of his act. I was up front and saw his crew also talk to her. If it was my daughter I would call security and ask them to leave her alone and try to get my money back. She wasn't having any of it but he badgered in a way that got some audience members angry towards her putting her at risk for misdirected remarks and or actions by the angered audience who fell for his inappropriate words and gestures. He was extremely unprofessional and I will never waste time or money on his show or recommend anyone else to attend.. He is crude and egotiscal . I wouldn't doubt that some of the allegations will ring true.
Obviously fame has gone to his head and he has forgotten how to really entertain and be respectful of those people who pay money to see him..

2486 days ago


I live in Las Vegas and have witnessed the way women throw themselves at David Copperfield .. and I am talking about BEAUTIFUL women!

He dates gorgeous models, showgirls and the like. What in Holy Hell would he want with either of these Bimbos? Neither of them is even remotely attractive.

They probably tried to get backstage to meet him and were turned away, so now these "women scorned" are out to get even.

They are obviously delusional .. looking for a few minutes of fame .. and a few budks in their pockets to make them go away .. pathetic!!!!

2486 days ago


ok, i don't get it...this is the stupidest story i've ever heard...what the hell did he do wrong? so what he scopes out girls at his shows? so what he called one? if she gave him her number, what did she expect? and he stares at people like that all the time in his shows!!! i've been to a couple of TMZ that bored that they have to make up stupid stuff like this? and if some woman accepted an invite to the bahamas with him, what the hell did she expect? MOST men would expect sex...he's not unusual!!!

2486 days ago


He is creepy. I would always answer NO and that would be the end of that.

2486 days ago


Rosie should send someone to ask O'Reily about those sexually harassing phone calls he made a few years ago. As for Copperfield, I was just wondering what these women do for a living? Are they actresses or strippers perhaps? David may have came on to them, but I don't believe he'd rape anyone.

2486 days ago


What is this world coming to? A famous guy uses his celebrity status to score chicks? Unheard of. >grin<

If these women did not want the attention, why the heck did they sign the forms that asked personal questions? Do they not know how to say "No thanks," and walk away? In my day, a woman knew how to handle a pass. And if he was really a cad, he would have gone after the blonde even if she was married, just to feed his ego.

The dark-haired woman just doesn't seem to get the fact that illusionists are supposed to mesmerize people. Besides, if she was so "creeped out," why did she go backstage and answer al the questions, as well as pose for pictures.

As for the charge of sexual assault in the Bahamas, this was really too vague to even comment on. I'd have to hear more.

2486 days ago
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