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O'Reilly In Am-Bush League of His Own with Rosie

10/30/2007 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bill O'Reilly hasn't been able to get Rosie O'Donnell on his show, so he brought the show to her!

The FOX News host sent a cameraman and a producer to a Long Island book signing O'Donnell was doing this weekend, to ask Rosie why she wouldn't come on his program. She told O'Reilly's people, "If Bill wants me, he should phone me himself. He's a big boy."

But then the conversation turned to 9/11 and how Bill feels that Rosie mangled the truth by claiming it was "an inside job." Rosie responded, "I didn't say that, he's quoting the wrong people." Someone on TV got something wrong?! Get out!

As the conversation became more heated, one of Rosie's handlers started to shove the camera guy, but Rosie told him not to because, "That's what they want."

The whole incident subsided, and on last night's show, O'Reilly reiterated his invitation for Rosie to appear. He shouldn't hold his breath!


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Bill O needs to shut his pie hole.......I was a 24/7 Fox News junkie. Now I am NOT. He disgusts me totally. Tired of his ranting! Get a real job that is meaningful Bill and stop trying to ride on Trump's coattail with helping your ratings by attacking Rosie. Did not work for him and it won't for you!!!

2551 days ago


#13..."they have access to top secret information"? do you have AAAAAANY idea how absolutely IGNORANT you are?
Yeah, Rose, Sharon....they're have "ACCESS" to top secret information.
are you INSANE?
you clearly are of "those" people. people, get an education, THEN maybe think about having an intellectual debate.

2551 days ago


Listen although some of you do not agree with what Rosie says, is it right to call her names and talk about her children. It only shows how insecure you are in your own life.

As for Mr. BO - He says Rosie is responsible to be honest to America - you only have to be honest to yourself, also said that she is Anti American - According to BO, if you do not believe what he believes you must be ANTI - well BO, everyone has their own opinion and convictions, and although they may not be as yours, it doesn't make us ANTI anything.

I thought Rosie was very polite to the men who ambushed her at her book signing.

2551 days ago


Not only is O'Reilley a windbag blowhard...he has got to have some testosterone and masculinity problems that he should be in both psycho and pharmaceutical therapy for. No TRUE MAN who believes and is confident in himself would constantly pick on they women OR men. He shove the sh...out but when Colbert imitates him...amazing that he's offended...he thinks he's being mocked! You're not being mocked bill (doesn't deserve the respect of a capital B)'re being IMITATED!! If you don't like what you see bill then you may find you need a major attitude and intellectual adjustment. You felt good to insult you bill...thank you for opening the door to being ugly and do good work.

2551 days ago

Money & fame does buy freedom    

O'Reilly is an ass. He is a blowhard. He is a bully. I don't like Rosie either, but O'Reilly is the reason the rest of the world hates us.

2551 days ago


Bill desperate for ratings? My unfriend...Fox news is #1! Check the ratings!!

2551 days ago


Bill desperate for ratings? My unfriend...Fox news is #1! Check the ratings!!

2551 days ago


Shut up, Rosie!

2551 days ago


Bill does not want to take away rosie's freedom of speech. Rosie is Anti-American. That's not an opinion - that's a fact. 9/11 is an inside job? Gimme a break! Break me off a piece of your kit kat bar, know your pantry is stocked full of them!

2551 days ago

R U Kidding Me?    

Bill is a Hitler wannabe
Bill is useless & irrelevent
Bill is a sex offender
Bill paid his way out of his molestation charges
Bill wants us to forget that he's a sexual predator
Bill is a coward
Bill is a frightened little boy wearing his daddy's suits
Bill still thinks he's on Inside Edition
Bill and Donald are lovers

2551 days ago


#37 Susan And you are the #1 sheep.

2551 days ago


Bill desperate for ratings? My unfriend...Fox New's is #1 check the ratings! He doesn't need rosie to boost anything for him. Bill isn't dangerous! It's scared little people like you that listen to the far left that are dangerous! As for the government taking away our free speech? Well that's not bill doing that. It's the ACLU and people that no longer believe in god or country. Amen...LOL -Julz in Ohio!

2551 days ago


Bill is a moron!

2551 days ago


Wow two midly fat, stupid people who should not have half the money they do.

2551 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

I wish the dirty bastard would hold his breath permanently along with
Hannity, Coulter, Limbaugh and all the rest of the hate mongering
right wing turds!

2551 days ago
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